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about the founders of frog the gambler

frog the gambler was launched by keen sports fans and gamblers David Hipkin and Chris Fawcett on 3rd April 2019. Its goal is to provide thousands of high quality previews and betting tips for sports enthusiasts every week.

David and Chris FTG launch day
David and Chris on the day Frog The Gambler went live

David and Chris have known each other since the late '80s when they became friends from a shared interest in following sport and, wherever possible, betting on it.

David was the first to spot Betfair when it launched in 1999 and suggested it could be a big thing. After initially being sceptical Chris started using the exchange to add to his bookmaking betting and developed automated betting systems to profit from it.

why are we called frog the gambler?

We chose the name because we were fascinated by Walter Pitts et al’s ‘What The Frog’s Eye Tells The Frog’s Brain’ pioneering artificial intelligence article. Our interest in the neural networks that we use for the sports betting predictions on this site grew from there.

david hipkin

david hipkin linkedin profile

David has a strong interest in all sports and his main markets of interest are football, tennis and boxing. He is a world expert on natural language generation and a keen amateur script writer. He uses these skills to effortlessly write thousands of quality previews a week.

David at the desk 2019
David working the numbers summer 2019

Originally from a trading background, David has extensive experience in innovation and leadership across multiple products and platforms. Prior to co-founding, David’s experience included the development of risk management and analytics software and founding

David has market-making and live-trading experience from working for the world’s leading sports spread betting company for nearly two decades.

David with Arnold Summer 2019
David with Arnold summer 2019

Outside of work David enjoys walking his pet dog Arnold, lifting weights at the gym and watching sports with friends whilst supping a premium lager or two.

chris fawcett

chris fawcett linkedin profile

Chris was a professional gambler for over a decade before returning to university to study Intelligent and Adaptive Systems.

Chris at the start of his gambling career circa 1999
Chris at the start of his gambling career circa 1999

His main markets of interest are horse racing, football and cricket. He started a cricket previews website in 2017 but quickly became bored due to the lack of big cricket matches played. When the opportunity came to co-found it presented a chance to preview and predict thousands of events a week.

Chris specialises in building our prediction models to extract the most value possible out of betting markets. His areas of expertise are deep neural networks and reinforcement learning.

Chris summer 2019
Chris getting refreshments after a long bike ride July 2019

His outside interests are going cycling with his wife, reading about artificial intelligence and watching cricket on the massive projector screen in his den.