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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2023-11-25Coburg vs AmmerthalBTTS No3.0
2023-11-25Bayern Hof vs Fortuna RegensburgBTTS No2.88
2023-11-24ATSV Erlangen vs EichstattBTTS No2.63
2023-11-18Regensburg II vs ChamBTTS No2.63
2023-11-18Fortuna Regensburg vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No3.2
2023-11-17Neudrossenfeld vs AbtswindBTTS No2.55
2023-11-11Coburg vs NeudrossenfeldBTTS No3.0
2023-11-11Fortuna Regensburg vs FeuchtBTTS No3.0
2023-11-04Regensburg II vs NeumarktO 3.5 Goals2.2
2023-11-04Eichstatt vs ChamBTTS No2.5
2023-11-04Gebenbach vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.88
2023-11-04Wurzburger FV vs CoburgBTTS No2.88
2023-11-03Feucht vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.75
2023-10-27Neudrossenfeld vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.5
2023-10-27Ammerthal vs FeuchtBTTS No2.75
2023-10-27Kornburg vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.75
2023-10-27Eltersdorf vs Fortuna RegensburgBTTS No2.23
2023-10-27Eltersdorf vs Fortuna RegensburgU 2.5 Goals2.88
2023-10-22Neumarkt vs EichstattBTTS No2.69
2023-10-21Fortuna Regensburg vs NeudrossenfeldBTTS No2.63
2023-10-21Fortuna Regensburg vs NeudrossenfeldU 2.5 Goals2.7
2023-10-20Feucht vs EltersdorfBTTS No2.38
2023-10-20Feucht vs EltersdorfU 2.5 Goals4.1
2023-10-13Neudrossenfeld vs FeuchtBTTS No2.63
2023-10-13Kornburg vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.75
2023-10-03Gebenbach vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.75
2023-10-03Wurzburger FV vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.69
2023-10-03Kornburg vs AbtswindBTTS No2.25
2023-10-03ATSV Erlangen vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.77
2023-09-30Bayern Hof vs EichstattBTTS No2.5
2023-09-30Fortuna Regensburg vs GebenbachBTTS No3.14
2023-09-30Neumarkt vs DonaustaufBTTS No3.2
2023-09-29Feucht vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.88
2023-09-29Neudrossenfeld vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No3.0
2023-09-23Donaustauf vs AbtswindBTTS No2.63
2023-09-20Donaustauf vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.88
2023-09-19ATSV Erlangen vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.63
2023-09-16Coburg vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.88
2023-09-15Eltersdorf vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.38
2023-09-15Eltersdorf vs Regensburg IIU 2.5 Goals2.88
2023-09-15Fortuna Regensburg vs Ingolstadt IIBTTS No2.5
2023-09-08Gebenbach vs EltersdorfBTTS No2.5
2023-09-08ATSV Erlangen vs AbtswindBTTS No2.63
2023-09-05Feucht vs KornburgBTTS No2.54
2023-09-05Fortuna Regensburg vs ChamBTTS No3.08
2023-09-05Fortuna Regensburg vs ChamU 2.5 Goals3.2
2023-09-05Eltersdorf vs EichstattBTTS No2.51
2023-09-05Coburg vs AbtswindBTTS No2.89
2023-09-05Bayern Hof vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.85
2023-09-05Ammerthal vs Ingolstadt IIBTTS No3.2
2023-09-01ATSV Erlangen vs CoburgBTTS No2.63
2023-09-01Kornburg vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.63
2023-08-29Neumarkt vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No3.08
2023-08-25Eltersdorf vs KornburgBTTS No2.0
2023-08-25Eltersdorf vs KornburgU 2.5 Goals2.7
2023-08-25Neudrossenfeld vs Ingolstadt IIBTTS No2.75
2023-08-25Fortuna Regensburg vs NeumarktBTTS No2.63
2023-08-25Ammerthal vs ChamBTTS No3.25
2023-08-22ATSV Erlangen vs Fortuna RegensburgBTTS No3.15
2023-08-18Fortuna Regensburg vs CoburgBTTS No2.5
2023-08-181. SC Feucht vs AbtswindBTTS No2.75
2023-08-15Kornburg vs NeudrossenfeldBTTS No2.51
2023-08-15Cham vs EltersdorfHome3.74
2023-08-11Ingolstadt II vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.54
2023-08-11Eichstatt vs GebenbachBTTS No2.63
2023-08-06Ammerthal vs CoburgU 1.5 Goals6.0
2023-08-05Fortuna Regensburg vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.63
2023-08-04Eichstatt vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.7
2023-08-04Wurzburger FV vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.6
2023-08-04Eltersdorf vs AbtswindBTTS No2.36
2023-08-04Eltersdorf vs AbtswindU 1.5 Goals4.6
2023-07-29Kornburg vs GebenbachBTTS No2.34
2023-07-29Kornburg vs GebenbachU 1.5 Goals4.9
2023-07-29Neumarkt vs Wurzburger FVAway2.75
2023-07-29Neumarkt vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.94
2023-07-29Bayern Hof vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.66
2023-07-29Ingolstadt II vs EichstattBTTS No2.5
2023-07-28Cham vs Regensburg IIBTTS No3.18
2023-07-26Eichstatt vs KornburgBTTS No3.08
2023-07-26Wurzburger FV vs AbtswindBTTS No2.6
2023-07-261. SC Feucht vs Fortuna RegensburgBTTS No2.85
2023-07-26Hankofen-Hailing vs NeumarktBTTS No2.89
2023-07-25Ingolstadt II vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.66
2023-07-25Regensburg II vs DonaustaufBTTS No3.45
2023-07-23Fortuna Regensburg vs AmmerthalBTTS No3.0
2023-05-27Kornburg vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.43
2023-05-27Eltersdorf vs AbtswindBTTS No2.46
2023-05-27Eltersdorf vs AbtswindU 1.5 Goals4.9
2023-05-201. SC Feucht vs ChamBTTS No2.89
2023-05-20ATSV Erlangen vs GeesdorfAway15.0
2023-05-20ATSV Erlangen vs GeesdorfBTTS No2.23
2023-05-20Bamberg vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.57
2023-05-20DJK Bamberg vs KornburgBTTS No2.63
2023-05-20Abtswind vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.85
2023-05-20Ammerthal vs GebenbachBTTS No3.38
2023-05-20Grossbardorf vs WeidenBTTS No3.19
2023-05-20Wurzburger FV vs NeumarktBTTS No2.7
2023-05-14Ammerthal vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.75
2023-05-13Cham vs AbtswindBTTS No2.75
2023-05-13Neumarkt vs GebenbachBTTS No2.88
2023-05-13Neumarkt vs GebenbachHome4.6
2023-05-13Regensburg II vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.75
2023-05-13Geesdorf vs BambergU 3.5 Goals2.3
2023-05-12Weiden vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No3.08
2023-05-12Kornburg vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.63
2023-05-12Eltersdorf vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.34
2023-05-07DJK Bamberg vs DonaustaufBTTS No3.0
2023-05-06Neumarkt vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.63
2023-05-06Bayern Hof vs ChamBTTS No2.75
2023-05-06Wurzburger FV vs GeesdorfAway26.0
2023-05-051. SC Feucht vs AmmerthalBTTS No3.14
2023-04-29Cham vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.66
2023-04-29Regensburg II vs GebenbachBTTS No3.0
2023-04-28Kornburg vs Wurzburger FVAway2.8
2023-04-28Eltersdorf vs BambergBTTS No2.2
2023-04-23DJK Bamberg vs WeidenBTTS No2.63
2023-04-22Donaustauf vs BambergBTTS No2.63
2023-04-22Bayern Hof vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.75
2023-04-15Donaustauf vs Wurzburger FVAway5.7
2023-04-15Donaustauf vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.63
2023-04-15Cham vs BambergBTTS No2.63
2023-04-14Weiden vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No3.03
2023-04-14Weiden vs ATSV ErlangenHome3.44
2023-04-141. SC Feucht vs AbtswindBTTS No2.63
2023-04-14Ammerthal vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.75
2023-04-08Geesdorf vs KornburgBTTS No2.05
2023-04-08Wurzburger FV vs ChamBTTS No2.5
2023-04-08Regensburg II vs EltersdorfBTTS No2.63
2023-04-06ATSV Erlangen vs AmmerthalBTTS No3.08
2023-04-01Grossbardorf vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.88
2023-04-01Ammerthal vs BambergBTTS No2.63
2023-04-01Donaustauf vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.63
2023-03-311. SC Feucht vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.55
2023-03-31Cham vs NeumarktBTTS No2.7
2023-03-26DJK Bamberg vs AbtswindBTTS No2.75
2023-03-25Geesdorf vs DonaustaufAway1.15
2023-03-25Geesdorf vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.07
2023-03-25Geesdorf vs DonaustaufU 3.5 Goals2.25
2023-03-17Eltersdorf vs GebenbachBTTS No2.75
2023-03-12ATSV Erlangen vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.38
2023-03-11Neumarkt vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.81
2023-03-11Bamberg vs AbtswindBTTS No2.4
2023-03-10Eltersdorf vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.74
2023-03-05DJK Bamberg vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.75
2023-03-05Ammerthal vs GeesdorfBTTS No2.32
2023-03-04Grossbardorf vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.88
2023-03-04Cham vs EltersdorfBTTS No2.63
2023-03-04Donaustauf vs GebenbachBTTS No3.0
2022-11-26Gebenbach vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No3.2
2022-11-26Neumarkt vs AbtswindBTTS No2.81
2022-11-26Geesdorf vs GrossbardorfBTTS No3.25
2022-11-26Geesdorf vs GrossbardorfHome4.34
2022-11-26Regensburg II vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No3.14
2022-11-19Bayern Hof vs NeumarktBTTS No2.66
2022-11-19Grossbardorf vs KornburgBTTS No2.66
2022-11-19Weiden vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.98
2022-11-19Weiden vs DonaustaufHome5.25
2022-11-18Cham vs GebenbachBTTS No2.75
2022-11-181. SC Feucht vs GeesdorfBTTS No2.18
2022-11-18ATSV Erlangen vs BambergBTTS No2.66
2022-11-12Geesdorf vs AbtswindBTTS No2.48
2022-11-12Gebenbach vs BambergBTTS No2.66
2022-11-12Donaustauf vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.98
2022-11-12Regensburg II vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.66
2022-11-12Neumarkt vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.66
2022-11-11Eltersdorf vs GrossbardorfAway9.0
2022-11-05Weiden vs GebenbachHome7.1
2022-10-30DJK Bamberg vs GeesdorfBTTS No2.65
2022-10-29Ammerthal vs WeidenAway4.6
2022-10-29Bayern Hof vs KornburgBTTS No2.4
2022-10-281. SC Feucht vs DonaustaufBTTS No3.08
2022-10-28ATSV Erlangen vs Regensburg IIBTTS No3.55
2022-10-22Geesdorf vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.9
2022-10-22Weiden vs GrossbardorfBTTS No3.0
2022-10-22Regensburg II vs BambergBTTS No2.63
2022-10-22Donaustauf vs AbtswindAway7.75
2022-10-21Kornburg vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.57
2022-10-21Gebenbach vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.94
2022-10-15Bayern Hof vs DonaustaufBTTS No2.63
2022-10-15Bayern Hof vs DonaustaufHome6.0
2022-10-15Grossbardorf vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.98
2022-10-14Gebenbach vs NeumarktBTTS No2.74
2022-10-14ATSV Erlangen vs KornburgBTTS No2.75
2022-10-08Donaustauf vs DJK BambergAway8.75
2022-10-08Grossbardorf vs GebenbachBTTS No2.75
2022-10-08Regensburg II vs NeumarktBTTS No2.88
2022-10-08Weiden vs AbtswindBTTS No2.95
2022-10-07Kornburg vs BambergBTTS No2.48
2022-10-07Kornburg vs BambergHome4.34
2022-10-07Kornburg vs BambergU 1.5 Goals5.0
2022-09-24Bayern Hof vs WeidenBTTS No2.65
2022-09-24Abtswind vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.85
2022-09-23ATSV Erlangen vs DonaustaufHome4.02
2022-09-161. SC Feucht vs GebenbachBTTS No3.03
2022-09-16Ammerthal vs Bayern HofAway10.25
2022-09-16Kornburg vs NeumarktBTTS No2.63
2022-09-11DJK Bamberg vs AmmerthalHome4.0
2022-09-10Gebenbach vs GeesdorfBTTS No3.3
2022-09-10Bayern Hof vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.46
2022-09-10Bayern Hof vs GrossbardorfHome4.34
2022-09-10Regensburg II vs KornburgBTTS No2.45
2022-09-10Abtswind vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.74
2022-09-09ATSV Erlangen vs WeidenBTTS No2.75
2022-09-04Eltersdorf vs Regensburg IIAway4.92
2022-09-04Neumarkt vs DonaustaufHome5.5
2022-09-021. SC Feucht vs Bayern HofHome1.4
2022-09-02Abtswind vs GebenbachBTTS No2.65
2022-09-02Kornburg vs GeesdorfBTTS No2.45
2022-09-02Kornburg vs GeesdorfU 1.5 Goals5.1
2022-08-27DJK Bamberg vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.75
2022-08-27Neumarkt vs ChamBTTS No2.89
2022-08-27Gebenbach vs KornburgBTTS No2.88
2022-08-27Bayern Hof vs AbtswindBTTS No2.57
2022-08-26Bamberg vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.88
2022-08-21Ammerthal vs Wurzburger FVAway5.15
2022-08-21Ammerthal vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.88
2022-08-13Geesdorf vs ChamBTTS No2.5
2022-08-06Abtswind vs BambergBTTS No2.54
2022-08-06Bayern Hof vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.46
2022-08-06Cham vs KornburgBTTS No2.48
2022-08-03Bamberg vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.55
2022-08-03ATSV Erlangen vs DJK BambergBTTS No3.03
2022-08-03Regensburg II vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.5
2022-08-03Kornburg vs WeidenBTTS No2.35
2022-08-02Neumarkt vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.66
2022-08-02Wurzburger FV vs AbtswindBTTS No2.6
2022-07-30Bayern Hof vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.45
2022-07-30Ammerthal vs KornburgBTTS No2.38
2022-07-29Weiden vs EltersdorfHome9.3
2022-07-29Grossbardorf vs GeesdorfBTTS No2.7
2022-07-291. SC Feucht vs Regensburg IIBTTS No2.5
2022-07-24Kornburg vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.4
2022-07-201. SC Feucht vs KornburgBTTS No2.6
2022-07-20ATSV Erlangen vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.81
2022-07-19DJK Bamberg vs NeumarktBTTS No2.98
2022-07-16Eltersdorf vs 1. SC FeuchtAway9.3
2022-07-16Kornburg vs AbtswindBTTS No2.33
2022-07-16Neumarkt vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No3.1
2022-07-15Gebenbach vs WeidenO 3.5 Goals2.7
2022-05-21Bayern Hof vs KarlburgBTTS No2.94
2022-05-21Seligenporten vs VilzingU 2.5 Goals4.0
2022-05-21Wurzburger FV vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.5
2022-05-211. SC Feucht vs Spvgg Ansbach 09BTTS No2.77
2022-05-211. SC Feucht vs Spvgg Ansbach 09U 2.5 Goals3.1
2022-05-21Grossbardorf vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.8
2022-05-21Abtswind vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.77
2022-05-21Cham vs GebenbachBTTS No2.81
2022-05-14Vatan Spor A'burg vs SeligenportenBTTS No2.8
2022-05-14Vatan Spor A'burg vs SeligenportenHome2.47
2022-05-14Neumarkt vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.81
2022-05-14Vilzing vs Bayern HofAway23.0
2022-05-14Karlburg vs SandBTTS No2.48
2022-05-14ATSV Erlangen vs AbtswindBTTS No2.43
2022-05-14Ammerthal vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.7
2022-05-14Gebenbach vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.8
2022-05-08DJK Bamberg vs KarlburgBTTS No2.38
2022-05-07Bayern Hof vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.85
2022-05-07Bamberg vs NeumarktBTTS No2.7
2022-05-07Sand vs VilzingAway1.15
2022-05-07Sand vs VilzingU 2.5 Goals2.86
2022-05-07Cham vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.46
2022-05-06Seligenporten vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.69
2022-05-06Grossbardorf vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.54
2022-05-06Grossbardorf vs ATSV ErlangenHome4.8
2022-04-30Cham vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.75
2022-04-30Vatan Spor A'burg vs SandBTTS No2.49
2022-04-30Ammerthal vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.76
2022-04-291. SC Feucht vs NeumarktBTTS No2.6
2022-04-27Spvgg Ansbach 09 vs SandHome1.16
2022-04-26Bayern Hof vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.75
2022-04-24DJK Bamberg vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.89
2022-04-23Abtswind vs ChamO 3.5 Goals2.55
2022-04-23Wurzburger FV vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.6
2022-04-23Grossbardorf vs Spvgg Ansbach 09BTTS No2.55
2022-04-23Grossbardorf vs Spvgg Ansbach 09Home5.4
2022-04-23Bamberg vs VilzingBTTS No2.4
2022-04-23Sand vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.45
2022-04-18Karlburg vs ChamBTTS No2.48
2022-04-09Sand vs GebenbachBTTS No2.63
2022-04-09Neumarkt vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.75
2022-04-09Neumarkt vs Vatan Spor A'burgU 3.5 Goals2.48
2022-04-09Karlburg vs VilzingU 3.5 Goals1.92
2022-04-06Sand vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.41
2022-04-02Wurzburger FV vs SeligenportenAway5.94
2022-04-02Spvgg Ansbach 09 vs SandU 2.5 Goals3.94
2022-04-02Vatan Spor A'burg vs KarlburgBTTS No2.46
2022-04-01ATSV Erlangen vs BambergBTTS No2.4
2022-04-011. SC Feucht vs VilzingBTTS No2.28
2022-03-26Sand vs ChamBTTS No2.43
2022-03-26Vilzing vs Vatan Spor A'burgU 3.5 Goals2.29
2022-03-26Karlburg vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.43
2022-03-23Gebenbach vs VilzingBTTS No2.48
2022-03-20Ammerthal vs VilzingHome5.51
2022-03-19Wurzburger FV vs SandBTTS No2.5
2022-03-19Abtswind vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.66
2022-03-19Spvgg Ansbach 09 vs BambergBTTS No2.77
2022-03-18Gebenbach vs NeumarktBTTS No3.08
2022-03-18ATSV Erlangen vs KarlburgBTTS No2.38
2022-03-18ATSV Erlangen vs KarlburgU 2.5 Goals4.0
2022-03-12Seligenporten vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.43
2022-03-12Karlburg vs GebenbachBTTS No2.41
2022-03-12Sand vs AbtswindBTTS No2.43
2022-03-12Vilzing vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.48
2022-03-06Seligenporten vs Bayern HofBTTS No3.2
2022-03-06Grossbardorf vs SandBTTS No2.32
2022-03-05Cham vs NeumarktBTTS No3.0
2022-03-041. SC Feucht vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.75
2022-02-26Sand vs SeligenportenBTTS No2.45
2022-02-26Vilzing vs Spvgg Ansbach 09BTTS No2.9
2021-11-20Wurzburger FV vs KarlburgBTTS No2.5
2021-11-20Seligenporten vs DJK BambergHome3.7
2021-11-20Gebenbach vs AmmerthalBTTS No2.89
2021-11-20Bayern Hof vs SandBTTS No2.66
2021-11-191. SC Feucht vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.35
2021-11-191. SC Feucht vs ATSV ErlangenU 1.5 Goals4.9
2021-11-13Karlburg vs AbtswindBTTS No2.44
2021-11-13Karlburg vs AbtswindU 2.5 Goals2.32
2021-11-06Cham vs AmmerthalHome6.2
2021-11-06Bayern Hof vs BambergHome9.3
2021-11-06Bayern Hof vs BambergU 2.5 Goals3.35
2021-11-06Sand vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.34
2021-11-06Wurzburger FV vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.63
2021-11-051. SC Feucht vs GebenbachAway3.52
2021-11-051. SC Feucht vs GebenbachBTTS No2.55
2021-10-30Vilzing vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.2
2021-10-30Vilzing vs GrossbardorfU 1.5 Goals6.5
2021-10-30Vatan Spor A'burg vs AbtswindHome3.14
2021-10-30Bamberg vs SandBTTS No2.2
2021-10-30Bamberg vs SandU 2.5 Goals4.0
2021-10-23Vatan Spor A'burg vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.48
2021-10-23Vilzing vs SeligenportenBTTS No2.23
2021-10-23Spvgg Ansbach 09 vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.44
2021-10-22Bamberg vs DJK BambergU 2.5 Goals3.3
2021-10-16Wurzburger FV vs GebenbachHome4.2
2021-10-16Grossbardorf vs AmmerthalBTTS No3.0
2021-10-16Sand vs KarlburgBTTS No2.27
2021-10-16Abtswind vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.5
2021-10-16Cham vs Spvgg Ansbach 09BTTS No2.55
2021-10-16Cham vs Spvgg Ansbach 09U 2.5 Goals3.0
2021-10-15Seligenporten vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.43
2021-10-151. SC Feucht vs BambergBTTS No2.55
2021-10-151. SC Feucht vs BambergU 2.5 Goals2.8
2021-10-09Gebenbach vs AbtswindBTTS No2.89
2021-10-09Vilzing vs SandBTTS No2.08
2021-10-09Vilzing vs SandU 3.5 Goals2.09
2021-10-09Neumarkt vs BambergBTTS No3.14
2021-10-09Vatan Spor A'burg vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.48
2021-10-09Spvgg Ansbach 09 vs Wurzburger FVU 2.5 Goals4.5
2021-10-09Karlburg vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.36
2021-10-081. SC Feucht vs ChamBTTS No2.25
2021-10-03DJK Bamberg vs VilzingBTTS No2.32
2021-10-03Neumarkt vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.4
2021-10-02Bamberg vs KarlburgU 2.5 Goals4.0
2021-10-02Sand vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.41
2021-10-01Seligenporten vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.77
2021-09-25Ammerthal vs SandAway5.75
2021-09-25Cham vs AbtswindBTTS No2.44
2021-09-25Vatan Spor A'burg vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.36
2021-09-25Vilzing vs BambergBTTS No2.4
2021-09-241. SC Feucht vs Wurzburger FVBTTS No2.4
2021-09-19Karlburg vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.43
2021-09-18Bayern Hof vs GebenbachBTTS No2.7
2021-09-18Sand vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No2.4
2021-09-17Seligenporten vs Spvgg Ansbach 09Home9.8
2021-09-12Ammerthal vs BambergBTTS No3.14
2021-09-11Gebenbach vs SandBTTS No2.77
2021-09-11Vatan Spor A'burg vs NeumarktHome7.75
2021-09-11Cham vs SeligenportenBTTS No2.57
2021-09-10Wurzburger FV vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.95
2021-09-10ATSV Erlangen vs DJK BambergAway4.74
2021-09-101. SC Feucht vs AbtswindBTTS No2.5
2021-09-05DJK Bamberg vs GebenbachBTTS No2.98
2021-09-05DJK Bamberg vs GebenbachHome2.45
2021-09-05Sand vs Spvgg Ansbach 09BTTS No2.85
2021-09-05Sand vs Spvgg Ansbach 09Home5.2
2021-09-04Bamberg vs ATSV ErlangenBTTS No3.03
2021-09-04Karlburg vs Vatan Spor A'burgBTTS No2.32
2021-09-04Vilzing vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.66
2021-08-31Bamberg vs GrossbardorfAway6.4
2021-08-281. SC Feucht vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.6
2021-08-28Gebenbach vs BambergBTTS No3.15
2021-08-28Gebenbach vs BambergO 3.5 Goals2.25
2021-08-28Vatan Spor A'burg vs VilzingHome11.0
2021-08-28Vatan Spor A'burg vs VilzingU 2.5 Goals4.2
2021-08-28Spvgg Ansbach 09 vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.51
2021-08-28Wurzburger FV vs Bayern HofO 3.5 Goals2.57
2021-08-28Cham vs SandBTTS No2.6
2021-08-27ATSV Erlangen vs NeumarktO 2.5 Goals1.64
2021-08-25DJK Bamberg vs SandBTTS No2.7
2021-08-18Wurzburger FV vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.63
2021-08-18ATSV Erlangen vs VilzingBTTS No2.4
2021-08-18Abtswind vs SandBTTS No2.54
2021-08-18Cham vs BambergBTTS No2.41
2021-08-18Ammerthal vs Vatan Spor A'burgAway7.75
2021-08-18Ammerthal vs Vatan Spor A'burgO 1.5 Goals1.08
2021-08-18Gebenbach vs KarlburgBTTS No2.54
2021-08-04Sand vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.8
2021-08-04Ammerthal vs GebenbachAway3.1
2021-08-04Ammerthal vs GebenbachBTTS No3.2
2021-08-03ATSV Erlangen vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.65
2021-07-31Abtswind vs KarlburgBTTS No2.38
2021-07-311. SC Feucht vs SandBTTS No2.48
2021-07-31Bayern Hof vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.36
2021-07-30Wurzburger FV vs VilzingBTTS No2.5
2021-07-28Gebenbach vs 1. SC FeuchtBTTS No2.41
2021-07-28Vilzing vs AbtswindBTTS No2.34
2021-07-27Bamberg vs Bayern HofBTTS No2.63
2021-07-27Karlburg vs GrossbardorfBTTS No2.89
2021-07-27Neumarkt vs SeligenportenBTTS No3.1
2021-07-24Sand vs BambergBTTS No2.43
2021-07-24Seligenporten vs KarlburgBTTS No2.38
2021-07-231. SC Feucht vs DJK BambergBTTS No2.48

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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From the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, right down to the lowest non-league divisions, frog works around the clock 24/7/365 to provide sports fans with the latest and most comprehensive online sports betting companion.

Transparent and thorough performance analysis of every single pick made is an essential part of what we do. Historical results for countries, leagues, and against individual sportsbooks are shown throughout the FTG platform.

frog the gambler is the essential resource for value-conscious sports-bettors with an interest in optimising their betting performance and beating the sportsbooks.

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