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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-02-18Reboceros de La Piedad vs CanamyBTTS No2.29
2024-02-18Mexicali vs Orgullo ReynosaU 1.5 Goals3.25
2024-02-17San Juan de Aragon vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS No2.2
2024-02-03Tecos FC vs Correcaminos 2BTTS No2.38
2024-02-03Tritones Vallarta vs ChihuahuaBTTS No2.0
2024-02-03Tritones Vallarta vs ChihuahuaU 1.5 Goals4.1
2024-01-27Calor De San Pedro vs MexicaliBTTS No1.91
2024-01-27Irapuato vs San Juan de AragonU 1.5 Goals5.0
2024-01-16Alacranes de Durango vs Los CabosBTTS No2.22
2024-01-13Irapuato vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No2.18
2024-01-13Cimarrones de Sonora 2 vs MexicaliU 2.5 Goals3.4
2023-11-29Saltillo vs MexicaliHome11.0
2023-11-25Deportiva Venados vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No2.45
2023-11-25Inter de Queretaro vs Porto PalmeirasU 2.5 Goals4.5
2023-11-25Yalmakan vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.29
2023-11-19Reboceros de La Piedad vs Inter de QueretaroU 1.5 Goals5.0
2023-11-18Tecos FC vs ApodacaU 1.5 Goals4.3
2023-11-11Petroleros Salamanca vs Porto PalmeirasBTTS No2.34
2023-11-11Yalmakan vs San Juan de AragonBTTS No2.38
2023-11-08UA Zacatecas vs MexicaliHome1.04
2023-11-08UA Zacatecas vs MexicaliU 3.5 Goals2.9
2023-11-04Inter de Queretaro vs Petroleros SalamancaU 1.5 Goals3.92
2023-11-04Orgullo Reynosa vs UA ZacatecasU 1.5 Goals3.2
2023-11-04Aguacateros de Periban vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.2
2023-10-21Inter de Queretaro vs Deportiva VenadosBTTS No2.41
2023-10-21Aguacateros de Periban vs IrapuatoBTTS No2.38
2023-10-20Correcaminos 2 vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2BTTS No2.18
2023-10-13Inter Playa Del Carmen vs Porto PalmeirasDraw3.75
2023-10-09Porto Palmeiras vs PionerosBTTS No2.27
2023-10-05UA Zacatecas vs Tritones VallartaBTTS No2.1
2023-10-05Yalmakan vs Porto PalmeirasBTTS No2.27
2023-10-04Deportiva Venados vs IrapuatoBTTS No2.25
2023-09-30Escorpiones vs Lobos ULMXU 2.5 Goals1.95
2023-09-30Deportiva Venados vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.38
2023-09-19Orgullo Reynosa vs MexicaliBTTS No2.05
2023-09-09Yalmakan vs IrapuatoBTTS No2.45
2023-09-02Petroleros Salamanca vs San Juan de AragonBTTS No2.25
2023-09-02Petroleros Salamanca vs San Juan de AragonHome3.94
2023-08-27Los Cabos vs SaltilloU 1.5 Goals3.35
2023-08-27Reboceros de La Piedad vs CafetalerosAway3.1
2023-08-26Yalmakan vs CanamyBTTS No2.25
2023-08-20Pioneros vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.48
2023-08-12Yalmakan vs PionerosU 1.5 Goals3.65
2023-08-12Mineros de Fresnillo vs SaltilloO 3.5 Goals3.6
2023-04-21Tampico Madero vs Inter Playa Del CarmenBTTS No2.2
2023-04-09Pachuca 2 vs Lobos ULMXHome6.0
2023-04-02Pachuca 2 vs Correcaminos 2BTTS No2.29
2023-03-25Correcaminos 2 vs Pachuca 2BTTS No2.36
2023-03-18Dongu vs LeviatanAway23.0
2023-03-11Coras vs MexicaliBTTS No2.1
2023-03-10Pachuca 2 vs DonguAway14.0
2023-03-10Leviatan vs Inter Playa Del CarmenU 1.5 Goals8.5
2023-03-07Canamy vs Deportiva VenadosBTTS No2.7
2023-03-03Leviatan vs Pachuca 2Draw11.0
2023-02-26Real de Arteaga vs CanamyHome13.0
2023-02-26Real de Arteaga vs CanamyO 3.5 Goals1.92
2023-02-26Tulancingo vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS No2.23
2023-02-25Tritones Vallarta vs Leones Negros 2U 2.5 Goals2.88
2023-02-18Leones Negros 2 vs Tecos FCBTTS No2.41
2023-02-17Pachuca 2 vs MontanesesBTTS No2.45
2023-02-11Yalmakan vs CanamyBTTS No2.34
2023-01-29Real de Arteaga vs MontanesesBTTS No2.3
2023-01-22Catedraticos Elite vs UruapanU 2.5 Goals3.5
2023-01-21Dongu vs CafetalerosHome6.73
2023-01-16Colima FC vs Catedraticos EliteBTTS No2.35
2023-01-15Lobos ULMX vs TulancingoBTTS No2.4
2023-01-14Cafetaleros vs LeviatanAway16.0
2023-01-07UA Zacatecas vs MexicaliHome1.05
2023-01-07UA Zacatecas vs MexicaliU 3.5 Goals2.8
2023-01-07Deportiva Venados vs YalmakanBTTS No2.2
2023-01-06Pachuca 2 vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.75
2023-01-06Leviatan vs CanamyBTTS No2.36
2022-11-13Tampico Madero vs UA ZacatecasBTTS No2.5
2022-11-11UA Zacatecas vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No2.66
2022-11-06Cimarrones de Sonora 2 vs Pachuca 2Away7.7
2022-11-05UA Zacatecas vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.63
2022-11-05UA Zacatecas vs CafetalerosU 1.5 Goals5.0
2022-11-04Pachuca 2 vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2Home5.0
2022-11-03Cafetaleros vs UA ZacatecasBTTS No2.27
2022-10-30Tampico Madero vs CanamyBTTS No2.75
2022-10-29UA Zacatecas vs UruapanBTTS No3.2
2022-10-27Reboceros de La Piedad vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.23
2022-10-27Chihuahua vs Los CabosDraw3.25
2022-10-27Chihuahua vs Los CabosU 1.5 Goals2.63
2022-10-26Uruapan vs UA ZacatecasBTTS No3.19
2022-10-26Canamy vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No3.76
2022-10-23Real de Arteaga vs YalmakanBTTS No2.07
2022-10-23Tulancingo vs Colima FCBTTS No2.14
2022-10-22Tritones Vallarta vs ChihuahuaBTTS No2.18
2022-10-22Mineros de Fresnillo vs Los CabosBTTS No2.48
2022-10-22UA Zacatecas vs Leones Negros 2BTTS No3.03
2022-10-22Escorpiones vs Inter Playa Del CarmenBTTS No2.9
2022-10-21Halcones de Zapopan vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2BTTS No3.0
2022-10-21Leviatan vs DonguBTTS No2.28
2022-10-21Pachuca 2 vs CanamyBTTS No2.34
2022-10-17Tecos FC vs Tritones VallartaAway2.54
2022-10-17Tecos FC vs Tritones VallartaBTTS No2.05
2022-10-16Los Cabos vs UA ZacatecasBTTS No2.2
2022-10-16Tampico Madero vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.77
2022-10-15Inter de Queretaro vs Catedraticos EliteDraw3.5
2022-10-15Chihuahua vs Halcones de ZapopanBTTS No3.0
2022-10-15Chihuahua vs Halcones de ZapopanU 1.5 Goals8.0
2022-10-14Inter Playa Del Carmen vs LeviatanAway23.36
2022-10-09Real de Arteaga vs CafetalerosHome11.25
2022-10-09Real de Arteaga vs CafetalerosU 2.5 Goals2.8
2022-10-08Saltillo vs Inter de QueretaroHome1.38
2022-10-08Lobos ULMX vs Colima FCBTTS No2.6
2022-10-08Lobos ULMX vs Colima FCU 1.5 Goals5.4
2022-10-04Inter de Queretaro vs TulancingoBTTS No2.28
2022-10-03Cafetaleros vs EscorpionesBTTS No2.55
2022-10-02Tampico Madero vs SaltilloBTTS No2.8
2022-10-02Mexicali vs Tecos FCBTTS No2.38
2022-10-01Mineros de Fresnillo vs ChihuahuaBTTS No2.07
2022-10-01Correcaminos 2 vs UruapanBTTS No2.8
2022-09-29Montaneses vs Pachuca 2BTTS No2.75
2022-09-29Yalmakan vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.4
2022-09-29Tulancingo vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No2.88
2022-09-28Uruapan vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS Yes2.8
2022-09-28Tecos FC vs Leones Negros 2BTTS No2.66
2022-09-28Deportiva Venados vs LeviatanBTTS Yes3.65
2022-09-28Deportiva Venados vs LeviatanO 3.5 Goals4.9
2022-09-25Tampico Madero vs UruapanBTTS No2.75
2022-09-25Catedraticos Elite vs Lobos ULMXBTTS No2.35
2022-09-23Pachuca 2 vs Deportiva VenadosHome1.46
2022-09-17Mexicali vs Los CabosAway1.17
2022-09-17Escorpiones vs LeviatanAway13.0
2022-09-17Escorpiones vs LeviatanBTTS Yes2.9
2022-09-17Lobos ULMX vs Correcaminos 2BTTS No2.63
2022-09-17Lobos ULMX vs Correcaminos 2U 2.5 Goals2.85
2022-09-17Colima FC vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No2.88
2022-09-17Colima FC vs Tampico MaderoU 2.5 Goals2.7
2022-09-17Coras vs Mineros de FresnilloBTTS No2.38
2022-09-12Inter de Queretaro vs Correcaminos 2BTTS No2.7
2022-09-11Catedraticos Elite vs TulancingoBTTS No2.41
2022-09-10UA Zacatecas vs CorasBTTS No2.5
2022-09-10Canamy vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.43
2022-09-10Mineros de Fresnillo vs Tritones VallartaBTTS No2.46
2022-09-07Uruapan vs Catedraticos EliteBTTS No2.36
2022-09-07Correcaminos 2 vs Tampico MaderoBTTS No2.8
2022-09-07Correcaminos 2 vs Tampico MaderoU 2.5 Goals3.45
2022-09-07Correcaminos 2 vs Tampico MaderoU 3.5 Goals2.05
2022-09-07Escorpiones vs MontanesesBTTS No2.57
2022-09-07Cafetaleros vs DonguBTTS No1.96
2022-09-07Cafetaleros vs DonguU 1.5 Goals6.5
2022-09-07Inter Playa Del Carmen vs CanamyBTTS No2.7
2022-09-04Montaneses vs YalmakanBTTS No2.25
2022-09-03Saltillo vs UruapanBTTS No2.54
2022-08-27Colima FC vs SaltilloBTTS No2.22
2022-05-06Mazorqueros vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.25
2022-04-16Coras vs Inter Playa Del CarmenBTTS No2.3
2022-04-16Alacranes de Durango vs CafetalerosBTTS No2.25
2022-04-10Reboceros de La Piedad vs MontanesesAway5.5
2022-04-09Dongu vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS No2.15
2022-04-03CD Zap vs DonguAway8.75
2022-04-02Gavilanes de Matamoros vs Tecos FCBTTS No2.18
2022-04-02Leviatan vs YalmakanAway1.46
2022-03-27Lobos ULMX vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS No2.1
2022-03-26Dongu vs CafetalerosDraw10.0
2022-03-26Dongu vs CafetalerosU 2.5 Goals3.5
2022-03-20Cafetaleros vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.02
2022-03-19Escorpiones vs DonguBTTS No2.18
2022-03-19Inter de Queretaro vs YalmakanBTTS No2.02
2022-03-19UA Zacatecas vs Mineros de FresnilloBTTS No2.35
2022-03-18Inter Playa Del Carmen vs LeviatanU 3.5 Goals2.88
2022-03-16Canoneros Marina vs MontanesesBTTS No2.05
2022-03-13Yalmakan vs CD ZapBTTS No2.4
2022-03-13Yalmakan vs CD ZapU 1.5 Goals4.5
2022-03-12Canoneros Marina vs Inter Playa Del CarmenU 1.5 Goals5.1
2022-03-12Canamy vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS No2.25
2022-03-06Cafetaleros vs YalmakanBTTS No2.16
2022-03-05Inter de Queretaro vs LeviatanBTTS No2.02
2022-03-05Tritones Vallarta vs Gavilanes de MatamorosBTTS No2.5
2022-03-05Canoneros Marina vs DonguBTTS No2.3
2022-02-27Colima FC vs UA ZacatecasBTTS No2.35
2022-02-27Montaneses vs Inter de QueretaroBTTS No2.05
2022-02-26Leviatan vs CD ZapAway1.59
2022-02-19Alacranes de Durango vs MazorquerosU 1.5 Goals3.6
2022-02-12Leviatan vs EscorpionesBTTS No3.1
2022-02-12Catedraticos Elite vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2BTTS No2.44
2022-02-12Gavilanes de Matamoros vs Alacranes de DurangoU 1.5 Goals3.4
2022-02-05Dongu vs YalmakanBTTS No2.2
2022-02-05Correcaminos 2 vs SaltilloBTTS No2.25
2022-02-05UA Zacatecas vs Gavilanes de MatamorosBTTS No2.34
2022-01-29Canamy vs DonguBTTS No2.2
2022-01-29Leviatan vs Canoneros MarinaBTTS No2.47
2022-01-23Lobos ULMX vs YalmakanBTTS No2.3
2022-01-22Alacranes de Durango vs SaltilloU 1.5 Goals3.5
2022-01-22Dongu vs LeviatanBTTS No2.0
2022-01-22Mineros de Fresnillo vs Catedraticos EliteBTTS No1.95
2022-01-15Cafetaleros vs EscorpionesHome1.3
2022-01-15Cimarrones de Sonora 2 vs Alacranes de DurangoBTTS No2.08
2022-01-15Cimarrones de Sonora 2 vs Alacranes de DurangoU 1.5 Goals4.7
2021-12-05Inter Playa Del Carmen vs YalmakanBTTS No2.25
2021-11-27Leviatan vs Lobos ULMXBTTS No2.3
2021-11-27Canamy vs YalmakanBTTS No2.2
2021-11-23Colima FC vs Catedraticos EliteBTTS No2.1
2021-11-20Mineros de Fresnillo vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2BTTS No2.12
2021-11-20Canoneros Marina vs Cafetaleros de Chiapas 2U 1.5 Goals5.0
2021-11-19Inter Playa Del Carmen vs CanamyU 1.5 Goals4.5
2021-11-13Inter de Queretaro vs Lobos ULMXU 1.5 Goals3.47
2021-11-10Mineros de Fresnillo vs UA ZacatecasBTTS No2.15
2021-11-06Correcaminos 2 vs Mineros de FresnilloBTTS No2.2
2021-11-06Cafetaleros de Chiapas 2 vs Lobos ULMXU 2.5 Goals3.3
2021-10-17Montaneses vs CD ZapBTTS No2.8
2021-10-17Montaneses vs CD ZapU 2.5 Goals2.88
2021-10-16Gavilanes de Matamoros vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2BTTS No2.35
2021-10-16Gavilanes de Matamoros vs Cimarrones de Sonora 2U 1.5 Goals5.1
2021-10-14Alacranes de Durango vs Gavilanes de MatamorosU 1.5 Goals3.64
2021-10-10Lobos ULMX vs Reboceros de La PiedadBTTS No2.35
2021-10-10Lobos ULMX vs Reboceros de La PiedadU 1.5 Goals4.6
2021-10-09Canamy vs Canoneros MarinaBTTS No2.3
2021-04-18Reboceros de La Piedad vs IrapuatoBTTS No2.6
2021-04-11Azores de Hidalgo vs CuautlaBTTS No2.75
2021-04-09Inter Playa Del Carmen vs CiervosHome1.22
2021-04-09Inter Playa Del Carmen vs CiervosU 2.5 Goals3.1
2021-04-09Irapuato vs Canoneros MarinaHome1.09
2021-04-09Irapuato vs Canoneros MarinaU 3.5 Goals2.38
2021-04-04Reboceros de La Piedad vs Colima FCBTTS No2.45
2021-03-29Azores de Hidalgo vs Canoneros MarinaBTTS No2.21
2021-03-25Canoneros Marina vs CiervosBTTS No2.23
2021-03-20Cruz Azul Hidalgo vs Cafetaleros de Chiapas 2BTTS No2.5
2021-03-20Ciervos vs Azores de HidalgoBTTS No2.3
2021-03-12Leones Negros 2 vs Alacranes de DurangoU 1.5 Goals5.0
2021-03-05Canoneros Marina vs CafessaU 1.5 Goals4.1
2021-02-28Cafessa vs CiervosBTTS Yes3.24
2021-02-21Azores de Hidalgo vs ZitacuaroBTTS No2.3
2021-02-19Inter Playa Del Carmen vs CuautlaBTTS Yes2.64
2021-02-14Cuautla vs Cruz Azul HidalgoU 1.5 Goals4.3
2021-02-07Azores de Hidalgo vs CafessaHome11.75
2021-02-07Azores de Hidalgo vs CafessaU 2.5 Goals3.0
2021-02-06Ciervos vs DonguBTTS No1.95
2021-02-02Uruapan vs PionerosBTTS No2.52
2021-01-31Cuautla vs CiervosBTTS No1.94
2021-01-30Cafetaleros de Chiapas 2 vs Inter Playa Del CarmenBTTS No2.4
2021-01-30Cruz Azul Hidalgo vs Canoneros MarinaU 2.5 Goals2.88

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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