Norway - Division 2 betting performance history

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betting performance frog stakes for Norway - Division 2

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all gold picks for Norway - Division 2

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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-06-16Flekkeroy vs Brann 2BTTS No2.6
2024-06-16Alta vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No2.5
2024-06-15Ull/Kisa vs StrindheimAway7.5
2024-06-15Ull/Kisa vs StrindheimBTTS No2.63
2024-06-15Follo vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.4
2024-06-15Sotra vs OrnBTTS No2.5
2024-06-15Arendal vs Viking 2BTTS No2.8
2024-06-15Notodden vs HoddBTTS No2.55
2024-06-14Skeid vs GrorudBTTS No2.5
2024-06-09Eidsvold TF vs AltaBTTS No3.4
2024-06-09Junkeren vs Ull/KisaBTTS No2.7
2024-06-09Orn vs LyseklosterBTTS No2.7
2024-06-08Strindheim vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No3.1
2024-06-02Kvik Halden vs Brann 2BTTS No3.25
2024-06-02Flekkeroy vs OrnBTTS No2.4
2024-06-02Ull/Kisa vs Valerenga 2Home15.0
2024-06-02Ull/Kisa vs Valerenga 2U 3.5 Goals2.25
2024-06-02Sotra vs Viking 2BTTS No2.63
2024-06-02Skeid vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.5
2024-06-01Vard Haugesund vs Eik-TonsbergBTTS No2.7
2024-05-27Viking 2 vs LyseklosterBTTS No2.7
2024-05-27Valerenga 2 vs SkeidBTTS No2.1
2024-05-27Valerenga 2 vs SkeidU 2.5 Goals3.3
2024-05-26Eidsvold TF vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No2.63
2024-05-26Junkeren vs FolloBTTS No2.5
2024-05-26Tromsdalen vs StrommenBTTS No2.5
2024-05-25Notodden vs OrnBTTS No2.3
2024-05-25Strindheim vs AltaBTTS No3.0
2024-05-21Vard Haugesund vs Viking 2BTTS No2.89
2024-05-20Brattvag vs HoddBTTS No3.0
2024-05-20Skeid vs StrommenBTTS No2.57
2024-05-20SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Ull/KisaAway7.0
2024-05-20Follo vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.8
2024-05-16Arendal vs JervBTTS No2.75
2024-05-16Kjelsas vs Valerenga 2Away36.84
2024-05-16Kjelsas vs Valerenga 2BTTS Yes2.3
2024-05-16Kjelsas vs Valerenga 2U 3.5 Goals2.75
2024-05-16Orn vs Eik-TonsbergBTTS No2.63
2024-05-16Strindheim vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.75
2024-05-13Viking 2 vs OrnBTTS No3.25
2024-05-13Brann 2 vs BrattvagBTTS No3.5
2024-05-12Valerenga 2 vs AltaBTTS No3.7
2024-05-12Strommen vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No2.85
2024-05-12Hodd vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.75
2024-05-12Junkeren vs SkeidBTTS No3.03
2024-05-12Junkeren vs SkeidU 2.5 Goals3.1
2024-05-12Grorud vs KjelsasBTTS No2.85
2024-05-11Arendal vs Kvik HaldenU 2.5 Goals3.4
2024-05-11Ull/Kisa vs FolloBTTS No2.99
2024-05-11Eik-Tonsberg vs JervBTTS No2.75
2024-05-11Tromsdalen vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.66
2024-05-11Sotra vs LyseklosterBTTS No2.75
2024-05-11Notodden vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.7
2024-05-06Flekkeroy vs Viking 2BTTS No3.25
2024-05-05SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.63
2024-05-05Strindheim vs JunkerenBTTS No2.75
2024-05-04Lysekloster vs Kvik HaldenBTTS No2.63
2024-05-04Skeid vs Ull/KisaBTTS No2.5
2024-05-04Vard Haugesund vs NotoddenBTTS No2.63
2024-05-04Grorud vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.66
2024-05-04Orn vs HoddBTTS No2.63
2024-04-29Brann 2 vs Eik-TonsbergBTTS No2.89
2024-04-29Viking 2 vs BrattvagBTTS No3.1
2024-04-27Follo vs SkeidBTTS No2.85
2024-04-22Orn vs Brann 2BTTS No2.55
2024-04-22Eik-Tonsberg vs Viking 2BTTS No2.5
2024-04-22Eik-Tonsberg vs Viking 2O 3.5 Goals2.45
2024-04-20Vard Haugesund vs SotraBTTS No2.75
2024-04-19Skeid vs KjelsasBTTS No2.63
2024-04-15Viking 2 vs JervBTTS No3.1
2024-04-15Viking 2 vs JervHome3.84
2024-04-15Viking 2 vs JervO 3.5 Goals2.02
2024-04-15Valerenga 2 vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No3.0
2024-04-06Skeid vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.77
2024-04-06Jerv vs OrnBTTS No2.57
2024-04-06Vard Haugesund vs ArendalBTTS No2.8
2023-11-11Egersund vs Vard HaugesundU 3.5 Goals2.6
2023-11-11Orn vs GrorudBTTS No2.88
2023-11-11Junkeren vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No2.75
2023-11-11Levanger vs UllernDraw16.54
2023-11-11Levanger vs UllernU 3.5 Goals3.75
2023-11-11Baerum Sportsklubb vs StrommenBTTS No2.66
2023-11-11Arendal vs KjelsasBTTS No2.51
2023-11-11Alta vs TromsdalenBTTS No3.03
2023-11-11Flekkeroy vs NotoddenBTTS No2.88
2023-11-04Strommen vs JunkerenBTTS No2.88
2023-11-04Stjordals Blink vs Kvik HaldenBTTS No3.03
2023-11-04Vard Haugesund vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.75
2023-11-04Grorud vs ArendalBTTS No2.88
2023-11-04Traeff vs Aalesund 2BTTS No2.89
2023-11-04Notodden vs LynBTTS No2.63
2023-11-04Fram vs OrnBTTS No2.63
2023-11-04SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.75
2023-11-04Kjelsas vs BrattvagBTTS No2.63
2023-11-04Stromsgodset 2 vs AltaBTTS No3.69
2023-10-30Brattvag vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.85
2023-10-30Junkeren vs Stromsgodset 2BTTS No2.85
2023-10-30Brann 2 vs StrommenBTTS No3.3
2023-10-29Sotra vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.88
2023-10-29Arendal vs TraeffBTTS No2.88
2023-10-29Egersund vs KjelsasU 2.5 Goals3.25
2023-10-23Stromsgodset 2 vs Kvik HaldenBTTS No2.63
2023-10-23Aalesund 2 vs OrnBTTS No2.63
2023-10-23Valerenga 2 vs KjelsasBTTS No2.75
2023-10-23Valerenga 2 vs KjelsasU 2.5 Goals2.63
2023-10-22Junkeren vs Brann 2O 3.5 Goals2.5
2023-10-22Notodden vs ArendalBTTS No2.75
2023-10-22Vard Haugesund vs BrattvagBTTS No3.0
2023-10-21Tromsdalen vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.75
2023-10-21Strommen vs LevangerBTTS No2.75
2023-10-21Grorud vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.57
2023-10-21SK Gjovik-Lyn vs AltaBTTS No3.19
2023-10-09Flekkeroy vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.5
2023-10-09Lyn vs Aalesund 2U 2.5 Goals3.5
2023-10-02Fram vs Valerenga 2BTTS Yes3.4
2023-10-02Brann 2 vs SotraBTTS No3.6
2023-10-02Stromsgodset 2 vs LevangerU 2.5 Goals3.55
2023-10-01Tromsdalen vs Kvik HaldenBTTS No2.51
2023-10-01Traeff vs EgersundBTTS No2.63
2023-10-01Traeff vs EgersundU 2.5 Goals3.1
2023-10-01Junkeren vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.85
2023-10-01Flekkeroy vs BrattvagBTTS No2.51
2023-09-25Tromsdalen vs Stromsgodset 2U 2.5 Goals3.4
2023-09-25Valerenga 2 vs NotoddenBTTS No2.88
2023-09-25Baerum Sportsklubb vs Brann 2BTTS No4.08
2023-09-24Alta vs Kvik HaldenBTTS No3.13
2023-09-24Ullern vs JunkerenBTTS No3.3
2023-09-18Brann 2 vs UllernBTTS No3.38
2023-09-18Traeff vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.8
2023-09-16Junkeren vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No3.03
2023-09-04Valerenga 2 vs GrorudBTTS No2.73
2023-09-04Egersund vs Aalesund 2U 3.5 Goals2.05
2023-09-04SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Stromsgodset 2BTTS No3.1
2023-09-04Lyn vs ArendalBTTS No2.5
2023-09-03Brattvag vs OrnBTTS No2.75
2023-09-02Fram vs NotoddenBTTS No2.75
2023-09-02Tromsdalen vs JunkerenBTTS No2.69
2023-08-28Aalesund 2 vs KjelsasU 1.5 Goals4.33
2023-08-28Orn vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.63
2023-08-28Stromsgodset 2 vs UllernBTTS No3.0
2023-08-27Strommen vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.89
2023-08-27Lyn vs BrattvagBTTS No2.54
2023-08-27Traeff vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.63
2023-08-27Brann 2 vs Kvik HaldenBTTS No3.77
2023-08-27Junkeren vs AltaBTTS No3.38
2023-08-21Stromsgodset 2 vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No3.32
2023-08-21Levanger vs Brann 2Away10.0
2023-08-20Kvik Halden vs JunkerenBTTS No3.1
2023-08-20Ullern vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.63
2023-08-20Fram vs TraeffBTTS No2.63
2023-08-16Kjelsas vs LynBTTS No2.51
2023-08-14Vard Haugesund vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.75
2023-08-13Traeff vs NotoddenBTTS No2.94
2023-08-07SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Brann 2BTTS No3.77
2023-08-06Stromsgodset 2 vs SotraBTTS No3.3
2023-08-05Stjordals Blink vs StrommenBTTS No2.94
2023-07-31Brann 2 vs LevangerHome10.5
2023-07-31Alta vs Stromsgodset 2BTTS No3.32
2023-07-24Stromsgodset 2 vs TromsdalenHome5.2
2023-07-24Kvik Halden vs Brann 2Away5.25
2023-07-24Kvik Halden vs Brann 2BTTS No3.1
2023-07-23Stjordals Blink vs JunkerenBTTS No3.45
2023-07-23Ullern vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No3.03
2023-07-22SK Gjovik-Lyn vs SotraBTTS No2.98
2023-07-22Levanger vs AltaBTTS No2.46
2023-07-08Egersund vs FramAway23.0
2023-07-08Arendal vs FlekkeroyAway17.0
2023-07-03Flekkeroy vs Aalesund 2BTTS No2.34
2023-07-02Traeff vs ArendalBTTS No2.75
2023-07-02Kjelsas vs EgersundBTTS No2.3
2023-07-02Valerenga 2 vs OrnAway3.9
2023-07-02Valerenga 2 vs OrnBTTS No3.03
2023-07-01Fram vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.63
2023-07-01Notodden vs GrorudBTTS No2.25
2023-06-26Lyn vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.63
2023-06-26Arendal vs Aalesund 2U 2.5 Goals3.1
2023-06-25Brann 2 vs JunkerenBTTS No3.4
2023-06-25Grorud vs TraeffBTTS No2.63
2023-06-25Egersund vs BrattvagBTTS No2.7
2023-06-24Vard Haugesund vs NotoddenBTTS No2.8
2023-06-24Orn vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.45
2023-06-19Brann 2 vs AltaBTTS No3.7
2023-06-19Brann 2 vs AltaHome3.04
2023-06-18Levanger vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.75
2023-06-18Valerenga 2 vs FramBTTS No3.2
2023-06-18Notodden vs EgersundBTTS No2.63
2023-06-18Traeff vs OrnBTTS No2.63
2023-06-18Junkeren vs StrommenBTTS No2.54
2023-06-18SK Gjovik-Lyn vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.77
2023-06-17Flekkeroy vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.57
2023-06-12Stromsgodset 2 vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No3.69
2023-06-12Kjelsas vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.31
2023-06-11Tromsdalen vs LevangerBTTS No2.8
2023-06-11Fram vs BrattvagBTTS No2.63
2023-06-10Egersund vs FlekkeroyU 2.5 Goals3.3
2023-06-10Vard Haugesund vs GrorudBTTS No2.6
2023-06-05Valerenga 2 vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No3.25
2023-06-05Aalesund 2 vs BrattvagBTTS No2.63
2023-06-05Brann 2 vs TromsdalenBTTS No3.14
2023-06-05Levanger vs Stromsgodset 2BTTS No2.6
2023-06-05Levanger vs Stromsgodset 2U 2.5 Goals5.5
2023-06-04Flekkeroy vs LynBTTS No2.4
2023-05-30Valerenga 2 vs Aalesund 2BTTS No3.3
2023-05-30Valerenga 2 vs Aalesund 2U 2.5 Goals3.25
2023-05-30Stromsgodset 2 vs Brann 2BTTS No5.0
2023-05-30Stromsgodset 2 vs Brann 2Home3.82
2023-05-29Tromsdalen vs Stjordals BlinkBTTS No2.85
2023-05-29Lyn vs OrnBTTS No2.5
2023-05-29Fram vs GrorudBTTS No3.03
2023-05-29Brattvag vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.85
2023-05-28Kjelsas vs NotoddenBTTS No2.7
2023-05-20Vard Haugesund vs ArendalBTTS No2.74
2023-05-14Brattvag vs KjelsasBTTS No2.75
2023-05-14Notodden vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.34
2023-05-14Aalesund 2 vs EgersundHome5.9
2023-05-14Brann 2 vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.85
2023-05-13Flekkeroy vs GrorudBTTS No2.5
2023-05-13SK Gjovik-Lyn vs LevangerBTTS No3.0
2023-05-13Arendal vs LynBTTS No2.75
2023-05-13Strommen vs SotraBTTS No2.7
2023-05-13Traeff vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.75
2023-05-09Ullern vs Brann 2BTTS No3.76
2023-05-09Ullern vs Brann 2U 2.5 Goals3.64
2023-05-08Stromsgodset 2 vs StrommenBTTS No2.85
2023-05-07Vard Haugesund vs LynBTTS No2.42
2023-05-07Egersund vs ArendalBTTS No2.6
2023-05-07Notodden vs TraeffBTTS No2.6
2023-05-07Tromsdalen vs SotraBTTS No2.5
2023-05-06Baerum Sportsklubb vs AltaBTTS No2.85
2023-05-06Fram vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.85
2023-05-02Arendal vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.15
2023-05-01Stjordals Blink vs Stromsgodset 2U 2.5 Goals5.0
2023-05-01Aalesund 2 vs NotoddenBTTS No2.74
2023-04-30Traeff vs FramBTTS No2.88
2023-04-30Halden vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.88
2023-04-29Lyn vs GrorudBTTS No2.5
2023-04-29Brattvag vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.88
2023-04-29Strommen vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.55
2023-04-29Alta vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.8
2023-04-29Junkeren vs LevangerBTTS No2.75
2023-04-24Stromsgodset 2 vs JunkerenBTTS No2.85
2023-04-24Vard Haugesund vs Aalesund 2BTTS No2.63
2023-04-23Grorud vs BrattvagBTTS No2.63
2023-04-23Egersund vs LynBTTS No2.85
2023-04-23Valerenga 2 vs TraeffBTTS No3.3
2023-04-23Tromsdalen vs StrommenBTTS No2.75
2023-04-23Tromsdalen vs StrommenU 3.5 Goals1.95
2023-04-23Stjordals Blink vs Brann 2BTTS No3.3
2023-04-22SK Gjovik-Lyn vs HaldenBTTS No3.18
2023-04-22Baerum Sportsklubb vs SotraBTTS No2.85
2023-04-22Notodden vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.63
2023-04-22Fram vs ArendalBTTS No2.66
2023-04-17Aalesund 2 vs FramBTTS No2.6
2023-04-17Egersund vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.34
2023-04-17Brann 2 vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.74
2023-04-16Baerum Sportsklubb vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.55
2023-04-16Brattvag vs NotoddenBTTS No2.9
2023-04-16Arendal vs GrorudBTTS No2.51
2023-04-15Lyn vs KjelsasBTTS No2.63
2023-04-15Junkeren vs UllernBTTS No2.8
2023-04-11Strommen vs Brann 2Away5.0
2023-04-11Stromsgodset 2 vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No3.44
2023-04-11Valerenga 2 vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.64
2023-04-10Fram vs LynBTTS No2.64
2023-04-10Tromsdalen vs AltaBTTS No2.77
2023-04-10Kjelsas vs ArendalBTTS No2.75
2023-04-10Ullern vs HaldenBTTS No2.74
2023-04-10Stjordals Blink vs LevangerBTTS No2.89
2023-04-09SK Gjovik-Lyn vs JunkerenDraw4.1
2022-10-22Egersund vs FlekkeroyBTTS No3.03
2022-10-22Odd 2 vs ArendalBTTS No2.6
2022-10-22Asker vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.7
2022-10-22Hodd vs TromsdalenU 2.5 Goals3.1
2022-10-22Eidsvold TF vs KjelsasBTTS No2.88
2022-10-22Staal Jorpeland vs NotoddenBTTS No2.88
2022-10-22Frigg vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.9
2022-10-15Notodden vs HaldenBTTS No2.6
2022-10-15SK Gjovik-Lyn vs FriggBTTS No2.85
2022-10-15Brattvag vs HoddBTTS No2.45
2022-10-15Brattvag vs HoddHome5.0
2022-10-15Kjelsas vs AskerBTTS No2.7
2022-10-15Moss vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.6
2022-10-15Moss vs Vard HaugesundU 2.5 Goals3.0
2022-10-15Orn vs UllernBTTS No2.7
2022-10-15Strommen vs Odd 2BTTS No2.6
2022-10-15Tromsdalen vs AltaBTTS No2.45
2022-10-15Valerenga 2 vs LevangerBTTS No3.13
2022-10-12Odd 2 vs UllernBTTS No2.9
2022-10-12Odd 2 vs UllernU 2.5 Goals2.88
2022-10-10Alta vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.9
2022-10-09Levanger vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.69
2022-10-09Traeff vs KjelsasBTTS No2.85
2022-10-09Frigg vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.69
2022-10-08Ullern vs StrommenBTTS No2.51
2022-10-08Staal Jorpeland vs OrnBTTS No3.08
2022-10-08Hodd vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.32
2022-10-08Sotra vs NotoddenBTTS No2.66
2022-10-08Egersund vs MossBTTS No2.66
2022-10-08Halden vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.88
2022-10-06Valerenga 2 vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.77
2022-10-03Tromsdalen vs Valerenga 2BTTS No3.13
2022-10-03Flekkeroy vs Odd 2BTTS No2.63
2022-10-01Kjelsas vs LevangerBTTS No2.43
2022-10-01Ullern vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.63
2022-09-24Staal Jorpeland vs HaldenBTTS No2.85
2022-09-24Hodd vs KjelsasBTTS No2.7
2022-09-24Hodd vs KjelsasU 2.5 Goals3.18
2022-09-24Sotra vs ArendalBTTS No3.03
2022-09-24Tromsdalen vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No3.03
2022-09-24Levanger vs FriggBTTS Yes4.0
2022-09-24Strommen vs MossBTTS No2.7
2022-09-18Traeff vs AskerBTTS No2.8
2022-09-18Eidsvold TF vs HoddBTTS No3.0
2022-09-18Moss vs Odd 2BTTS No2.3
2022-09-18Kjelsas vs BrattvagBTTS No2.57
2022-09-18Notodden vs StrommenBTTS No2.7
2022-09-18Baerum Sportsklubb vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.63
2022-09-17Arendal vs FlekkeroyAway5.1
2022-09-11Odd 2 vs OrnBTTS No2.7
2022-09-11Frigg vs TraeffHome3.75
2022-09-10Vard Haugesund vs HaldenBTTS No2.55
2022-09-10Hodd vs AskerBTTS No2.45
2022-09-05SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Valerenga 2BTTS No3.3
2022-09-05Notodden vs Odd 2BTTS No2.89
2022-09-05Notodden vs Odd 2U 2.5 Goals2.88
2022-09-04Brattvag vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.46
2022-09-03Halden vs UllernBTTS No2.75
2022-09-03Halden vs UllernU 3.5 Goals1.87
2022-09-03Eidsvold TF vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.8
2022-09-03Kjelsas vs AltaBTTS No2.38
2022-09-03Traeff vs HoddBTTS No2.4
2022-08-29Valerenga 2 vs HoddU 2.5 Goals3.2
2022-08-28Tromsdalen vs TraeffAway3.65
2022-08-28Tromsdalen vs TraeffBTTS No3.0
2022-08-28Tromsdalen vs TraeffU 2.5 Goals2.88
2022-08-28Baerum Sportsklubb vs BrattvagBTTS No2.88
2022-08-28Baerum Sportsklubb vs BrattvagO 3.5 Goals2.38
2022-08-28Frigg vs AskerBTTS No2.75
2022-08-27Moss vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.5
2022-08-22Traeff vs Valerenga 2BTTS No3.3
2022-08-21Asker vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.5
2022-08-21Staal Jorpeland vs Odd 2BTTS No2.98
2022-08-20Brattvag vs AltaBTTS No2.85
2022-08-20Orn vs MossHome5.0
2022-08-20Flekkeroy vs StrommenBTTS No2.75
2022-08-20Kjelsas vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.5
2022-08-15Valerenga 2 vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No3.3
2022-08-14Frigg vs HoddU 2.5 Goals2.75
2022-08-14Strommen vs EgersundBTTS No2.85
2022-08-14Tromsdalen vs KjelsasBTTS No2.8
2022-08-13SK Gjovik-Lyn vs BrattvagBTTS No2.8
2022-08-13Alta vs AskerBTTS No2.75
2022-08-13Moss vs NotoddenU 2.5 Goals3.64
2022-08-08Asker vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.8
2022-08-07Eidsvold TF vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.74
2022-08-07Brattvag vs FriggBTTS No2.56
2022-08-06Hodd vs Baerum SportsklubbU 2.5 Goals3.3
2022-08-01Valerenga 2 vs BrattvagBTTS No3.52
2022-08-01Valerenga 2 vs BrattvagHome3.42
2022-07-31Baerum Sportsklubb vs AskerBTTS No2.7
2022-07-31Tromsdalen vs LevangerBTTS No2.8
2022-07-30Frigg vs KjelsasBTTS No2.6
2022-07-30SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.6
2022-07-25Kjelsas vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.6
2022-07-25Kjelsas vs Valerenga 2U 2.5 Goals3.5
2022-07-24Asker vs FriggBTTS No2.75
2022-07-24Traeff vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.9
2022-07-23Eidsvold TF vs AltaBTTS No2.6
2022-07-23Brattvag vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.6
2022-07-18Valerenga 2 vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No3.14
2022-07-18Sotra vs Odd 2BTTS No3.03
2022-07-16Notodden vs OrnBTTS No2.63
2022-07-16Halden vs MossBTTS No2.5
2022-07-10Moss vs SotraBTTS No2.38
2022-07-10Moss vs SotraHome1.5
2022-07-09Orn vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.66
2022-07-09Arendal vs NotoddenAway11.0
2022-07-09Strommen vs HaldenAway4.45
2022-07-09Strommen vs HaldenBTTS No2.6
2022-07-03Vard Haugesund vs UllernAway3.75
2022-07-03Sotra vs OrnBTTS No2.5
2022-07-03Halden vs Odd 2BTTS No2.5
2022-07-03Halden vs Odd 2U 2.5 Goals3.3
2022-07-02Flekkeroy vs ArendalHome2.99
2022-06-27Odd 2 vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.75
2022-06-26Asker vs HoddBTTS No2.5
2022-06-26Tromsdalen vs BrattvagBTTS No2.75
2022-06-25SK Gjovik-Lyn vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.6
2022-06-25Orn vs ArendalBTTS No2.63
2022-06-25Strommen vs Staal JorpelandBTTS No2.63
2022-06-25Frigg vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.63
2022-06-20Baerum Sportsklubb vs Valerenga 2BTTS No2.75
2022-06-19Sotra vs MossBTTS No2.6
2022-06-18Flekkeroy vs OrnBTTS No2.38
2022-06-18Brattvag vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No3.38
2022-06-18Halden vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.85
2022-06-18Notodden vs UllernBTTS No2.85
2022-06-18Hodd vs FriggU 2.5 Goals3.25
2022-06-12Kjelsas vs TraeffAway6.0
2022-06-12Notodden vs Staal JorpelandBTTS No2.75
2022-06-11Frigg vs LevangerBTTS No2.7
2022-06-11Strommen vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.25
2022-06-11Orn vs Odd 2BTTS No2.6
2022-06-11Hodd vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.3
2022-06-11Tromsdalen vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.5
2022-06-06Levanger vs HoddBTTS No2.48
2022-06-06Brattvag vs Valerenga 2BTTS No3.44
2022-06-06Eidsvold TF vs AskerBTTS No2.66
2022-06-06Egersund vs NotoddenBTTS Yes1.78
2022-06-06Egersund vs NotoddenHome1.44
2022-06-06Odd 2 vs MossBTTS No2.75
2022-06-04Staal Jorpeland vs UllernBTTS No2.85
2022-05-29Asker vs TraeffBTTS No2.38
2022-05-28Sotra vs EgersundHome3.13
2022-05-28Kjelsas vs SK Gjovik-LynBTTS No2.75
2022-05-28Oygarden vs OrnBTTS No2.22
2022-05-26Valerenga 2 vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.75
2022-05-26Valerenga 2 vs TromsdalenHome4.0
2022-05-23Odd 2 vs SotraBTTS No2.7
2022-05-22Alta vs LevangerDraw4.0
2022-05-21Tromsdalen vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.38
2022-05-21Orn vs HaldenBTTS No2.4
2022-05-14Oygarden vs Odd 2BTTS No2.4
2022-05-14Alta vs BrattvagBTTS No3.1
2022-05-11Baerum Sportsklubb vs LevangerO 3.5 Goals2.65
2022-05-09Valerenga 2 vs FriggBTTS No2.94
2022-05-08Odd 2 vs Staal JorpelandBTTS No2.63
2022-05-08Tromsdalen vs AskerBTTS No2.45
2022-05-07Brattvag vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No3.13
2022-05-01Eidsvold TF vs TraeffHome1.92
2022-05-01Halden vs ArendalBTTS No2.63
2022-05-01Halden vs ArendalHome3.3
2022-05-01Notodden vs MossAway2.88
2022-04-30Oygarden vs StrommenBTTS No2.38
2022-04-30Vard Haugesund vs OrnBTTS No2.5
2022-04-30Ullern vs Odd 2BTTS No2.63
2022-04-30Frigg vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.88
2022-04-24Moss vs UllernBTTS No2.4
2022-04-24Tromsdalen vs HoddBTTS No2.5
2022-04-23Kjelsas vs FriggAway4.75
2022-04-23Orn vs EgersundsHome4.5
2022-04-23Baerum Sportsklubb vs Eidsvold TFBTTS No2.88
2022-04-19Odd 2 vs StrommenHome3.2
2022-04-18Hodd vs BrattvagAway6.5
2022-04-18Egersunds vs ArendalBTTS No2.4
2022-04-11Valerenga 2 vs AskerBTTS No2.98
2022-04-10Moss vs HaldenO 3.5 Goals3.0
2022-04-09Oygarden vs UllernBTTS No2.34
2022-04-09Oygarden vs UllernDraw4.5
2022-04-09Notodden vs SotraBTTS No2.75
2022-04-09SK Gjovik-Lyn vs HoddHome5.75
2022-04-09SK Gjovik-Lyn vs HoddO 3.5 Goals2.6
2022-04-09Tromsdalen vs FriggAway4.76
2022-04-09Tromsdalen vs FriggBTTS No2.67
2021-11-14Senja vs AskerHome7.8
2021-11-14Halden vs BrattvagBTTS No3.3
2021-11-14Floro vs EidsvoldBTTS No2.9
2021-11-14Alta vs FloyaAway11.0
2021-11-14Fram vs SkeidBTTS No2.38
2021-11-14Hodd vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.38
2021-11-14Notodden vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.63
2021-11-14Kongsvinger vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.75
2021-11-14Nardo vs LevangerBTTS No2.7
2021-11-14Sotra vs Odd 2BTTS No2.6
2021-11-14Rosenborg 2 vs OygardenO 3.5 Goals2.2
2021-11-06Skeid vs Rosenborg 2Draw15.0
2021-11-06Eidsvold vs HaldenBTTS No2.8
2021-11-06Odd 2 vs ArendalBTTS No2.8
2021-11-06Oygarden vs FramBTTS No2.88
2021-11-06Vard Haugesund vs SotraBTTS No2.5
2021-11-06Moss vs HoddBTTS No2.7
2021-11-06Moss vs HoddHome4.33
2021-11-06Tromsdalen vs AltaBTTS No2.9
2021-11-06Asker vs KongsvingerBTTS No2.75
2021-11-01Nardo vs Odd 2BTTS No2.5
2021-11-01Valerenga 2 vs AltaBTTS No2.75
2021-11-01Valerenga 2 vs AltaHome5.0
2021-10-31Senja vs HoddU 2.5 Goals2.85
2021-10-31Asker vs BrattvagBTTS No3.2
2021-10-31Eidsvold vs FloyaBTTS No2.6
2021-10-31Rosenborg 2 vs EgersundsAway1.22
2021-10-30Arendal vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.6
2021-10-30Sotra vs OygardenBTTS No2.6
2021-10-30Kongsvinger vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.7
2021-10-30Fram vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.65
2021-10-25Odd 2 vs KjelsasBTTS No2.75
2021-10-25Flekkeroy vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.47
2021-10-25Hodd vs Valerenga 2U 2.5 Goals3.8
2021-10-24Brattvag vs EidsvoldBTTS No3.25
2021-10-24Skeid vs NotoddenBTTS No2.6
2021-10-24Vard Haugesund vs NardoAway4.9
2021-10-24Levanger vs SotraBTTS No2.75
2021-10-23Oygarden vs ArendalBTTS No2.63
2021-10-23Oygarden vs ArendalDraw4.0
2021-10-23Tromsdalen vs HaldenBTTS No2.42
2021-10-23Floya vs KongsvingerU 3.5 Goals2.5
2021-10-18Fram vs Odd 2BTTS No2.5
2021-10-16Kongsvinger vs HaldenBTTS No2.7
2021-10-16Kjelsas vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.5
2021-10-16Eidsvold vs TromsdalenBTTS No3.1
2021-10-16Sotra vs EgersundsBTTS No2.63
2021-10-10Odd 2 vs LevangerBTTS No2.55
2021-10-10Egersunds vs SkeidBTTS No2.63
2021-10-09Oygarden vs KjelsasBTTS No2.55
2021-10-09Vard Haugesund vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.5
2021-10-09Vard Haugesund vs FlekkeroyU 2.5 Goals2.81
2021-10-09Hodd vs EidsvoldBTTS No2.5
2021-10-09Sotra vs FramBTTS No2.55
2021-10-09Brattvag vs KongsvingerBTTS No2.77
2021-10-03Tromsdalen vs HoddBTTS No2.5
2021-10-03Levanger vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.5
2021-10-02Floro vs KongsvingerBTTS No2.54
2021-10-02Moss vs AltaBTTS No2.65
2021-09-29Notodden vs SkeidBTTS No2.4
2021-09-27Rosenborg 2 vs FramBTTS No2.6
2021-09-27Odd 2 vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.5
2021-09-27Valerenga 2 vs FloroBTTS No2.7
2021-09-26Oygarden vs LevangerBTTS No2.9
2021-09-26Oygarden vs LevangerU 2.5 Goals2.85
2021-09-26Egersunds vs KjelsasBTTS No2.5
2021-09-26Halden vs FloyaAway17.0
2021-09-26Brattvag vs TromsdalenBTTS No3.0
2021-09-25Arendal vs SkeidBTTS No2.63
2021-09-25Arendal vs SkeidU 1.5 Goals5.0
2021-09-20Halden vs Valerenga 2Away5.4
2021-09-19Tromsdalen vs AskerBTTS No3.0
2021-09-19Levanger vs EgersundsBTTS No3.1
2021-09-18Vard Haugesund vs OygardenBTTS No2.63
2021-09-18Floro vs AltaHome5.0
2021-09-15Flekkeroy vs KjelsasBTTS No2.63
2021-09-13Valerenga 2 vs BrattvagBTTS No3.2
2021-09-13Rosenborg 2 vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.38
2021-09-12Moss vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.75
2021-09-12Hodd vs KongsvingerBTTS No2.8
2021-09-12Hodd vs KongsvingerU 1.5 Goals5.6
2021-09-12Fram vs NardoBTTS No2.5
2021-09-12Asker vs HaldenBTTS No2.85
2021-09-11Skeid vs LevangerBTTS No2.5
2021-09-11Skeid vs LevangerU 1.5 Goals5.4
2021-09-11Baerum Sportsklubb vs FloroBTTS No2.5
2021-09-11Senja vs FloyaBTTS No2.8
2021-09-06Odd 2 vs EgersundsHome5.0
2021-09-05Eidsvold vs AskerBTTS No3.0
2021-09-05Levanger vs ArendalBTTS No3.0
2021-09-05Oygarden vs SkeidBTTS No2.5
2021-09-05Sotra vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.5
2021-09-04Vard Haugesund vs FramBTTS No2.6
2021-09-04Floro vs SenjaBTTS No2.75
2021-09-02Rosenborg 2 vs Odd 2BTTS No2.7
2021-09-02Rosenborg 2 vs Odd 2U 1.5 Goals5.0
2021-09-02Asker vs FloyaU 2.5 Goals4.05
2021-09-02Notodden vs KjelsasBTTS No2.7
2021-09-01Senja vs EidsvoldBTTS No2.65
2021-09-01Valerenga 2 vs TromsdalenBTTS No3.1
2021-09-01Fram vs LevangerBTTS No2.88
2021-08-30Odd 2 vs NotoddenBTTS No2.63
2021-08-30Floya vs Valerenga 2BTTS No3.4
2021-08-29Sotra vs NardoBTTS No2.5
2021-08-28Floro vs AskerHome5.5
2021-08-28Tromsdalen vs SenjaHome1.4
2021-08-28Vard Haugesund vs SkeidBTTS No2.6
2021-08-28Brattvag vs HoddBTTS No2.63
2021-08-28Oygarden vs EgersundsBTTS No2.88
2021-08-27Levanger vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.8
2021-08-23Valerenga 2 vs KongsvingerBTTS No2.75
2021-08-23Valerenga 2 vs KongsvingerHome6.55
2021-08-23Arendal vs Odd 2U 1.5 Goals7.0
2021-08-23Rosenborg 2 vs KjelsasHome7.25
2021-08-23Rosenborg 2 vs KjelsasU 1.5 Goals5.0
2021-08-22Egersunds vs LevangerAway4.0
2021-08-22Egersunds vs LevangerBTTS No2.75
2021-08-21Moss vs HaldenBTTS No2.88
2021-08-21Senja vs BrattvagBTTS No3.0
2021-08-21Senja vs BrattvagHome6.0
2021-08-19Vard Haugesund vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.2
2021-08-19Flekkeroy vs EgersundsBTTS No2.5
2021-08-19Flekkeroy vs EgersundsU 2.5 Goals2.9
2021-08-19Eidsvold vs HoddBTTS No2.75
2021-08-18Kjelsas vs ArendalBTTS No2.63
2021-08-18Halden vs SenjaAway11.35
2021-08-18Sotra vs NotoddenBTTS No2.7
2021-08-18Oygarden vs NardoAway6.3
2021-08-18Oygarden vs NardoBTTS No2.44
2021-08-18Brattvag vs MossAway7.4
2021-08-18Brattvag vs MossBTTS No2.75
2021-08-18Odd 2 vs SkeidHome9.75
2021-08-18Kongsvinger vs AskerBTTS No2.7
2021-08-16Rosenborg 2 vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.55
2021-08-16Rosenborg 2 vs FlekkeroyHome5.5
2021-08-15Senja vs FloroBTTS No2.65
2021-08-14Kjelsas vs OygardenBTTS No2.88
2021-08-14Moss vs KongsvingerHome5.0
2021-08-14Skeid vs EgersundsBTTS No2.75
2021-08-14Arendal vs LevangerAway3.6
2021-08-14Arendal vs LevangerBTTS No2.7
2021-08-14Fram vs SotraBTTS No2.65
2021-08-04Brattvag vs HaldenBTTS No2.9
2021-08-04Eidsvold vs AltaHome3.25
2021-08-04Oygarden vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.75
2021-08-04Sotra vs ArendalBTTS No2.62
2021-08-04Floya vs SenjaBTTS No3.2
2021-08-04Levanger vs Odd 2BTTS No2.8
2021-08-04Nardo vs FramBTTS No2.7
2021-07-29Odd 2 vs NardoBTTS No2.5
2021-07-28Senja vs KongsvingerHome6.7
2021-07-28Alta vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.81
2021-07-28Skeid vs OygardenBTTS No2.43
2021-07-28Valerenga 2 vs FloyaBTTS No2.8
2021-07-28Rosenborg 2 vs SotraBTTS No2.6
2021-07-28Kjelsas vs LevangerBTTS No3.19
2021-07-22Moss vs AskerBTTS No2.75
2021-07-22Nardo vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.51
2021-07-22Oygarden vs Odd 2BTTS No2.7
2021-07-21Floro vs HoddBTTS No2.63
2021-07-21Floro vs HoddHome7.2
2021-07-21Floro vs HoddU 2.5 Goals3.12
2021-07-21Sotra vs KjelsasBTTS No2.57
2021-07-21Baerum Sportsklubb vs TromsdalenBTTS No2.74
2021-07-21Flekkeroy vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.7
2021-07-21Flekkeroy vs Vard HaugesundU 1.5 Goals5.35
2021-07-19Rosenborg 2 vs NotoddenBTTS No2.75
2021-07-19Rosenborg 2 vs NotoddenHome3.1
2021-07-18Arendal vs NardoBTTS No2.25
2021-07-18Arendal vs NardoU 3.5 Goals2.06
2021-07-18Odd 2 vs SotraBTTS No2.6
2021-07-17Oygarden vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.5
2021-07-17Skeid vs FramBTTS No2.7
2021-07-17Skeid vs FramU 3.5 Goals2.03
2021-07-17Vard Haugesund vs LevangerBTTS No2.65
2021-07-17Floro vs FloyaAway6.5
2021-07-12Egersunds vs Odd 2U 2.5 Goals3.75
2021-07-11Notodden vs ArendalBTTS No2.6
2021-07-11Sotra vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.5
2021-07-11Fram vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.63
2021-07-11Levanger vs OygardenBTTS No2.9
2021-07-11Flekkeroy vs SkeidBTTS No2.55
2021-07-11Flekkeroy vs SkeidU 2.5 Goals2.75
2021-07-11Brattvag vs FloyaAway15.0
2021-07-08Rosenborg 2 vs LevangerBTTS No2.38
2021-07-08Odd 2 vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.63
2021-07-08Arendal vs FramBTTS No2.63
2021-07-07Oygarden vs SotraBTTS No2.36
2021-07-07Vard Haugesund vs EgersundsBTTS No2.6
2021-07-07Skeid vs NardoBTTS No2.18
2021-07-07Skeid vs NardoU 3.5 Goals2.03
2021-07-07Floya vs AskerU 2.5 Goals4.2
2021-07-07Baerum Sportsklubb vs HoddBTTS No2.8
2021-07-07Eidsvold vs BrattvagBTTS No2.75
2021-07-05Notodden vs Odd 2BTTS No2.6
2021-07-05Rosenborg 2 vs ArendalBTTS No2.15
2021-07-05Valerenga 2 vs HaldenBTTS No3.0
2021-07-04Flekkeroy vs LevangerBTTS No2.63
2021-07-04Sotra vs SkeidBTTS No2.63
2021-07-03Floya vs MossBTTS No2.75
2021-07-03Egersunds vs OygardenBTTS No2.98
2021-06-30Vard Haugesund vs ArendalBTTS No2.35
2021-06-30Oygarden vs NotoddenAway4.25
2021-06-30Levanger vs NardoBTTS No2.51
2021-06-30Floya vs TromsdalenU 2.5 Goals3.68
2021-06-30Flekkeroy vs FramBTTS No2.4
2021-06-30Eidsvold vs KongsvingerBTTS No2.4
2021-06-30Eidsvold vs KongsvingerHome3.9
2021-06-27Sotra vs LevangerBTTS No2.63
2021-06-26Notodden vs EgersundsBTTS No2.75
2021-06-26Nardo vs FlekkeroyBTTS No2.62
2021-06-26Floya vs EidsvoldHome4.95
2021-06-26Asker vs HoddBTTS No2.88
2021-06-26Floro vs HaldenBTTS No2.88
2021-06-26Fram vs Vard HaugesundBTTS No2.88
2021-06-26Rosenborg 2 vs SkeidHome9.8
2021-06-26Rosenborg 2 vs SkeidU 3.5 Goals1.99
2021-06-21Valerenga 2 vs Baerum SportsklubbBTTS No2.88
2021-06-21Odd 2 vs FramBTTS No3.1
2021-06-21Oygarden vs Rosenborg 2BTTS No2.88
2021-06-20Kongsvinger vs FloyaAway17.0
2021-06-20Brattvag vs AskerBTTS No2.75
2021-06-19Eidsvold vs FloroBTTS No2.85
2021-06-19Flekkeroy vs SotraBTTS No2.43
2021-06-19Skeid vs ArendalBTTS No2.88
2021-06-19Skeid vs ArendalU 3.5 Goals1.71

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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From the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, right down to the lowest non-league divisions, frog works around the clock 24/7/365 to provide sports fans with the latest and most comprehensive online sports betting companion.

Transparent and thorough performance analysis of every single pick made is an essential part of what we do. Historical results for countries, leagues, and against individual sportsbooks are shown throughout the FTG platform.

frog the gambler is the essential resource for value-conscious sports-bettors with an interest in optimising their betting performance and beating the sportsbooks.

It is free for everyone.

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