Sweden - Division 1 betting performance history

Performance is measured on odds available with advised bookmaker at time tip is first posted.

betting performance frog stakes for Sweden - Division 1

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all gold picks for Sweden - Division 1

Winning picks are highlighted in green.
Date Fixture Selection Odds
2022-11-09Osteraker IFK vs TabyHome3.2
2022-11-06Orebro Syrianska vs Umea FCBTTS No2.75
2022-11-06Sylvia vs SollentunaBTTS No2.75
2022-11-05GAIS vs IFK MalmoU 2.5 Goals4.0
2022-11-05Lindome vs TvaakerBTTS No2.6
2022-11-05Olympic vs QvidingBTTS No2.38
2022-11-05Atvidaberg vs TornBTTS No2.45
2022-10-30Stockholm Internazionale vs PiteaBTTS No3.0
2022-10-30Sollentuna vs SandvikenHome5.0
2022-10-30Umea FC vs KarlstadBTTS No2.75
2022-10-29Qviding vs LindomeBTTS No2.69
2022-10-29Vanersborgs IF vs OlympicBTTS No2.69
2022-10-29Torn vs FalkenbergBTTS No2.27
2022-10-29Haninge vs SylviaBTTS No2.6
2022-10-29Lunds vs GAISBTTS No2.33
2022-10-29IFK Malmo vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.55
2022-10-29Motala vs GefleBTTS No2.63
2022-10-29Tvaaker vs OddevoldBTTS No2.69
2022-10-29Tvaaker vs OddevoldU 1.5 Goals4.32
2022-10-29Ljungskile vs AtvidabergBTTS No2.51
2022-10-23Team TG FF vs HaningeHome7.5
2022-10-22Forward vs MotalaBTTS No2.7
2022-10-22Olympic vs LjungskileBTTS No2.55
2022-10-22Angelholm vs TvaakerBTTS No2.55
2022-10-22Lindome vs LundsBTTS No2.6
2022-10-22Torn vs OddevoldBTTS No2.3
2022-10-22Torn vs OddevoldU 1.5 Goals4.8
2022-10-22Sandviken vs Orebro SyrianskaBTTS Yes1.94
2022-10-22Atvidaberg vs GAISU 1.5 Goals4.8
2022-10-16Haninge vs PiteaBTTS No2.7
2022-10-15GAIS vs FalkenbergBTTS No2.2
2022-10-15Oddevold vs OlympicBTTS No2.2
2022-10-15Oddevold vs OlympicU 1.5 Goals4.1
2022-10-15Tvaaker vs AtvidabergAway4.8
2022-10-15Tvaaker vs AtvidabergBTTS No2.3
2022-10-15Orebro Syrianska vs SylviaBTTS No2.63
2022-10-15Hammarby TFF vs Team TG FFBTTS Yes3.24
2022-10-15Hammarby TFF vs Team TG FFU 3.5 Goals2.06
2022-10-15Vanersborgs IF vs QvidingBTTS No2.45
2022-10-15Ljungskile vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.45
2022-10-15Motala vs SandvikenHome4.9
2022-10-15Sollentuna vs GefleBTTS No2.63
2022-10-09Gefle vs Orebro SyrianskaAway7.5
2022-10-08Taby vs MotalaBTTS No2.8
2022-10-08Falkenberg vs LindomeBTTS No2.0
2022-10-08Falkenberg vs LindomeU 2.5 Goals2.88
2022-10-08Olympic vs LundsBTTS No2.55
2022-10-08Oskarshamn vs TvaakerAway2.8
2022-10-08Oskarshamn vs TvaakerBTTS No2.63
2022-10-08Qviding vs GAISHome7.5
2022-10-08Qviding vs GAISU 1.5 Goals5.25
2022-10-08Torn vs Vanersborgs IFBTTS No2.55
2022-10-02Karlstad vs Team TG FFAway21.0
2022-10-01Lunds vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.75
2022-10-01Lunds vs OskarshamnU 1.5 Goals5.25
2022-10-01Lindome vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.55
2022-10-01Angelholm vs AtvidabergBTTS No2.6
2022-10-01Tvaaker vs OlympicBTTS No2.38
2022-10-01Vanersborgs IF vs GAISHome6.5
2022-10-01Vanersborgs IF vs GAISU 2.5 Goals2.33
2022-09-25Ljungskile vs FalkenbergBTTS No2.45
2022-09-25Team TG FF vs MotalaU 1.5 Goals7.5
2022-09-24IFK Malmo vs Vanersborgs IFBTTS No2.5
2022-09-24Torn vs TvaakerBTTS No2.6
2022-09-24Oskarshamn vs AngelholmBTTS No2.45
2022-09-24Oddevold vs AtvidabergU 1.5 Goals4.8
2022-09-24Forward vs TabyBTTS No2.75
2022-09-24Sylvia vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.7
2022-09-24Olympic vs TrollhattanDraw3.5
2022-09-24Qviding vs LundsBTTS No2.55
2022-09-18Taby vs Team TG FFAway9.5
2022-09-18Taby vs Team TG FFBTTS No2.15
2022-09-17Atvidaberg vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.3
2022-09-17Lindome vs OlympicBTTS No2.65
2022-09-17Angelholm vs TornBTTS No2.38
2022-09-17Hammarby TFF vs SandvikenHome4.44
2022-09-17Lunds vs OddevoldBTTS No2.63
2022-09-17Oskarshamn vs QvidingBTTS No2.55
2022-09-17Orebro Syrianska vs SollentunaBTTS No3.03
2022-09-17Karlstad vs SylviaAway3.95
2022-09-17Karlstad vs SylviaBTTS No2.8
2022-09-11Team TG FF vs Orebro SyrianskaHome6.25
2022-09-10Olympic vs FalkenbergBTTS No2.3
2022-09-10Lindome vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.3
2022-09-09Torn vs LundsBTTS No2.63
2022-09-05Angelholm vs OlympicBTTS No2.55
2022-09-04Taby vs SandvikenBTTS No2.51
2022-09-03Lunds vs LjungskileBTTS No2.8
2022-09-03Oskarshamn vs GAISBTTS No2.4
2022-09-03Atvidaberg vs QvidingBTTS No2.5
2022-09-02Umea FC vs Team TG FFBTTS No2.27
2022-08-28Sylvia vs PiteaBTTS No2.63
2022-08-28Taby vs Umea FCHome3.4
2022-08-27Lunds vs Vanersborgs IFBTTS No2.63
2022-08-27Olympic vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.63
2022-08-27Qviding vs AngelholmBTTS No2.51
2022-08-27GAIS vs TrollhattanDraw4.5
2022-08-27Lindome vs TornBTTS No2.51
2022-08-20Torn vs GAISHome7.0
2022-08-20Gefle vs SandvikenBTTS No2.63
2022-08-20Oskarshamn vs FalkenbergHome3.79
2022-08-19Oddevold vs LindomeBTTS No2.2
2022-08-15Olympic vs IFK MalmoAway10.5
2022-08-14Sandviken vs KarlstadBTTS No2.5
2022-08-14Falkenberg vs OddevoldBTTS No2.3
2022-08-14Forward vs SylviaBTTS No2.33
2022-08-14Forward vs SylviaHome3.9
2022-08-14Taby vs PiteaAway2.5
2022-08-13Lunds vs TvaakerBTTS No2.7
2022-08-13Oskarshamn vs TornBTTS No2.35
2022-08-10Oddevold vs GAISBTTS No2.3
2022-08-10Oddevold vs GAISU 1.5 Goals4.0
2022-08-09Atvidaberg vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.51
2022-08-06Hammarby TFF vs VasalundBTTS No3.03
2022-08-06Oskarshamn vs OddevoldBTTS No2.25
2022-08-06Sandviken vs SylviaBTTS No2.38
2022-08-06Motala vs KarlstadBTTS No2.8
2022-08-06Lindome vs AngelholmBTTS No2.65
2022-08-05Vanersborgs IF vs LjungskileBTTS No2.38
2022-08-05Team TG FF vs PiteaHome4.75
2022-08-05Olympic vs GAISBTTS No2.25
2022-08-01Angelholm vs LundsAway5.0
2022-08-01Sollentuna vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.4
2022-07-30Falkenberg vs IFK MalmoBTTS Yes3.24
2022-07-30Gefle vs ForwardBTTS Yes2.76
2022-06-30Pitea vs Team TG FFAway10.0
2022-06-26Motala vs PiteaBTTS No2.81
2022-06-26Taby vs KarlstadBTTS No2.55
2022-06-26Team TG FF vs SollentunaHome7.2
2022-06-23Ljungskile vs GAISBTTS No2.3
2022-06-23Olympic vs OddevoldBTTS No2.4
2022-06-22Torn vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.7
2022-06-22Lunds vs QvidingBTTS No2.55
2022-06-18Atvidaberg vs LindomeBTTS No2.6
2022-06-18Stockholm Internazionale vs KarlstadBTTS No2.4
2022-06-18Angelholm vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.25
2022-06-18Lunds vs FalkenbergBTTS No2.38
2022-06-12Haninge vs Umea FCAway2.84
2022-06-12Pitea vs VasalundBTTS No2.5
2022-06-11Torn vs OskarshamnBTTS No2.5
2022-06-11Stockholm Internazionale vs MotalaBTTS No2.45
2022-06-11Vanersborgs IF vs LundsBTTS No2.75
2022-06-05Trollhattan vs IFK MalmoHome1.64
2022-06-05Angelholms vs OddevoldBTTS No2.38
2022-06-05Orebro Syrianska vs Team TG FFBTTS Yes2.1
2022-06-04Oskarshamns vs LjungskileBTTS No2.55
2022-06-04Motala vs TabyBTTS No2.85
2022-06-04Hammarby TFF vs KarlstadBTTS No2.6
2022-06-04Qviding vs Vanersborgs IFBTTS No2.6
2022-06-04Tvaakers vs TornsAway6.5
2022-05-29Stockholm Internazionale vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.35
2022-05-26Falkenbergs vs OlympicAway4.2
2022-05-26Vasalunds vs Team TG FFAway29.0
2022-05-25Sylvia vs SandvikensBTTS No2.45
2022-05-25Sollentuna vs Stockholm InternazionaleBTTS No2.4
2022-05-25IFK Malmo vs QvidingBTTS No2.38
2022-05-25Motala vs Orebro SyrianskaBTTS No2.88
2022-05-22Team TG FF vs ForwardBTTS No2.75
2022-05-21Motala vs Umea FCBTTS No2.63
2022-05-20Stockholm Internazionale vs GefleBTTS No2.43
2022-05-16Oddevold vs LjungskileBTTS No2.63
2022-05-15Haninge vs VasalundsBTTS No2.5
2022-05-15Sollentuna vs ForwardAway6.5
2022-05-15Pitea vs Stockholm InternazionaleBTTS No2.63
2022-05-14IFK Malmo vs LindomeBTTS No2.88
2022-05-14Falkenbergs vs OskarshamnsBTTS No2.3
2022-05-14Sylvia vs KarlstadBTTS No2.63
2022-05-14Hammarby TFF vs MotalaBTTS No2.5
2022-05-13Olympic vs TornsU 1.5 Goals6.0
2022-05-09Stockholm Internazionale vs HaningeBTTS No2.5
2022-05-08Orebro Syrianska vs PiteaO 3.5 Goals2.8
2022-05-08Forward vs Umea FCHome4.54
2022-05-07Motala vs Team TG FFBTTS No2.38
2022-05-07Motala vs Team TG FFHome1.4
2022-05-07Tvaakers vs OskarshamnsBTTS No2.38
2022-05-07Lindome vs FalkenbergsBTTS No2.56
2022-05-06Vanersborgs IF vs OddevoldBTTS No2.4
2022-05-06IFK Malmo vs AngelholmsBTTS No2.52
2022-04-30Sollentuna vs SylviaBTTS No2.45
2022-04-30Haninge vs SandvikensBTTS No2.5
2022-04-30Team TG FF vs KarlstadHome11.5
2022-04-29Oddevold vs QvidingBTTS No2.29
2022-04-24Sylvia vs HaningeBTTS No2.55
2022-04-24Stockholm Internazionale vs Team TG FFBTTS Yes2.26
2022-04-24Motala vs SollentunaBTTS No2.8
2022-04-23Lindome vs OddevoldBTTS No3.0
2022-04-23Taby vs ForwardO 3.5 Goals2.4
2022-04-23Orebro Syrianska vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.75
2022-04-18Orebro Syrianska vs KarlstadBTTS No2.75
2022-04-18Hammarby TFF vs PiteaBTTS No2.55
2022-04-18Forward vs Stockholm InternazionaleBTTS No2.88
2022-04-18Forward vs Stockholm InternazionaleHome4.2
2022-04-18Forward vs Stockholm InternazionaleO 3.5 Goals2.25
2022-04-16Vasalunds vs SylviaBTTS No2.7
2022-04-16GAIS vs TvaakersAway4.4
2022-04-15Team TG FF vs SandvikensAway20.0
2022-04-10Oddevold vs FalkenbergsBTTS No2.38
2022-04-10Pitea vs HaningeBTTS No2.55
2022-04-09Sandvikens vs MotalaAway7.0
2022-04-09Olympic vs TvaakersBTTS No2.38
2022-04-09Atvidabergs vs AngelholmsO 3.5 Goals3.05
2022-04-09Sylvia vs Team TG FFAway8.0
2022-04-09Forward vs Orebro SyrianskaHome2.75
2022-04-09Forward vs Orebro SyrianskaO 3.5 Goals2.38
2022-04-04GAIS vs OddevoldBTTS No2.3
2022-04-04GAIS vs OddevoldDraw4.5
2022-04-03Sollentuna vs PiteaAway4.6
2022-04-03Stockholm Internazionale vs SylviaBTTS No2.7
2022-04-02Motala vs ForwardAway3.25
2022-04-02Motala vs ForwardBTTS No2.6
2022-04-02Falkenbergs vs TornsAway12.0
2022-04-02Qviding vs OlympicBTTS No2.4
2021-11-21Hudiksvalls vs Assyriska FFAway2.83
2021-11-21Hudiksvalls vs Assyriska FFBTTS No2.88
2021-11-21Hammarby TFF vs SylviaBTTS No3.0
2021-11-20Lunds vs Assyriska IKAway4.5
2021-11-20Linkoping City vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.45
2021-11-20Osterlen FF vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.55
2021-11-14Dalkurd vs HudiksvallsHome1.29
2021-11-14IFK Malmo vs Linkoping CityBTTS No2.25
2021-11-14IFK Malmo vs Linkoping CityU 2.5 Goals3.16
2021-11-14Sylvia vs PiteaBTTS No2.38
2021-11-14IFK Lulea vs HaningeBTTS No2.63
2021-11-13Sandvikens vs KarlstadBTTS No2.63
2021-11-13Torns vs UtsiktensHome5.0
2021-11-13Skovde AIK vs AtvidabergsBTTS No2.3
2021-11-13Assyriska IK vs OskarshamnsBTTS No2.75
2021-11-13Assyriska IK vs OskarshamnsHome4.7
2021-11-07Linkoping City vs TornsBTTS No2.7
2021-11-07Linkoping City vs TornsHome4.4
2021-11-07Umea FC vs SollentunaAway4.6
2021-11-07Dalkurd vs Hammarby TFFHome1.52
2021-11-06IFK Lulea vs HudiksvallsBTTS No2.63
2021-11-06Brommapojkarna vs SandvikensBTTS No2.5
2021-11-06Osterlen FF vs LindomeBTTS No2.88
2021-11-06Sylvia vs TabyBTTS No3.0
2021-11-05Lunds vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.5
2021-10-31Assyriska FF vs SylviaBTTS No3.3
2021-10-31Pitea vs DalkurdBTTS No2.5
2021-10-30Qviding vs LundsBTTS No2.63
2021-10-30Sollentuna vs HaningeBTTS No2.75
2021-10-30Torns vs OskarshamnsBTTS No2.55
2021-10-30IFK Malmo vs Vanersborgs IFBTTS No2.27
2021-10-29Taby vs BrommapojkarnaBTTS No2.3
2021-10-24Linkoping City vs TrollhattanHome11.0
2021-10-24Pitea vs KarlstadBTTS No2.4
2021-10-23Orebro Syrianska vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.5
2021-10-23Tvaakers vs LundsBTTS No2.4
2021-10-17IFK Lulea vs BrommapojkarnaBTTS Yes2.4
2021-10-17Karlstad vs DalkurdBTTS No2.75
2021-10-17Assyriska FF vs Orebro SyrianskaBTTS No2.9
2021-10-17Hammarby TFF vs PiteaBTTS No2.7
2021-10-16IFK Malmo vs Assyriska IKAway3.9
2021-10-16IFK Malmo vs Assyriska IKBTTS No2.6
2021-10-10Assyriska IK vs TrollhattanHome4.5
2021-10-09Linkoping City vs OskarshamnsBTTS No2.63
2021-10-09Linkoping City vs OskarshamnsU 2.5 Goals3.0
2021-10-09IFK Malmo vs QvidingBTTS No2.63
2021-10-09Taby vs DalkurdHome5.5
2021-10-09Sylvia vs KarlstadBTTS No2.75
2021-10-03Trollhattan vs TornsAway11.0
2021-10-03Assyriska FF vs PiteaBTTS No2.75
2021-10-03Assyriska FF vs PiteaU 1.5 Goals5.0
2021-10-02Vanersborgs IF vs Assyriska IKBTTS No2.8
2021-10-02Lindome vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.35
2021-10-02Haninge vs GefleBTTS No2.83
2021-09-26Taby vs HaningeBTTS No2.95
2021-09-26Assyriska FF vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No3.9
2021-09-19Hammarby TFF vs HudiksvallsAway4.6
2021-09-19Hammarby TFF vs HudiksvallsBTTS No2.88
2021-09-19IFK Lulea vs Umea FCHome5.0
2021-09-18Assyriska IK vs TornsBTTS No2.75
2021-09-18Lindome vs TvaakersBTTS No2.5
2021-09-18Haninge vs SylviaBTTS No2.75
2021-09-18Karlstad vs TabyBTTS No2.8
2021-09-12Umea FC vs Orebro SyrianskaHome1.47
2021-09-11Sandvikens vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.5
2021-09-11Haninge vs KarlstadBTTS No2.6
2021-09-11Linkoping City vs Assyriska IKBTTS No2.88
2021-09-05Pitea vs HaningeBTTS No2.63
2021-09-05Assyriska FF vs GefleBTTS No2.88
2021-09-05Assyriska FF vs GefleHome4.3
2021-09-05Hammarby TFF vs IFK LuleaBTTS No2.75
2021-09-04Sollentuna vs TabyBTTS No2.9
2021-09-04Atvidabergs vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.45
2021-08-29Umea FC vs SylviaAway4.31
2021-08-29Taby vs Orebro SyrianskaBTTS No3.1
2021-08-28Assyriska IK vs TvaakersBTTS No2.63
2021-08-28Haninge vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No3.0
2021-08-28Gefle vs SandvikensBTTS No2.63
2021-08-23Hammarby TFF vs TabyBTTS No3.0
2021-08-22Assyriska FF vs IFK LuleaBTTS No3.0
2021-08-22Atvidabergs vs Assyriska IKBTTS No2.75
2021-08-21Orebro Syrianska vs HaningeBTTS No2.88
2021-08-21Tvaakers vs Linkoping CityU 2.5 Goals3.0
2021-08-21Pitea vs HudiksvallsBTTS No2.5
2021-08-15Umea FC vs DalkurdBTTS No2.45
2021-08-15Taby vs PiteaAway3.04
2021-08-15Taby vs PiteaBTTS No2.9
2021-08-14Karlstad vs Hammarby TFFHome1.45
2021-08-14Haninge vs BrommapojkarnaU 1.5 Goals5.5
2021-08-14Assyriska IK vs Osterlen FFBTTS No3.5
2021-07-11Brommapojkarna vs IFK LuleaU 3.5 Goals2.4
2021-07-11Pitea vs SylviaBTTS No2.88
2021-07-10Hammarby TFF vs HaningeBTTS No2.2
2021-07-10Orebro Syrianska vs Assyriska FFBTTS No2.38
2021-07-04Umea FC vs PiteaAway6.75
2021-07-04Haninge vs SandvikensBTTS No2.5
2021-07-04Sylvia vs Assyriska FFBTTS No2.7
2021-07-03Gefle vs BrommapojkarnaBTTS No2.38
2021-07-03Torns vs LindomeBTTS No2.85
2021-07-03Taby vs HudiksvallsAway3.25
2021-07-03Qviding vs LjungskileBTTS No2.5
2021-07-03Qviding vs LjungskileU 1.5 Goals4.5
2021-06-27Karlstad vs SylviaBTTS No3.1
2021-06-27Hudiksvalls vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.41
2021-06-27Linkoping City vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.63
2021-06-27Assyriska FF vs BrommapojkarnaHome10.0
2021-06-24Skovde AIK vs LundsBTTS No2.5
2021-06-23Torns vs Assyriska IKBTTS No2.63
2021-06-21Taby vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.98
2021-06-19Pitea vs Assyriska FFBTTS No2.8
2021-06-19Lindome vs LjungskileBTTS No2.4
2021-06-19Dalkurd vs KarlstadAway4.0
2021-06-19Dalkurd vs KarlstadBTTS No2.6
2021-06-18Lunds vs TornsBTTS No2.88
2021-06-13Hammarby TFF vs SandvikensBTTS No2.55
2021-06-12Assyriska FF vs HaningeO 3.5 Goals2.89
2021-06-12Karlstad vs SollentunaAway4.5
2021-06-12Hudiksvalls vs DalkurdHome4.9
2021-06-11Ljungskile vs UtsiktensBTTS No2.3
2021-06-06Taby vs SollentunaBTTS No3.1
2021-06-06Karlstad vs PiteaAway3.7
2021-06-06Karlstad vs PiteaBTTS No3.18
2021-06-05Hudiksvalls vs Umea FCBTTS No2.69
2021-06-05Hudiksvalls vs Umea FCHome3.85
2021-06-05Hammarby TFF vs Orebro SyrianskaBTTS No2.75
2021-06-05Osterlen FF vs LjungskileBTTS No2.25
2021-06-03Sylvia vs BrommapojkarnaBTTS No2.63
2021-06-03Sylvia vs BrommapojkarnaDraw4.5
2021-06-02Linkoping City vs AtvidabergsBTTS No2.51
2021-05-30Ljungskile vs Vanersborgs IFBTTS No2.38
2021-05-29Assyriska FF vs HudiksvallsO 3.5 Goals2.75
2021-05-29Assyriska IK vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.38
2021-05-29Umea FC vs SandvikensBTTS No2.5
2021-05-23Hudiksvalls vs PiteaHome2.36
2021-05-23Umea FC vs Assyriska FFBTTS No2.5
2021-05-23Umea FC vs Assyriska FFU 1.5 Goals6.0
2021-05-22Ljungskile vs TornsBTTS No2.38
2021-05-22Osterlen FF vs QvidingBTTS No2.63
2021-05-21IFK Malmo vs LundsBTTS No2.12
2021-05-16Karlstad vs SandvikensAway2.69
2021-05-16Assyriska FF vs DalkurdHome5.5
2021-05-16Assyriska FF vs DalkurdO 3.5 Goals2.51
2021-05-16IFK Lulea vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.5
2021-05-15Linkoping City vs LjungskileBTTS No2.25
2021-05-15Linkoping City vs LjungskileHome6.5
2021-05-15Orebro Syrianska vs TabyBTTS No2.4
2021-05-09Umea FC vs KarlstadBTTS No2.5
2021-05-09Umea FC vs KarlstadU 1.5 Goals4.6
2021-05-08Vanersborgs IF vs IFK MalmoBTTS No2.25
2021-05-03Sylvia vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.65
2021-05-02Assyriska FF vs SandvikensHome6.2
2021-05-02Pitea vs TabyBTTS No2.63
2021-05-01Oskarshamns vs LjungskileBTTS No2.2
2021-05-01Orebro Syrianska vs DalkurdBTTS No2.3
2021-04-25Umea FC vs HaningeBTTS No2.63
2021-04-24Ljungskile vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.6
2021-04-19Haninge vs TabyBTTS No3.2
2021-04-18Assyriska FF vs KarlstadHome4.66
2021-04-18Pitea vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.81
2021-04-18Pitea vs Hammarby TFFHome2.91
2021-04-17Assyriska IK vs Vanersborgs IFU 2.5 Goals2.5
2021-04-17Orebro Syrianska vs HudiksvallsBTTS No2.63
2021-04-17Linkoping City vs UtsiktensHome5.75
2021-04-16Trollhattan vs LjungskileBTTS No2.25
2021-04-12Hammarby TFF vs DalkurdBTTS No2.75
2021-04-11Pitea vs Orebro SyrianskaBTTS No2.66
2021-04-11Taby vs Umea FCBTTS No2.77
2021-04-10Ljungskile vs IFK MalmoAway4.6
2021-04-10Ljungskile vs IFK MalmoBTTS No1.95
2021-04-10Karlstad vs HaningeBTTS No2.75
2021-04-05Assyriska FF vs TabyBTTS No2.9
2021-04-05Assyriska FF vs TabyHome2.4
2021-04-05Umea FC vs Hammarby TFFBTTS No2.75
2021-04-05IFK Malmo vs AtvidabergsBTTS No2.38
2021-04-03Assyriska IK vs LjungskileBTTS No2.2
2021-04-03Orebro Syrianska vs SollentunaBTTS No2.45
2021-04-02Lunds vs Osterlen FFBTTS No2.5

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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From the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, right down to the lowest non-league divisions, frog works around the clock 24/7/365 to provide sports fans with the latest and most comprehensive online sports betting companion.

Transparent and thorough performance analysis of every single pick made is an essential part of what we do. Historical results for countries, leagues, and against individual sportsbooks are shown throughout the FTG platform.

frog the gambler is the essential resource for value-conscious sports-bettors with an interest in optimising their betting performance and beating the sportsbooks.

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