Frog's Gold Bet Betting History

Chris Fawcett
Chris Fawcett
Updated 1st June 2020

Our track record since we launched the new Gold Bets algorithm on 21st September 2019 is as follows:

FTG gold bet history

Frog's Gold Bets Results Using Frog Stakes and Flat Stakes

Staking Method Return on Stakes (%) Profit Total Staked No. Bets
Flat Stakes +7.4% +101.9 Units 1379.0 Units 1379
Frog Stakes +6.7% +70.4 Units 1049.0 Units 1379

For more information on the Frog staking method read how we make our selections using neural networks.

Remember that regardless how well Frog's bets have performed historically, there is no guarantee that they will continue to perform in the same way in the future. Always bet responsibly.

Frog's Upcoming Gold Bets