Free Football Betting Tips and Predictions FAQs

What types of football tips and predictions do you offer?

We offer football tips on the match outcome (1X2 market), total match goals (over/under 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals) and both teams to score.

These tips are offered on every market we can source sportsbook odds for. We use a 1-4 star system. The four star gold predictions are our best picks.

What time do you post your football tips?

We post all of our football tips from 48 hours before match kickoff time. By posting the tips early we can pick off value prices before the odds shorten.

Additional matches are added as the odds become available.

Our latest 100 tips posted are available on our latest tips page. Check this page hourly to ensure you get the best prices before the crowd.

How do you choose your tips and make your predictions?

At frog the gambler we use the latest machine learning techniques to extract value from the football betting markets. We have developed a database of millions of historical football results and betting odds which we have used to build our prediction algorithms.

The use of big data combined with our winning algorithms allows us to predict thousands of matches each week. If we can get the data we can predict the result.

We have decades of experience in the betting and computer modelling industries. Our results speak for themselves.

How to bet on football tips and predictions?

Betting on our football tips can be done through any sportsbook or betting exchange that is legal in your country.

We recommend shopping around for the biggest price you can find on your selection. We always advise our tips at the best price we can find at the time they are posted. Over many bets this can make a significant difference to your profit and loss. Both oddschecker and oddsportal are recommended for odds comparison.

At frog the gambler we are committed to responsible betting. Please know your limits and gamble responsibly. If you are looking for help, advice or support about your gambling, please go to

Which are your best-performing football tips?

At frog the gambler we believe in full transparency of our betting performance. We post all our results for every sportsbook, country and competition in our results section.

At the time of writing we are performing best for English matches where we have recorded a 17% return on investment after 700 gold selections.

Looking at our results against individual sportsbooks, we have positive returns for every one of them we have had over 200 gold picks with. You can read our results by sportsbook here.

What Saturday football tips and predictions do you offer?

Saturday is the prime day for matches across the major leagues. 3pm UK-time on a Saturday afternoon is our busiest time with tips for all the English leagues.

The tips for Saturday will generally be posted on the Thursday before the game. Be sure to check on Thursday afternoon on our latest tips page to get the early prices.

What weekend football betting tips do you provide?

Over the full weekend we offer around 1,000 tips and predictions during the busy season.

We offer tips on all the major competitions like the English Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A and MLS. On top of this we cover competitions right down the lowest level we can get data and odds for across the globe throughout the weekend.

Are you really the world’s leading free football tipster?

Our results speak for themselves. Our algorithms have consistently made profits over thousands of bets.

Most free tipsters do not publish their results for everyone to see. Some just publish their winning picks but ignore the selections that lose.

We have reached out to dozens of other free tipsters online. Many did not reply. We are confident from comparing our performance against the other sites that we are the leading performer. If you disagree please contact us.

frog the gambler uses the latest technologies to identify, extract, and share value from betting markets on football matches across the globe.

From the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, right down to the lowest non-league divisions, frog works around the clock 24/7/365 to provide sports fans with the latest and most comprehensive online sports betting companion.

Transparent and thorough performance analysis of every single pick made is an essential part of what we do. Historical results for countries, leagues, and against individual sportsbooks are shown throughout the FTG platform.

frog the gambler is the essential resource for value-conscious sports-bettors with an interest in optimising their betting performance and beating the sportsbooks.

It is free for everyone.

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Please know your limits and gamble responsibly

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