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Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers
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Coventry City vs Blackburn Rovers Match Preview

David Hipkin
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On Saturday afternoon (UK time), Blackburn Rovers go to St. Andrew's Stadium to play Coventry City at 3:00pm in a Championship game.

This fixture will not be broadcast live in the UK. Frog The Gambler will be providing live scores.

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Head To Head

To get things started in this preview, we look at the most recent result. Coventry City played Blackburn Rovers in 2017 in a Carabao Cup match. The winners after 90 minutes were Blackburn Rovers with a final score of 1-3.

Note that this is also the only match between these sides over the last decade.

Coventry City

Coventry City have 4 points in the Championship and they are currently in 19th place.

There has been 39 matches played by them over the recent 12 months. They have 20 wins; 13 draws; and 6 losses. To summarise, Coventry City have a Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 51%-33%-15%, in recent form.

In these matches, they have averaged 1.44 goals for, and 0.95 goals against.

Let's look at their record at home over the same time-frame. They have a win rate of 60% (9 wins) from the latest 15 home fixtures. 33% (5) of these home games have been a draw, with the remaining 6% (1) resulting in a loss for the home side.

On average they have scored 1.47 times when at home in this same period; they have conceded 0.87.

As far as their recent activity goes, both home and away, they have a total of 12 goals in their last ten matches. In this time they have a win rate of 40%. The frequency of matches in which both Coventry City and their opposition have scored is 6 out of the ten. The total number of matches with over 2.5 goals scored is 5 from their last ten.

Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers have 7 points in the Championship and they are currently in 7th position.

There have been 36 matches played by the away team over the course of the last year. They have 15 wins; 11 draws; and 10 losses. These recent results put Blackburn Rovers on a Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 41%-30%-27%.

Over this 12-month period, they average 1.72 goals per match. They have conceded an average of 1.14.

Specifically on their recent away record, they have a win rate of 35% (7 wins) from the latest 20 away fixtures. 20% (4) of these away games have been a draw, with the remaining 45% (9) being a loss when they are the away team.

Away from home over the year, their average number of goals scored is 1.8. They have conceded 1.4 on average.

Their recent performance, both home and away, shows that they have scored a total of 22 goals in their last ten matches and this has led to their current win rate of 50%. The total number of times both Blackburn Rovers and the opposition have scored is 5 out of the ten; the total number of matches with over 2.5 goals scored is 7 in the last ten.

They are on a run of 3 clean sheets in a row.