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Granada v Omonia Nicosia
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Granada vs Omonia Nicosia Match Preview

David Hipkin
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Coming up this Thursday evening (UK time), Omonia Nicosia head to Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes to challenge Granada at 8:00pm in a Europa League match.

BT Sport Digital Exclusive will broadcast this one in the UK.

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Head To Head

To kick this preview off, Frog draws attention to their recent match. Granada played Omonia Nicosia earlier this month in a Europa League match. The winners were Granada - with a final score of 0-2.

This was the first time these sides have met, in ten years of data.


Granada have played 35 matches in the last year. They have 17 wins; 10 draws; and 8 losses. This gives them a recent Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 48%-28%-22%.

In this period, they have an average of 1.31 goals for, and 1.0 goals against.

At home over this time, they have a win rate of 66% (10 wins) in their 15 home fixtures. 26% (4) of these matches have been a draw, with the remaining 6% (1) being a loss for the home team.

On average they have scored 1.47 times when at home in this same period while they have conceded 0.6.

Their recent performance, across all formats, shows that they have a total of 12 goals in their last ten matches and this has led to their current win rate of 50%. The total number of times that Granada and whoever they've played have also scored is 5 matches in those ten and the total number of matches with over 2.5 goals scored is 3 games over this same period.

Omonia Nicosia

Looking at results for the last year, Omonia Nicosia have played 39 matches. They have 19 wins; 13 draws; and 7 losses. This form gives them a recent Win-Draw-Loss rate of: 48%-33%-17%.

In this time, they have scored 1.62 goals on average per match; while conceding 0.67 goals on average.

On the road in the last 12 months, they have a win rate of 47% (9 wins) from the most recent 19 away fixtures. 36% (7) of these games away from home have been a draw, with the remaining 15% (3) resulting in a loss as the away side.

When the visiting side in this time, their average number of goals scored is 1.53. They have conceded 0.63 on average.

They are averaging 0.7 goals per game in their most recent ten matches and 2 of these matches have been victories. The total number of times both Omonia Nicosia and the other team have scored in these games is 3 out of the ten. The frequency of matches with three match goals or more is 3 games in their last ten outings.

But they have gone their last 3 matches without scoring.