Algeria - Ligue 2 betting performance history

Performance is measured on odds available with advised bookmaker at time tip is first posted.

betting performance frog stakes for Algeria - Ligue 2

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all gold picks for Algeria - Ligue 2

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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-02-16Mostaganem vs Oued SlyU 1.5 Goals4.33
2024-02-16JSM Tiaret vs Guir AbadlaU 1.5 Goals3.0
2024-02-16Arba vs ASM OranO 3.5 Goals5.0
2024-02-16Hussein Dey vs TemouchentU 2.5 Goals1.85
2024-01-28El Khemis vs SC MecheriaHome1.7
2024-01-28El Khemis vs SC MecheriaO 2.5 Goals2.2
2024-01-24ASM Oran vs MostaganemBTTS Yes2.1
2024-01-24ASM Oran vs MostaganemO 2.5 Goals2.45
2024-01-24Bordj Menail vs MlilaBTTS Yes2.34
2024-01-24Bordj Menail vs MlilaHome1.9
2024-01-20Telaghema vs CA BatnaBTTS Yes2.25
2024-01-20Telaghema vs CA BatnaO 2.5 Goals3.1
2024-01-20Temouchent vs RC KoubaBTTS Yes2.0
2024-01-20Temouchent vs RC KoubaU 3.5 Goals1.55
2024-01-20Khroub vs ChelghoumBTTS Yes2.1
2024-01-20Khroub vs ChelghoumO 2.5 Goals2.3
2024-01-20Khemis El Khechna vs AnnabaBTTS Yes2.88
2024-01-20Khemis El Khechna vs AnnabaHome1.87
2024-01-20Hussein Dey vs Oued SlyBTTS Yes2.05
2024-01-20Hussein Dey vs Oued SlyO 2.5 Goals2.31
2024-01-20MSP Batna vs MO ConstantineBTTS Yes2.2
2024-01-20MSP Batna vs MO ConstantineO 2.5 Goals2.55
2024-01-20Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs SC MecheriaU 1.5 Goals3.2
2024-01-16SC Mecheria vs MostaganemBTTS Yes3.1
2024-01-16MO Constantine vs OuarglaBTTS Yes2.8
2024-01-16Oued Sly vs KoleaBTTS Yes2.15
2024-01-16Oued Sly vs KoleaO 2.5 Goals2.6
2024-01-16CA Batna vs Khemis El KhechnaBTTS Yes2.38
2024-01-16CA Batna vs Khemis El KhechnaO 2.5 Goals2.62
2024-01-16RC Kouba vs El KhemisBTTS Yes2.8
2024-01-16RC Kouba vs El KhemisO 2.5 Goals2.45
2024-01-16GC Mascara vs Hussein DeyO 2.5 Goals2.38
2024-01-12Khemis El Khechna vs Bordj MenailO 2.5 Goals2.25
2024-01-12Harrach vs GhozlaneU 3.5 Goals1.85
2024-01-12Eulma vs MO ConstantineBTTS No2.6
2024-01-12Eulma vs MO ConstantineU 2.5 Goals3.4
2023-12-29Ouargla vs KhroubU 1.5 Goals2.45
2023-12-01JSM Tiaret vs MostaganemU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-11-25Arba vs MedeaO 3.5 Goals5.0
2023-11-11El Khemis vs KoleaBTTS No2.88
2023-11-11El Khemis vs KoleaU 2.5 Goals2.75
2023-10-06Mostaganem vs Guir AbadlaHome1.33
2023-06-03Skikda vs GhozlaneBTTS No1.66
2023-05-27Ghozlane vs US ChaouiaHome3.4
2023-05-26Saida vs RelizaneHome1.06
2023-05-26JSM Tiaret vs GC MascaraHome4.58
2023-05-20Oued Sly vs MostaganemBTTS Yes2.65
2023-05-20Oued Sly vs MostaganemHome21.0
2023-05-20Temouchent vs MedeaHome2.33
2023-05-20GC Mascara vs ASM OranBTTS Yes2.9
2023-05-20Ben Aknoun vs SC MecheriaBTTS Yes2.8
2023-05-20Ben Aknoun vs SC MecheriaDraw8.75
2023-05-16Harrach vs MO ConstantineBTTS Yes2.75
2023-05-16Harrach vs MO ConstantineHome1.57
2023-05-06Khemis El Khechna vs KhroubDraw2.75
2023-04-15Khroub vs SkikdaAway31.0
2023-04-15Khroub vs SkikdaBTTS Yes3.55
2023-04-15US Souf vs AnnabaBTTS Yes2.9
2023-04-15Bordj Menail vs MO ConstantineU 1.5 Goals2.63
2023-04-08Telaghema vs Hamra AnnabaBTTS Yes2.88
2023-04-08Ouargla vs KhroubDraw2.7
2023-04-01Khroub vs EulmaBTTS Yes2.64
2023-04-01US Chaouia vs SkikdaBTTS Yes3.2
2023-04-01US Souf vs TelaghemaDraw2.84
2023-03-31JSM Tiaret vs SC MecheriaDraw3.14
2023-03-18CA Batna vs KhroubDraw2.75
2023-03-18CA Batna vs KhroubU 1.5 Goals2.05
2023-03-04Harrach vs KhroubDraw2.86
2023-03-03Ben Aknoun vs RelizaneBTTS Yes5.7
2023-02-25Relizane vs TlemcenBTTS No1.81
2023-02-25Relizane vs TlemcenU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-02-18MO Constantine vs KhroubDraw2.8
2023-02-17SC Mecheria vs RelizaneBTTS No1.36
2023-02-17SC Mecheria vs RelizaneU 1.5 Goals4.5
2023-02-03Mostaganem vs RC KoubaBTTS Yes2.6
2023-01-11Bordj Menail vs OuarglaU 1.5 Goals2.55
2023-01-11Hussein Dey vs El KhemisAway7.5
2023-01-11Hussein Dey vs El KhemisO 2.5 Goals2.3
2023-01-11Saida vs MedeaBTTS Yes2.3
2023-01-11ASM Oran vs RelizaneBTTS Yes3.0
2023-01-07Khroub vs Hamra AnnabaBTTS Yes3.6
2023-01-06Ben Aknoun vs TlemcenHome1.35
2022-12-31ASM Oran vs GC MascaraU 1.5 Goals2.6
2022-12-31Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs RelizaneU 1.5 Goals3.75
2022-12-24Annaba vs CA BatnaBTTS Yes2.6
2022-12-24Skikda vs Hamra AnnabaBTTS No1.5
2022-12-23Tlemcen vs SC MecheriaBTTS No1.7
2022-12-23Tlemcen vs SC MecheriaO 1.5 Goals1.44
2022-12-17Medea vs Ben AknounO 2.5 Goals2.5
2022-12-17Relizane vs RC KoubaO 3.5 Goals4.0
2022-12-09Skikda vs KhroubBTTS Yes2.33
2022-12-09MO Constantine vs Bordj MenailBTTS Yes2.25
2022-12-09Ouargla vs GhozlaneDraw2.97
2022-12-09Harrach vs MlilaBTTS Yes2.8
2022-12-02Mostaganem vs SC MecheriaBTTS No1.57
2022-12-02Mostaganem vs SC MecheriaDraw3.15
2022-12-02Saida vs TlemcenO 2.5 Goals3.25
2022-11-19Temouchent vs Widad Adabi de BoufarikU 1.5 Goals2.63
2022-11-17Mlila vs Bordj MenailO 2.5 Goals2.88
2022-11-15JSM Tiaret vs Hussein DeyBTTS Yes4.1
2022-11-15US Souf vs EulmaAway22.0
2022-11-15US Souf vs EulmaBTTS Yes4.2
2022-10-22Mostaganem vs JSM TiaretBTTS Yes2.25
2022-10-22Mostaganem vs JSM TiaretO 2.5 Goals2.7
2022-10-22SC Mecheria vs SaidaU 2.5 Goals2.0
2022-10-22Temouchent vs RelizaneBTTS Yes2.38
2022-10-22Temouchent vs RelizaneO 2.5 Goals2.1
2022-10-14Temouchent vs El KhemisU 1.5 Goals3.22
2022-10-08GC Mascara vs TlemcenHome2.15
2022-10-08El Khemis vs Ben AknounHome2.59
2022-10-01Telaghema vs OuarglaO 2.5 Goals2.28
2022-09-30Tlemcen vs El KhemisAway6.65
2022-09-30Tlemcen vs El KhemisBTTS No1.79
2022-09-30Tlemcen vs El KhemisU 1.5 Goals3.8
2022-09-30Hussein Dey vs RelizaneAway12.38
2022-09-30Ben Aknoun vs Oued SlyHome2.75
2022-09-24Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs SaidaHome2.0
2022-09-23Relizane vs JSM TiaretBTTS No2.94
2022-05-21El Bayadh vs SaidaBTTS Yes3.0
2022-05-21RC Kouba vs Ain OuessaraHome1.92
2022-05-21MO Constantine vs Bordj Bou ArreridjBTTS Yes2.63
2022-05-21Eulma vs MlilaBTTS Yes2.75
2022-05-21MO Bejaia vs OuarglaBTTS Yes2.7
2022-05-21MO Bejaia vs OuarglaHome1.47
2022-05-14Ain Ouessara vs SC Ain DeflaAway20.45
2022-05-14Temouchent vs ASM OranU 1.5 Goals2.6
2022-05-14El Khemis vs USMM HadjoutHome1.7
2022-05-07Hamra Annaba vs LakhdariaAway17.91
2022-05-07MO Bejaia vs MlilaDraw3.58
2022-04-16SC Ain Defla vs RC KoubaBTTS Yes3.25
2022-04-16El Bayadh vs TemouchentDraw2.8
2022-04-16MO Bejaia vs Hamra AnnabaDraw2.8
2022-04-16Annaba vs KhenchelaDraw3.27
2022-04-09Khenchela vs Bordj MenailDraw3.0
2022-04-09Hamra Annaba vs CA BatnaU 1.5 Goals2.5
2022-04-09Eulma vs MO BejaiaDraw2.7
2022-04-09Oued Sly vs SC Ain DeflaU 1.5 Goals4.5
2022-03-31Annaba vs Bordj Bou ArreridjBTTS Yes2.8
2022-03-31El Bayadh vs SC Ain DeflaBTTS Yes3.15
2022-03-31CA Batna vs MO BejaiaDraw2.9
2022-03-31Harrach vs TemouchentDraw2.79
2022-03-26Oued Sly vs El BayadhU 1.5 Goals2.15
2022-03-26MO Bejaia vs TelaghemaDraw2.88
2022-03-26Khenchela vs SkikdaU 1.5 Goals3.0
2022-03-19Temouchent vs RC KoubaU 1.5 Goals2.3
2022-03-19Harrach vs SC Ain DeflaAway15.75
2022-03-19US Chaouia vs KhenchelaDraw2.98
2022-03-12RC Kouba vs Widad Adabi de BoufarikHome1.53
2022-03-12Hamra Annaba vs Bordj MenailDraw2.94
2022-03-12Mlila vs AnnabaDraw2.75
2022-03-12Ben Aknoun vs TemouchentDraw2.8
2022-03-12Khenchela vs BejaiaHome1.41
2022-03-05Annaba vs EulmaU 2.5 Goals1.66
2022-03-05Skikda vs MO BejaiaDraw2.88
2022-03-05Skikda vs MO BejaiaU 1.5 Goals2.38
2022-03-05Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs El BayadhO 3.5 Goals7.0
2022-03-05Bordj Menail vs CA BatnaU 1.5 Goals2.75
2022-02-26Telaghema vs Bordj MenailDraw3.17
2022-02-26Oued Sly vs El KhemisHome1.67
2022-02-26MO Bejaia vs US ChaouiaDraw3.2
2022-02-19GC Mascara vs El BayadhBTTS No1.62
2022-02-19Bejaia vs MO BejaiaDraw3.0
2022-02-19Khenchela vs LakhdariaHome1.37
2022-02-12MO Bejaia vs Bordj MenailDraw2.94
2022-02-12Saida vs TemouchentDraw3.0
2022-02-12CA Batna vs AnnabaDraw3.0
2022-02-05Mlila vs LakhdariaU 1.5 Goals2.55
2022-02-05Temouchent vs SC Ain DeflaHome1.2
2022-01-18Ouargla vs MO BejaiaDraw3.0
2022-01-14MO Bejaia vs KhenchelaDraw2.9
2022-01-14MO Constantine vs SkikdaHome2.9
2022-01-14MO Constantine vs SkikdaO 2.5 Goals2.65
2022-01-14ASM Oran vs TemouchentDraw3.0
2022-01-08Mlila vs MO BejaiaDraw3.1
2022-01-04Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs TemouchentO 2.5 Goals3.39
2022-01-04RC Kouba vs Oued SlyU 1.5 Goals2.47
2022-01-04MO Bejaia vs LakhdariaDraw3.2
2022-01-04GC Mascara vs HarrachHome2.23
2021-12-31Bejaia vs Bordj MenailBTTS Yes2.44
2021-12-31Temouchent vs El BayadhU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-12-31Khenchela vs AnnabaDraw3.38
2021-12-31Bordj Bou Arreridj vs CA BatnaDraw3.11
2021-12-31Bordj Bou Arreridj vs CA BatnaO 2.5 Goals2.86
2021-12-31RC Kouba vs SC Ain DeflaU 1.5 Goals4.5
2021-12-25Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs Ain OuessaraBTTS Yes2.47
2021-12-25GC Mascara vs TemouchentDraw3.38
2021-12-25MO Bejaia vs EulmaU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-12-25El Bayadh vs RC KoubaU 1.5 Goals2.5
2021-12-18MO Bejaia vs CA BatnaDraw3.1
2021-12-18Temouchent vs HarrachU 1.5 Goals3.12
2021-12-18Khenchela vs MO ConstantineBTTS Yes2.62
2021-12-18Mlila vs SkikdaAway7.0
2021-12-18Mlila vs SkikdaU 1.5 Goals3.33
2021-12-11El Khemis vs TemouchentAway2.76
2021-12-11El Khemis vs TemouchentBTTS No1.66
2021-12-11El Khemis vs TemouchentU 2.5 Goals1.44
2021-11-29Temouchent vs Ben AknounBTTS Yes2.76
2021-11-29Temouchent vs Ben AknounO 2.5 Goals3.02
2021-11-29Skikda vs LakhdariaO 2.5 Goals4.33
2021-11-29Harrach vs JSM TiaretU 1.5 Goals2.72
2021-11-19Mlila vs BejaiaAway6.9
2021-11-19MO Bejaia vs SkikdaBTTS No1.6
2021-11-19MO Bejaia vs SkikdaHome1.72
2021-11-19MO Bejaia vs SkikdaO 2.5 Goals2.45
2021-11-19Oued Sly vs HarrachU 1.5 Goals2.63
2021-11-19Eulma vs AnnabaU 1.5 Goals2.45
2021-11-13US Chaouia vs MO BejaiaO 2.5 Goals2.47
2021-11-13Skikda vs Hamra AnnabaBTTS No1.74
2021-11-05Oued Sly vs TemouchentU 1.5 Goals2.9
2021-11-05RC Kouba vs HarrachO 2.5 Goals2.93
2021-11-05MO Bejaia vs BejaiaO 2.5 Goals2.79
2021-11-05Hamra Annaba vs AnnabaBTTS No1.68
2021-11-05CA Batna vs SkikdaO 2.5 Goals2.66
2021-10-30MO Constantine vs US ChaouiaO 2.5 Goals2.65
2021-10-30Skikda vs TelaghemaBTTS No1.65
2021-10-26US Chaouia vs SkikdaHome1.9
2021-10-26Saida vs JSM TiaretBTTS Yes2.3
2021-10-26MO Bejaia vs Bordj Bou ArreridjO 3.5 Goals4.33
2021-07-07Oued Sly vs ArbaDraw3.0
2021-07-07Oued Sly vs ArbaU 1.5 Goals2.69
2021-06-26Eulma vs KhenchelaU 1.5 Goals2.82
2021-06-26US Chaouia vs ChelghoumDraw3.16
2021-06-26US Chaouia vs ChelghoumU 1.5 Goals3.2
2021-06-26MO Bejaia vs Amal Bou SaadaU 1.5 Goals3.39
2021-06-26USM Blida vs ArbaU 1.5 Goals4.1
2021-06-26Temouchent vs Oued SlyDraw3.1
2021-06-26ASM Oran vs El KhemisU 2.5 Goals1.98
2021-06-19Arba vs MO BejaiaU 1.5 Goals3.44
2021-06-19RC Kouba vs Widad Adabi de BoufarikBTTS Yes2.7
2021-06-19Lakhdaria vs USM BlidaU 2.5 Goals2.45
2021-06-01US Chaouia vs KhroubBTTS Yes2.9
2021-06-01Temouchent vs SC Ain DeflaBTTS Yes2.88
2021-06-01Bejaia vs RC KoubaBTTS Yes3.0
2021-06-01Bejaia vs RC KoubaO 2.5 Goals3.02
2021-06-01MO Constantine vs KhenchelaDraw3.18
2021-06-01Telaghema vs AnnabaHome2.95
2021-06-01Oued Sly vs ASM OranHome1.81
2021-05-27Tadjenant vs CRB Ouled DjellalO 2.5 Goals2.82
2021-05-27ASM Oran vs TemouchentU 1.5 Goals2.79
2021-05-27RC Oued Rhiou vs El KermaDraw3.25
2021-05-23Oued Sly vs JSM TiaretDraw4.0
2021-05-22MO Bejaia vs CR Beni ThourDraw4.2
2021-05-22MSP Batna vs MO ConstantineO 2.5 Goals2.82
2021-05-18Tadjenant vs US ChaouiaO 2.5 Goals2.93
2021-05-01El Kerma vs Oued SlyO 2.5 Goals2.82
2021-05-01Eulma vs CA BatnaU 1.5 Goals2.5
2021-05-01Tadjenant vs KhroubO 2.5 Goals2.82
2021-04-30Widad Adabi de Boufarik vs MO BejaiaU 2.5 Goals1.52
2021-04-17Telaghema vs ChelghoumDraw3.13
2021-04-17El Kerma vs Ain OuessaraBTTS Yes2.5
2021-04-17El Kerma vs Ain OuessaraO 2.5 Goals2.72
2021-04-17Tadjenant vs EulmaO 2.5 Goals2.93
2021-04-17MSP Batna vs AnnabaU 1.5 Goals2.34
2021-04-08El Kerma vs SC Ain DeflaO 3.5 Goals4.1
2021-04-08MSP Batna vs KhroubU 1.5 Goals2.79
2021-04-03Annaba vs ChelghoumDraw3.27
2021-04-03JSM Tiaret vs RC Oued RhiouBTTS Yes2.63
2021-04-03Tadjenant vs KhenchelaO 2.5 Goals3.02
2021-03-25USM Blida vs CR Beni ThourDraw3.06
2021-03-20Oued Sly vs RemchiBTTS Yes2.75
2021-03-20Oued Sly vs RemchiHome1.26
2021-03-20USM Blida vs MO BejaiaU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-03-20MO Constantine vs TelaghemaU 1.5 Goals2.43
2021-02-27Harrach vs BejaiaBTTS Yes2.64
2021-02-20El Kerma vs TemouchentO 3.5 Goals5.0
2021-02-13USM Blida vs Amal Bou SaadaBTTS No2.43
2021-02-13USM Blida vs Amal Bou SaadaU 2.5 Goals2.43

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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