Sweden - Superettan betting performance history

Performance is measured on odds available with advised bookmaker at time tip is first posted.

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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-06-29Degerfors vs SandvikenBTTS No2.2
2024-06-17Trelleborg vs BrageBTTS No2.5
2024-05-26Skovde AIK vs OsterU 1.5 Goals3.8
2024-05-18Degerfors vs OrgryteAway5.5
2024-05-12Helsingborg vs SandvikenBTTS No2.63
2024-05-10Oster vs OddevoldU 1.5 Goals3.5
2024-04-08Oddevold vs OrgryteBTTS No2.28
2024-04-07Skovde AIK vs LandskronaBTTS No2.38
2024-04-06Sandviken vs OrebroO 2.5 Goals1.79
2024-04-06Degerfors vs SundsvallO 3.5 Goals2.88
2024-03-31Landskrona vs SandvikenAway3.3
2024-03-31Trelleborg vs OddevoldBTTS No2.25
2024-03-30Orgryte vs UtsiktenBTTS No2.28
2023-11-26Skovde AIK vs FalkenbergDraw3.4
2023-11-23Falkenberg vs Skovde AIKO 3.5 Goals3.1
2023-11-11Landskrona vs OrgryteBTTS No2.6
2023-11-11Brage vs JonkopingBTTS No2.55
2023-11-11Skovde AIK vs HelsingborgBTTS No2.57
2023-11-11Gefle vs TrelleborgBTTS No2.75
2023-11-05Trelleborg vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.75
2023-11-04Orgryte vs Vasteras SKAway2.5
2023-11-04Orgryte vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.8
2023-11-04Helsingborg vs BrageBTTS No2.38
2023-11-04Ostersund vs OsterHome5.25
2023-10-30Sundsvall vs OrgryteBTTS No2.63
2023-10-29Vasteras SK vs GAISBTTS No2.3
2023-10-28Gefle vs LandskronaBTTS No2.55
2023-10-23Jonkoping vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.6
2023-10-22Orgryte vs TrelleborgAway4.1
2023-10-22Landskrona vs Vasteras SKHome4.0
2023-10-03GAIS vs OsterO 3.5 Goals3.0
2023-09-28Orgryte vs GAISBTTS No2.38
2023-09-02Vasteras SK vs BrageBTTS No2.25
2023-08-28AFC Eskilstuna vs GefleAway4.33
2023-08-27Oster vs OrgryteAway6.5
2023-08-18Utsikten vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.32
2023-08-14Orgryte vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.3
2023-08-12Oster vs GefleAway13.0
2023-08-12Oster vs GefleBTTS Yes2.12
2023-08-06Skovde AIK vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.2
2023-08-06Skovde AIK vs Vasteras SKU 1.5 Goals4.8
2023-07-29Oster vs JonkopingAway6.0
2023-07-28AFC Eskilstuna vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.25
2023-07-28AFC Eskilstuna vs Skovde AIKU 1.5 Goals4.2
2023-07-24GAIS vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.3
2023-07-22Sundsvall vs OrebroBTTS No2.38
2023-07-16GAIS vs GefleAway15.0
2023-07-14Oster vs Skovde AIKU 1.5 Goals4.8
2023-07-09Skovde AIK vs GAISHome5.85
2023-07-09Skovde AIK vs GAISU 1.5 Goals4.4
2023-07-08Sundsvall vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.45
2023-06-10Gefle vs OsterBTTS Yes1.8
2023-06-10Gefle vs OsterHome5.07
2023-06-10Gefle vs OsterO 3.5 Goals3.1
2023-06-10Utsikten vs SundsvallBTTS Yes2.25
2023-06-10Utsikten vs SundsvallO 2.5 Goals2.37
2023-06-10Vasteras SK vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.2
2023-06-10Vasteras SK vs Skovde AIKU 1.5 Goals5.0
2023-06-05Skovde AIK vs AFC EskilstunaDraw3.65
2023-06-01Helsingborg vs Skovde AIKU 1.5 Goals3.9
2023-05-21Helsingborg vs UtsiktenAway3.2
2023-05-21AFC Eskilstuna vs OstersundU 1.5 Goals4.0
2023-05-19Brage vs GefleAway5.0
2023-05-02Helsingborg vs GAISAway2.46
2023-05-02Helsingborg vs GAISU 1.5 Goals3.35
2023-05-01Trelleborg vs SundsvallO 2.5 Goals2.0
2023-04-30Skovde AIK vs BrageO 3.5 Goals3.7
2023-04-16Utsikten vs GAISBTTS No2.38
2023-04-15Helsingborg vs Vasteras SKAway2.8
2023-04-10Vasteras SK vs OrgryteDraw3.7
2023-04-09Orebro vs OstersundAway4.5
2023-04-02Ostersund vs GAISBTTS No2.3
2023-04-02Trelleborg vs GefleAway3.82
2023-04-02Utsikten vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.3
2023-04-01Brage vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.45
2022-11-13Orgryte vs SandvikenAway5.1
2022-11-10Falkenberg vs OstersundBTTS No2.3
2022-11-10Falkenberg vs OstersundHome2.3
2022-11-10Sandviken vs OrgryteO 3.5 Goals2.9
2022-11-05Skovde AIK vs DalkurdBTTS No3.0
2022-11-05Skovde AIK vs DalkurdU 2.5 Goals2.85
2022-11-05Vasteras SK vs AFC EskilstunaBTTS No2.88
2022-11-05Brommapojkarna vs OrgryteBTTS No2.9
2022-11-05Halmstad vs BrageAway9.0
2022-10-29Orgryte vs Skovde AIKU 1.5 Goals4.2
2022-10-29AFC Eskilstuna vs HalmstadBTTS No2.6
2022-10-17Utsikten vs HalmstadBTTS No2.38
2022-10-17Trelleborg vs OrebroAway3.5
2022-10-09Ostersund vs AFC EskilstunaBTTS No2.5
2022-10-04Oster vs BrommapojkarnaDraw3.6
2022-10-01Ostersund vs HalmstadHome5.25
2022-10-01AFC Eskilstuna vs OrebroBTTS No2.6
2022-09-17Dalkurd vs UtsiktenAway2.3
2022-09-17Orebro vs Vasteras SKAway3.39
2022-09-17Orebro vs Vasteras SKBTTS No2.38
2022-09-13AFC Eskilstuna vs BrageBTTS No2.8
2022-09-12Trelleborg vs OrgryteAway4.2
2022-08-27Vasteras SK vs OrgryteAway3.7
2022-08-27Oster vs OstersundBTTS Yes2.21
2022-08-21AFC Eskilstuna vs UtsiktenBTTS No2.88
2022-08-09Skovde AIK vs OsterDraw3.45
2022-08-07Halmstad vs DalkurdAway9.5
2022-08-03Trelleborg vs HalmstadO 2.5 Goals1.97
2022-07-30AFC Eskilstuna vs DalkurdBTTS No2.7
2022-07-16Ostersund vs OsterU 1.5 Goals3.7
2022-07-16Dalkurd vs OrebroBTTS No2.4
2022-07-03AFC Eskilstuna vs BrommapojkarnaHome3.0
2022-06-26Dalkurd vs AFC EskilstunaBTTS No2.63
2022-05-30Utsiktens vs Skovde AIKO 3.5 Goals3.35
2022-05-29Orgryte vs DalkurdDraw4.0
2022-05-24Ostersunds vs OrgryteO 3.5 Goals3.3
2022-05-24Jonkopings vs Skovde AIKO 2.5 Goals1.88
2022-05-22Landskrona vs BrageO 2.5 Goals1.95
2022-05-15Ostersunds vs BrageAway2.45
2022-05-14Jonkopings vs UtsiktensBTTS No2.4
2022-05-08Brage vs OrgryteO 2.5 Goals1.85
2022-05-08Utsiktens vs DalkurdO 3.5 Goals3.85
2022-04-25Landskrona vs OrgryteO 3.5 Goals3.7
2022-04-23Utsiktens vs AFC EskilstunaO 3.5 Goals2.97
2022-04-18Orgryte vs OstersO 3.5 Goals4.0
2022-04-18Dalkurd vs HalmstadHome4.01
2022-04-17Vasteras SK vs UtsiktensAway3.8
2022-04-11Vasteras SK vs OstersundsO 2.5 Goals2.16
2022-04-09Dalkurd vs TrelleborgsHome2.65
2022-04-09Dalkurd vs TrelleborgsO 2.5 Goals2.13
2022-04-03Ostersunds vs Skovde AIKAway4.35
2022-04-03Ostersunds vs Skovde AIKBTTS No2.15
2022-04-03Norrby vs DalkurdAway4.5
2022-04-02Jonkopings vs AFC EskilstunaAway3.85
2021-12-05GAIS vs DalkurdAway3.45
2021-11-27Varnamo vs NorrbyHome3.3
2021-11-27Falkenbergs vs BrageBTTS No2.7
2021-11-27Vasalunds vs OrgryteBTTS No2.8
2021-11-27AFC Eskilstuna vs LandskronaAway4.25
2021-10-31Vasalunds vs JonkopingsBTTS No2.4
2021-10-31Vasalunds vs JonkopingsU 1.5 Goals4.33
2021-10-26Trelleborgs vs AFC EskilstunaAway4.33
2021-10-24Brage vs SundsvallBTTS No2.5
2021-10-24Akropolis vs LandskronaAway2.6
2021-10-04Brage vs OstersU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-09-29Falkenbergs vs LandskronaAway3.54
2021-09-26Osters vs HelsingborgBTTS No1.95
2021-09-26Osters vs HelsingborgU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-09-25Landskrona vs NorrbyAway3.02
2021-09-25Vasalunds vs AkropolisAway3.39
2021-09-14Helsingborg vs TrelleborgsU 1.5 Goals3.6
2021-09-13Vasalunds vs SundsvallBTTS No2.5
2021-09-11Jonkopings vs FalkenbergsAway3.6
2021-09-05Norrby vs VasalundsAway5.0
2021-08-31Trelleborgs vs OstersU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-08-30Akropolis vs VarnamoBTTS No2.1
2021-08-30Akropolis vs VarnamoU 1.5 Goals3.6
2021-08-29Vasalunds vs GAISBTTS No2.16
2021-08-29Vasalunds vs GAISU 1.5 Goals3.7
2021-08-23Helsingborg vs VasalundsAway7.0
2021-08-15Vasalunds vs FalkenbergsHome3.02
2021-08-14Akropolis vs HelsingborgAway2.35
2021-08-14Sundsvall vs VarnamoAway3.35
2021-08-09GAIS vs VasalundsO 3.5 Goals3.6
2021-08-04Vasalunds vs HelsingborgHome5.5
2021-08-02Sundsvall vs BrageAway5.25
2021-08-01Falkenbergs vs NorrbyAway2.5
2021-07-25Varnamo vs VasalundsO 2.5 Goals2.08
2021-07-22Helsingborg vs VarnamoU 1.5 Goals3.3
2021-07-11Helsingborg vs AkropolisU 1.5 Goals3.75
2021-05-29Akropolis vs FalkenbergsDraw3.66
2021-05-18Landskrona vs FalkenbergsO 3.5 Goals4.0
2021-05-15Sundsvall vs VasalundsO 3.5 Goals2.8
2021-05-15Akropolis vs OrgryteDraw3.45
2021-05-09Vasalunds vs NorrbyHome2.77
2021-05-02Vasalunds vs BrageO 3.5 Goals3.1
2021-04-26Vasteras SK vs VasalundsAway4.1
2021-04-26Vasteras SK vs VasalundsO 2.5 Goals1.73
2021-04-11Jonkopings vs VasalundsAway4.65
2021-04-11Jonkopings vs VasalundsO 3.5 Goals2.8
2021-04-10Falkenbergs vs GAISAway3.84

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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