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Date Fixture Selection Odds
2024-06-19Chile U20 vs Canada U20Away4.75
2024-06-19Chile U20 vs Canada U20BTTS No2.38
2024-06-16Panama vs ParaguayBTTS No1.8
2024-06-16Panama vs ParaguayHome3.0
2024-06-15Colombia vs BoliviaU 1.5 Goals5.0
2024-06-15Guatemala vs ArgentinaHome41.0
2024-06-15Guatemala vs ArgentinaU 3.5 Goals2.11
2024-06-15El Salvador vs PeruHome8.55
2024-06-12Chile vs ParaguayBTTS No1.8
2024-06-12USA vs BrazilBTTS No2.15
2024-06-12USA U23 vs Japan U23BTTS No2.25
2024-06-11Brunei vs Sri LankaBTTS No2.15
2024-06-11Mongolia vs CambodiaO 3.5 Goals3.75
2024-06-11Chile U20 vs Australia U20Away4.0
2024-06-11Chile U20 vs Australia U20BTTS No2.5
2024-06-10Uzbekistan U23 vs Mali U23BTTS No2.2
2024-06-10Moldova U19 vs Azerbaijan U19BTTS No2.5
2024-06-09Latvia U19 vs Estonia U19BTTS No2.0
2024-06-09Italy vs Bosnia & HerzegovinaBTTS Yes2.5
2024-06-09Mexico vs BrazilBTTS No1.91
2024-06-09Mexico vs BrazilHome5.75
2024-06-09Mexico vs BrazilU 1.5 Goals3.8
2024-06-08Belgium vs LuxembourgU 2.5 Goals3.25
2024-06-08Malta U21 vs Belarus U21BTTS No2.2
2024-06-08Peru vs ParaguayBTTS No1.8
2024-06-08San Marino U21 vs Gibraltar U21BTTS No1.7
2024-06-08San Marino U21 vs Gibraltar U21Draw4.5
2024-06-08USA vs ColombiaBTTS No1.91
2024-06-08China U19 vs Uzbekistan U19BTTS No1.83
2024-06-07Azerbaijan U19 vs Turkey U19BTTS No2.25
2024-06-07Sweden U21 vs England U21BTTS No2.75
2024-06-07Moldova U19 vs Kazakhstan U19BTTS No2.5
2024-06-07Moldova U19 vs Kazakhstan U19Home3.6
2024-06-07Cambodia vs MongoliaAway5.0
2024-06-07Uzbekistan U23 vs Mali U23BTTS No2.75
2024-06-06Denmark U21 vs Norway U21BTTS No2.5
2024-06-06Gibraltar vs WalesDraw23.0
2024-06-06Gibraltar vs WalesU 3.5 Goals3.0
2024-06-05Norway vs KosovoAway9.0
2024-06-05France vs LuxembourgAway51.0
2024-06-05France vs LuxembourgBTTS Yes3.5
2024-06-05France vs LuxembourgU 3.5 Goals2.5
2024-06-05Spain vs AndorraBTTS Yes5.0
2024-06-05Spain vs AndorraU 3.5 Goals2.88
2024-06-05San Marino vs SlovakiaBTTS Yes4.33
2024-06-05San Marino vs SlovakiaDraw19.0
2024-06-05San Marino vs SlovakiaU 2.5 Goals3.6
2024-06-04Bonaire vs Sint MaartenHome6.0
2024-06-04Kazakhstan U19 vs Azerbaijan U19BTTS No2.25
2024-06-04Portugal vs FinlandAway15.0
2024-06-03Scotland vs GibraltarBTTS No1.33
2024-06-03Scotland vs GibraltarHome1.03
2024-06-03Albania vs LiechtensteinU 1.5 Goals7.0
2024-05-22Denmark U19 vs Germany U19BTTS No2.38
2024-03-26Denmark vs Faroe IslandsBTTS Yes2.65
2024-03-26Romania vs ColombiaBTTS No1.87
2024-03-26Moldova vs Cayman IslandsBTTS Yes4.5
2024-03-26Moldova vs Cayman IslandsDraw41.0
2024-03-26Moldova vs Cayman IslandsU 3.5 Goals3.9
2024-03-26Norway vs SlovakiaAway5.25
2024-03-26Peru vs Dominican RepublicAway19.0
2024-03-26New Zealand vs TunisiaBTTS No1.75
2024-03-26Slovenia vs PortugalHome6.0
2024-03-26Mexico U23 vs Argentina U23BTTS No2.24
2024-03-26Uruguay vs Ivory CoastU 1.5 Goals3.25
2024-03-26Brunei vs VanuatuBTTS Yes2.75
2024-03-26Brunei vs VanuatuHome37.0
2024-03-26Latvia vs LiechtensteinBTTS No1.67
2024-03-26Latvia vs LiechtensteinHome1.29
2024-03-26Cambodia vs GuyanaO 2.5 Goals2.43
2024-03-25Central Africa vs Papua New GuineaAway55.0
2024-03-25Central Africa vs Papua New GuineaBTTS Yes3.75
2024-03-25Central Africa vs Papua New GuineaU 3.5 Goals2.63
2024-03-25Guinea vs BermudaAway38.0
2024-03-25Guinea vs BermudaBTTS Yes3.0
2024-03-25Bhutan vs Sri LankaO 3.5 Goals4.51
2024-03-25Cyprus vs SerbiaAway1.31
2024-03-25Malta U21 vs Slovakia U21Away1.36
2024-03-24San Marino vs Saint Kitts and NevisBTTS No1.87
2024-03-24San Marino vs Saint Kitts and NevisO 3.5 Goals4.4
2024-03-24Guatemala vs VenezuelaHome5.53
2024-03-24Ethiopia vs LesothoDraw3.05
2024-03-24Puerto Rico vs BelizeBTTS No2.48
2024-03-23Mexico U23 vs Argentina U23BTTS No2.06
2024-03-23Argentina vs El SalvadorDraw15.0
2024-03-23Argentina vs El SalvadorU 2.5 Goals3.4
2024-03-23England vs BrazilBTTS No2.05
2024-03-23Dominican Republic vs ArubaBTTS No2.43
2024-03-23Iraq U23 vs United Arab Emirates U23O 3.5 Goals4.33
2024-03-23Tunisia vs CroatiaBTTS No1.8
2024-03-23Tunisia vs CroatiaU 1.5 Goals3.48
2024-03-23French Guiana vs HaitiBTTS No2.51
2024-03-22Albania vs ChileHome3.6
2024-03-22Peru vs NicaraguaAway17.0
2024-03-22Peru vs NicaraguaU 2.5 Goals2.45
2024-03-22Bulgaria vs TanzaniaAway5.84
2024-03-22Cambodia vs Equatorial GuineaBTTS Yes3.0
2024-03-22Norway vs Czech RepublicAway3.99
2024-03-22Papua New Guinea vs Sri LankaBTTS No2.1
2024-03-22Puerto Rico vs BelizeBTTS No2.73
2024-03-22Spain vs ColombiaBTTS No1.9
2024-03-22Spain vs ColombiaDraw4.0
2024-03-22Guatemala vs EcuadorHome12.12
2024-03-22Faroe Islands vs LiechtensteinBTTS No1.64
2024-03-22Azerbaijan vs MongoliaAway44.0
2024-03-22Azerbaijan vs MongoliaBTTS Yes3.0
2024-03-21Cyprus vs LatviaO 2.5 Goals2.49
2024-03-21Cape Verde vs GuyanaAway23.0
2024-03-21Cape Verde vs GuyanaBTTS Yes3.1
2024-03-21Ethiopia vs LesothoDraw3.06
2024-03-21Guinea vs VanuatuAway40.0
2024-03-21Guinea vs VanuatuBTTS Yes3.5
2024-03-21Solomon Islands vs FijiO 3.5 Goals3.4
2024-03-20San Marino vs Saint Kitts and NevisO 3.5 Goals5.5
2024-03-20Saudi Arabia U23 vs Jordan U23U 1.5 Goals3.0
2024-03-20Egypt U23 vs United Arab Emirates U23U 2.5 Goals1.91
2024-03-20El Salvador vs BonaireBTTS Yes3.14
2024-03-20El Salvador vs BonaireU 2.5 Goals2.98
2024-03-18Solomon Islands vs FijiO 3.5 Goals3.3
2024-02-28Georgia U19 vs Israel U19BTTS No2.34
2024-02-26Georgia U19 vs Israel U19BTTS No2.51
2024-02-22Czech Republic U19 vs Denmark U19BTTS No2.44
2024-02-20Spain U19 vs Norway U19BTTS No2.05
2024-02-20Czech Republic U19 vs Denmark U19BTTS No2.57
2024-02-14Italy U19 vs Austria U19BTTS No2.4
2024-01-17Italy U19 vs Spain U19BTTS No2.36
2024-01-13Guatemala vs IcelandHome5.75
2024-01-10Tunisia vs Cape VerdeBTTS No1.54
2024-01-09Palestine vs Saudi ArabiaHome9.5
2024-01-09Japan vs JordanDraw16.0
2024-01-09Japan vs JordanU 3.5 Goals2.27
2024-01-09Indonesia vs IranHome20.0
2024-01-09Burundi vs AlgeriaHome12.0
2024-01-08Senegal vs NigerBTTS Yes3.25
2024-01-06Tunisia vs MauritaniaBTTS No1.53
2024-01-06Tunisia vs MauritaniaU 1.5 Goals4.1
2024-01-06Bahrain vs AustraliaHome10.0
2024-01-04Lebanon vs Saudi ArabiaHome10.0
2024-01-04Lebanon vs Saudi ArabiaU 1.5 Goals3.8
2024-01-01Japan vs ThailandBTTS Yes3.6
2024-01-01Japan vs ThailandDraw14.0
2024-01-01Japan vs ThailandU 2.5 Goals3.4
2023-12-31Qatar vs CambodiaAway41.0
2023-12-31Qatar vs CambodiaBTTS Yes2.5
2023-12-31Qatar vs CambodiaU 3.5 Goals4.5
2023-12-30United Arab Emirates vs KyrgyzstanAway10.62
2023-12-28Lebanon vs JordanU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-12-25Kyrgyzstan vs UzbekistanAway2.05
2023-12-23China U23 vs Malaysia U23Away9.5
2023-12-23China U23 vs Malaysia U23U 1.5 Goals5.2
2023-12-22Peru U23 vs Bolivia U23Away7.1
2023-12-16Mexico vs ColombiaBTTS No1.87
2023-12-16Mexico vs ColombiaDraw3.24
2023-12-16Mexico vs ColombiaU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-12-15Paraguay U23 vs Ecuador U23BTTS No2.46
2023-12-14Guatemala U20 vs Belize U20Away39.0
2023-12-14Guatemala U20 vs Belize U20U 3.5 Goals3.1
2023-12-12Guatemala U20 vs Belize U20Away25.0
2023-11-20France U21 vs South Korea U21BTTS No2.38
2023-11-20France U21 vs South Korea U21U 2.5 Goals2.75
2023-11-19Dinamo Minsk vs Russia U21BTTS No2.45
2023-11-18Germany vs TurkeyAway7.5
2023-11-18England U19 vs Japan U19BTTS No2.06
2023-11-16Norway vs Faroe IslandsAway26.0
2023-11-16Norway vs Faroe IslandsBTTS Yes2.74
2023-11-15Paraguay U23 vs Bolivia U23Home1.44
2023-10-18Mexico vs GermanyBTTS No2.3
2023-10-18USA U23 vs Japan U23BTTS No2.38
2023-10-17France vs ScotlandU 2.5 Goals2.3
2023-10-17Qatar vs IranU 1.5 Goals3.6
2023-10-17Netherlands U19 vs Belgium U19BTTS No2.2
2023-10-17South Korea vs VietnamDraw17.0
2023-10-17South Korea vs VietnamU 2.5 Goals4.1
2023-10-17Jordan vs IraqDraw3.13
2023-10-17Estonia vs ThailandBTTS Yes2.8
2023-10-17Saudi Arabia vs MaliU 1.5 Goals2.79
2023-10-17Japan vs TunisiaBTTS No1.72
2023-10-17Japan vs TunisiaU 1.5 Goals4.17
2023-10-16Morocco U23 vs Dominican Republic U23Away24.0
2023-10-16Morocco U23 vs Dominican Republic U23BTTS Yes2.88
2023-10-16Morocco U23 vs Dominican Republic U23O 1.5 Goals1.18
2023-10-16Sao Paulo U20 vs Russia U21BTTS No4.08
2023-10-16Sao Paulo U20 vs Russia U21Home5.21
2023-10-16Sao Paulo U20 vs Russia U21U 3.5 Goals2.84
2023-10-16Uzbekistan U23 vs Egypt U23BTTS No2.15
2023-10-16Uzbekistan U23 vs Egypt U23Draw3.4
2023-10-16Algeria vs EgyptBTTS No1.78
2023-10-16Algeria vs EgyptDraw3.08
2023-10-16Algeria vs EgyptU 1.5 Goals2.63
2023-10-13Mali vs UgandaBTTS No1.8
2023-10-13South Korea vs TunisiaBTTS No1.87
2023-10-13South Korea vs TunisiaU 1.5 Goals3.25
2023-10-13Vietnam vs UzbekistanBTTS No2.0
2023-10-13Vietnam vs UzbekistanHome8.5
2023-10-13Vietnam vs UzbekistanU 2.5 Goals2.49
2023-10-13New Zealand vs DR CongoHome4.04
2023-10-12Egypt U23 vs Jordan U23Draw3.92
2023-10-12Egypt U23 vs Jordan U23U 2.5 Goals1.9
2023-10-12Slovakia U21 vs Poland U21BTTS No2.25
2023-10-12Egypt vs ZambiaDraw3.8
2023-10-12Egypt vs ZambiaU 1.5 Goals3.25
2023-10-12Netherlands U19 vs Switzerland U19BTTS No2.38
2023-10-12Austria U21 vs Norway U21BTTS No2.45
2023-10-12Sweden vs MoldovaAway20.0
2023-10-11Wales vs GibraltarBTTS Yes4.33
2023-10-11Ireland U19 vs Scotland U19BTTS No2.38
2023-09-12Senegal vs AlgeriaU 1.5 Goals2.63
2023-09-12Scotland vs EnglandHome4.5
2023-09-12Switzerland U19 vs Germany U19BTTS No2.42
2023-09-12Egypt vs TunisiaBTTS No1.8
2023-09-12Egypt vs TunisiaU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-09-12Slovenia U19 vs Iceland U19BTTS No2.27
2023-09-12Uzbekistan vs MexicoHome10.88
2023-09-12Uzbekistan vs MexicoU 1.5 Goals4.33
2023-09-11Hong Kong vs BruneiBTTS Yes2.88
2023-09-11Hong Kong vs BruneiDraw29.0
2023-09-11Hong Kong vs BruneiU 2.5 Goals7.0
2023-09-11Latvia U19 vs Austria U19U 2.5 Goals2.5
2023-09-11Cambodia vs MacauAway11.0
2023-09-11Cambodia vs MacauO 3.5 Goals3.4
2023-09-10Mexico vs AustraliaU 1.5 Goals3.4
2023-09-09Germany vs JapanAway5.75
2023-09-08Myanmar vs NepalAway5.5
2023-09-08Chinese Taipei vs PhilippinesAway2.4
2023-09-07Denmark U19 vs Poland U19BTTS No2.38
2023-09-07Cambodia vs Hong KongHome6.0
2023-09-07France U19 vs Montenegro U19U 2.5 Goals3.75
2023-09-07Austria vs MoldovaAway36.0
2023-09-07Austria vs MoldovaBTTS Yes3.0
2023-09-06Portugal U19 vs Kazakhstan U19Away38.0
2023-09-06Portugal U19 vs Kazakhstan U19U 3.5 Goals2.75
2023-09-06Malta vs GibraltarHome1.55
2023-09-06Malta vs GibraltarO 3.5 Goals4.2
2023-09-06Slovenia U19 vs Saudi Arabia U19Away4.8
2023-09-06Slovenia U19 vs Saudi Arabia U19BTTS No2.14
2023-08-27Bolivia vs PanamaAway3.7
2023-06-21Costa Rica vs EcuadorHome3.89
2023-06-20Bulgaria U21 vs Albania U21BTTS No1.95
2023-06-20Germany vs ColombiaU 1.5 Goals4.35
2023-06-20Algeria vs TunisiaBTTS No1.9
2023-06-20Algeria vs TunisiaU 1.5 Goals3.05
2023-06-20Slovakia U21 vs Austria U21Home3.0
2023-06-20Slovakia U21 vs Austria U21O 3.5 Goals3.6
2023-06-20Uruguay vs CubaAway41.0
2023-06-20Uruguay vs CubaU 3.5 Goals3.1
2023-06-20Malta U21 vs North Macedonia U21BTTS Yes2.5
2023-06-20Malaysia vs Papua New GuineaAway13.0
2023-06-20Malaysia vs Papua New GuineaU 1.5 Goals6.5
2023-06-20Brazil vs SenegalU 1.5 Goals4.2
2023-06-20South Korea vs El SalvadorBTTS Yes2.7
2023-06-19Indonesia vs ArgentinaDraw34.0
2023-06-19Indonesia vs ArgentinaU 3.5 Goals3.25
2023-06-19Ireland U21 vs Kuwait U22U 1.5 Goals3.65
2023-06-18Singapore vs Solomon IslandsAway5.25
2023-06-18Paraguay vs NicaraguaAway25.0
2023-06-18Egypt vs South SudanU 1.5 Goals5.5
2023-06-18Venezuela vs GuatemalaAway4.8
2023-06-17Chile vs Dominican RepublicDraw22.0
2023-06-17Chile vs Dominican RepublicU 2.5 Goals4.4
2023-06-17Brazil vs GuineaDraw15.09
2023-06-17Brazil vs GuineaU 2.5 Goals3.75
2023-06-17Ecuador vs BoliviaAway12.36
2023-06-16Chinese Taipei vs ThailandBTTS Yes2.63
2023-06-16Chinese Taipei vs ThailandHome21.0
2023-06-16South Korea vs PeruU 1.5 Goals3.18
2023-06-16Sweden vs New ZealandAway11.5
2023-06-16Iran U23 vs Palestine U23Away5.5
2023-06-16China vs MyanmarBTTS Yes3.25
2023-06-16Costa Rica vs GuatemalaAway4.8
2023-06-16United Arab Emirates U23 vs Iraq U23Draw3.2
2023-06-15North Macedonia U21 vs Armenia U21Away9.5
2023-06-15Vanuatu vs MongoliaHome5.25
2023-06-15Vanuatu vs MongoliaO 3.5 Goals4.0
2023-06-15Cambodia vs BangladeshO 3.5 Goals4.2
2023-06-15Belarus U21 vs Russia U20BTTS No2.72
2023-06-15Singapore vs Papua New GuineaAway9.6
2023-06-15Philippines vs NepalBTTS Yes3.5
2023-06-15Vietnam vs Hong KongHome1.33
2023-06-15Poland U21 vs Finland U21O 3.5 Goals3.2
2023-06-15Japan vs El SalvadorBTTS Yes2.67
2023-06-14Mauritius vs DjiboutiO 3.5 Goals3.6
2023-06-14Uruguay vs NicaraguaAway23.0
2023-06-14Malaysia vs Solomon IslandsAway14.0
2023-06-14DR Congo vs UgandaU 1.5 Goals2.88
2023-06-14Palestine vs IndonesiaO 3.5 Goals4.2
2023-06-12India vs VanuatuAway20.0
2023-06-11Chile vs CubaDraw28.0
2023-06-11Chile vs CubaU 3.5 Goals2.8
2023-06-09Lebanon vs VanuatuAway23.0
2023-06-08Mexico vs GuatemalaAway13.0
2023-03-28Bolivia vs Saudi ArabiaHome5.5
2023-03-28Germany vs BelgiumAway5.25
2023-03-28USA U20 vs Serbia U21BTTS No2.51
2023-03-28Malaysia vs Hong KongHome1.47
2023-03-28Denmark U21 vs Switzerland U21BTTS No2.16
2023-03-28Japan vs ColombiaBTTS No2.05
2023-03-28Japan vs ColombiaU 1.5 Goals3.4
2023-03-28Iran vs KenyaBTTS Yes2.92
2023-03-28Nepal vs BhutanHome1.17
2023-03-28Nepal vs BhutanO 3.5 Goals3.0
2023-03-28Romania U21 vs Germany U21BTTS No2.4
2023-03-28Chile vs ParaguayBTTS No1.78
2023-03-28United Arab Emirates vs ThailandAway7.5
2023-03-28France U21 vs Spain U21BTTS No2.05
2023-03-28Morocco vs PeruU 1.5 Goals3.25
2023-03-27Greece vs LithuaniaHome1.15
2023-03-27Greece vs LithuaniaU 2.5 Goals2.55
2023-03-27Moldova U21 vs Austria U21U 1.5 Goals4.33
2023-03-27Belgium U21 vs Japan U21BTTS No2.0
2023-03-27Czech Republic U21 vs Netherlands U21Draw4.0
2023-03-27Turkey U21 vs Kosovo U21Away11.0
2023-03-27Argentina vs CuracaoBTTS Yes3.4
2023-03-27Argentina vs CuracaoDraw26.0
2023-03-27Argentina vs CuracaoU 3.5 Goals5.0
2023-03-26Lebanon U23 vs Jordan U23Home5.5
2023-03-26Malta U19 vs Albania U19BTTS No2.23
2023-03-25Georgia vs MongoliaBTTS Yes3.25
2023-03-25Germany vs PeruAway10.5
2023-03-25Germany vs PeruU 1.5 Goals5.25
2023-03-25Netherlands U21 vs Norway U21BTTS No2.1
2023-03-25Morocco vs BrazilBTTS No2.0
2023-03-25Morocco vs BrazilU 1.5 Goals4.0
2023-03-25United Arab Emirates vs TajikistanAway9.5
2023-03-25United Arab Emirates vs TajikistanU 1.5 Goals4.4
2023-03-25South Korea U22 vs Iraq U23Draw3.78
2023-03-25New Zealand U23 vs China U23O 3.5 Goals4.0
2023-03-24South Korea vs ColombiaBTTS No1.87
2023-03-24South Korea vs ColombiaU 1.5 Goals2.9
2023-03-24Poland U21 vs Austria U21BTTS No2.2
2023-03-24Venezuela vs Saudi ArabiaU 1.5 Goals3.35
2023-03-24USA U20 vs England U20BTTS No2.23
2023-03-24USA U20 vs England U20Home5.75
2023-03-24Romania U21 vs Portugal U21BTTS No2.15
2023-03-24Romania U21 vs Portugal U21Draw3.5
2023-03-23Argentina vs PanamaBTTS Yes4.75
2023-03-23Argentina vs PanamaDraw41.0
2023-03-23Argentina vs PanamaU 3.5 Goals3.4
2023-03-23Malaysia vs TurkmenistanO 3.5 Goals3.75
2023-03-23Colombia U20 vs Wales U21BTTS No2.2
2023-03-23New Zealand U23 vs China U23O 3.5 Goals4.0
2023-03-23Hungary vs EstoniaAway8.0
2023-03-22USA U20 vs France U20BTTS No2.25
2023-03-22USA U20 vs France U20Home4.25
2023-03-15Trinidad & Tobago vs JamaicaBTTS Yes2.48
2023-02-21Tajikistan U20 vs Syria U20BTTS No2.5
2023-02-21Indonesia U20 vs Guatemala U20Home5.0
2023-02-08Poland U19 vs Czech Republic U19BTTS No2.18
2023-01-29USA vs ColombiaBTTS No2.0
2023-01-12Sweden vs IcelandDraw3.7
2023-01-09Sweden vs FinlandAway5.16
2023-01-08Iceland vs EstoniaAway5.2
2023-01-07Ivory Coast vs CameroonHome2.37
2023-01-07Ivory Coast vs CameroonU 1.5 Goals2.56
2022-12-14Malaysia vs MaldivesAway26.0
2022-12-14Malaysia vs MaldivesBTTS Yes2.75
2022-12-14Vietnam vs PhilippinesAway15.0
2022-12-14Vietnam vs PhilippinesBTTS Yes2.6
2022-12-11Thailand vs MyanmarBTTS Yes3.0
2022-12-11Thailand vs MyanmarO 3.5 Goals2.45
2022-11-30Vietnam vs DortmundBTTS No2.32
2022-11-30Vietnam vs DortmundHome7.8
2022-11-29Malta U19 vs Poland U19Home23.0
2022-11-29Malta U19 vs Poland U19U 2.5 Goals3.94
2022-11-29Portugal U19 vs Germany U19BTTS No2.13
2022-11-27Colombia U20 vs Ecuador U20U 1.5 Goals3.6
2022-11-25Bulgaria U21 vs Bosnia & Herzegovina U21BTTS No2.0
2022-11-24Colombia U20 vs Ecuador U20BTTS No2.38
2022-11-24Colombia U20 vs Ecuador U20U 1.5 Goals4.0
2022-11-23Malta U21 vs Andorra U21BTTS No2.1
2022-11-23Malta U21 vs Andorra U21Home1.36
2022-11-23Malta U19 vs Portugal U19U 2.5 Goals5.2
2022-11-21Czech Republic U19 vs Denmark U19BTTS No2.48
2022-11-20Moldova vs RomaniaHome7.0
2022-11-20Colombia vs ParaguayBTTS No1.91
2022-11-20Colombia vs ParaguayU 1.5 Goals3.4
2022-11-20North Macedonia vs AzerbaijanAway6.44
2022-11-20Israel vs CyprusO 2.5 Goals2.09
2022-11-20Norway vs FinlandAway6.81
2022-11-20Saint Lucia vs San MarinoBTTS No1.62
2022-11-20Saint Lucia vs San MarinoO 3.5 Goals5.8
2022-11-19Turkey vs Czech RepublicO 2.5 Goals2.25
2022-11-19Italy U19 vs Hungary U19U 2.5 Goals3.1
2022-11-19Italy U21 vs Germany U21BTTS No2.38
2022-11-19United Arab Emirates vs KazakhstanAway3.96
2022-11-19Kosovo vs Faroe IslandsBTTS Yes2.2
2022-11-19Kosovo vs Faroe IslandsO 3.5 Goals4.33
2022-11-19Burkina Faso vs Ivory CoastDraw3.0
2022-11-19Ukraine U21 vs Israel U21BTTS No2.5
2022-11-18Estonia U19 vs Slovakia U19BTTS No2.05
2022-11-18Czech Republic U19 vs Denmark U19BTTS No2.57
2022-11-18Bahrain vs SerbiaHome10.0
2022-11-18Latvia U21 vs Estonia U21BTTS No2.05
2022-11-18Belgium vs EgyptU 1.5 Goals4.35
2022-11-18Cameroon vs PanamaU 1.5 Goals3.5
2022-11-18Dominican Republic vs CubaBTTS No2.2
2022-11-18Dominican Republic vs CubaHome3.76
2022-11-17Chile U20 vs Brazil U20BTTS No2.03
2022-11-17Rwanda vs SudanDraw3.25
2022-11-17Jordan vs SpainBTTS Yes4.0
2022-11-17Jordan vs SpainHome51.0
2022-11-17Syria vs BelarusHome10.5
2022-11-17South Africa vs MozambiqueU 1.5 Goals3.6
2022-11-17Saint Lucia vs San MarinoBTTS No1.85
2022-11-17Saint Lucia vs San MarinoO 3.5 Goals4.31
2022-11-17Tajikistan vs RussiaHome37.0
2022-11-17Tajikistan vs RussiaU 2.5 Goals4.2
2022-11-17Cyprus U21 vs North Macedonia U21BTTS No2.27
2022-11-16Poland vs ChileO 2.5 Goals2.59
2022-11-16Oman vs GermanyBTTS Yes2.62
2022-11-16Oman vs GermanyDraw13.0
2022-11-16Oman vs GermanyU 3.5 Goals2.17
2022-11-16Albania vs ItalyHome9.0
2022-11-16Spain U20 vs Saudi Arabia U20BTTS No2.09
2022-11-16United Arab Emirates vs ArgentinaBTTS Yes2.85
2022-11-16United Arab Emirates vs ArgentinaDraw7.0
2022-11-16United Arab Emirates vs ArgentinaU 2.5 Goals2.5
2022-11-16Czech Republic vs Faroe IslandsBTTS Yes3.5
2022-11-16Algeria vs MaliDraw3.75
2022-11-16Gibraltar vs LiechtensteinO 2.5 Goals2.7
2022-11-16Andorra vs AustriaBTTS Yes3.05
2022-11-16Andorra vs AustriaHome51.0
2022-11-16Andorra vs AustriaU 3.5 Goals1.97
2022-11-16Estonia U19 vs Slovakia U19BTTS No2.3
2022-11-16Saudi Arabia vs CroatiaHome6.5
2022-11-16Saudi Arabia vs CroatiaU 1.5 Goals3.45
2022-11-16Estonia U21 vs Lithuania U21BTTS No2.51
2022-11-16Estonia U21 vs Lithuania U21Draw3.75
2022-11-15Dominican Republic vs CubaBTTS No2.16
2022-11-11Bahrain vs CanadaBTTS No1.87
2022-11-10Saudi Arabia vs PanamaU 1.5 Goals2.88
2022-11-09Cameroon vs JamaicaHome1.68
2022-11-03Bahrain U23 vs Syria U23U 2.5 Goals2.6
2022-11-03Qatar U23 vs Lebanon U23BTTS No2.37
2022-10-25Germany U19 vs Spain U19BTTS No2.36
2022-10-25Germany U19 vs Spain U19Draw3.52
2022-09-28USA U20 vs Paraguay U20BTTS No2.16
2022-09-28El Salvador vs PeruHome9.0
2022-09-28Colombia vs MexicoBTTS No1.91
2022-09-28Argentina vs JamaicaBTTS No1.52
2022-09-28Argentina vs JamaicaU 3.5 Goals1.73
2022-09-27Brazil vs TunisiaBTTS No1.67
2022-09-27Brazil vs TunisiaDraw7.0
2022-09-27Brazil vs TunisiaU 1.5 Goals5.5
2022-09-27Romania U21 vs Netherlands U21BTTS No2.55
2022-09-27Romania U21 vs Netherlands U21Draw4.1
2022-09-27Bahrain vs PanamaBTTS No2.05
2022-09-27Bahrain vs PanamaU 1.5 Goals3.4
2022-09-27South Korea vs CameroonU 1.5 Goals3.44
2022-09-27Canada vs UruguayHome4.44
2022-09-27Poland U21 vs Latvia U21U 3.5 Goals2.5
2022-09-27Brunei vs LaosO 3.5 Goals3.24
2022-09-27Uzbekistan vs Costa RicaBTTS No2.0
2022-09-27Burkina Faso vs ComorosBTTS No1.66
2022-09-27Burkina Faso vs ComorosO 2.5 Goals2.55
2022-09-27Azerbaijan U21 vs Moldova U21BTTS No2.18
2022-09-27Morocco vs ParaguayBTTS No1.85
2022-09-27Egypt vs LiberiaBTTS Yes4.0
2022-09-27Egypt vs LiberiaU 2.5 Goals2.1
2022-09-27Spain U21 vs Norway U21BTTS No2.5
2022-09-27Bulgaria U21 vs Serbia U21BTTS No2.05
2022-09-27Hungary U21 vs Lithuania U21BTTS No2.34
2022-09-27Mexico U20 vs Peru U20BTTS No2.22
2022-09-27Japan vs EcuadorBTTS No2.05
2022-09-26France U21 vs Belgium U21BTTS No2.32
2022-09-26France U21 vs Belgium U21Home2.5
2022-09-26North Macedonia U19 vs Cyprus U19BTTS No2.71
2022-09-25Malta U19 vs Croatia U19BTTS No2.48
2022-09-25Malta U19 vs Croatia U19U 2.5 Goals3.95
2022-09-24South Africa vs Sierra LeoneU 1.5 Goals3.2
2022-09-24Hong Kong vs MyanmarO 3.5 Goals3.65
2022-09-24Bolivia vs SenegalHome9.5
2022-09-24Serbia U19 vs Portugal U19Away2.25
2022-09-24Serbia U19 vs Portugal U19BTTS No2.45
2022-09-24Norway U21 vs Switzerland U21BTTS No2.2
2022-09-24Mexico U20 vs USA U20BTTS No2.07
2022-09-24Kyrgyzstan vs RussiaHome12.25
2022-09-24Kyrgyzstan vs RussiaU 1.5 Goals5.0
2022-09-24England U20 vs Morocco U20Away11.0
2022-09-24Colombia vs GuatemalaAway20.58
2022-09-24Colombia vs GuatemalaU 1.5 Goals3.6
2022-09-23Paraguay vs United Arab EmiratesU 1.5 Goals3.45
2022-09-23Argentina vs HondurasU 3.5 Goals1.93
2022-09-23South Korea vs Costa RicaBTTS No1.78
2022-09-23South Korea vs Costa RicaU 1.5 Goals3.4
2022-09-23Uruguay vs IranBTTS No1.91
2022-09-23Uruguay vs IranU 1.5 Goals3.4
2022-09-23Egypt vs NigerBTTS Yes3.4
2022-09-23Belgium U21 vs Netherlands U21BTTS No2.4
2022-09-23Belgium U21 vs Netherlands U21Draw3.4
2022-09-23Japan vs USABTTS No2.0
2022-09-23Romania U21 vs Spain U21Home6.0
2022-09-23Germany U21 vs France U21BTTS No2.3
2022-09-23Saudi Arabia vs EcuadorHome4.75
2022-09-23Brazil vs GhanaDraw6.96
2022-09-23Brazil vs GhanaU 2.5 Goals2.3
2022-09-23Morocco vs ChileHome2.7
2022-09-23Iraq vs OmanBTTS Yes2.55
2022-09-22Portugal U19 vs France U19BTTS No2.2
2022-09-22Mongolia U23 vs Chinese Taipei U23BTTS No2.03
2022-09-21Hong Kong vs MyanmarBTTS No2.1
2022-09-10Brazil U20 vs Uzbekistan U20Away67.0
2022-09-10Brazil U20 vs Uzbekistan U20BTTS Yes4.18
2022-09-10Brazil U20 vs Uzbekistan U20U 3.5 Goals2.5
2022-09-09Uruguay U20 vs Brazil U20U 1.5 Goals4.6
2022-09-06Argentina U20 vs Brazil U20BTTS No2.11
2022-09-01Mexico vs ParaguayBTTS No1.86
2022-08-30Gibraltar U19 vs San Marino U19BTTS No2.1
2022-08-30Gibraltar U19 vs San Marino U19Home4.0
2022-08-30Gibraltar U19 vs San Marino U19O 3.5 Goals3.0
2022-08-30Liberia U20 vs Senegal U20U 2.5 Goals2.3
2022-08-12Afghanistan U19 vs Uzbekistan U19Home15.0
2022-08-12Tajikistan U19 vs Iran U19BTTS No2.04
2022-06-25Stal Rzeszow vs GarbarniaBTTS No2.85
2022-06-14South Korea vs EgyptBTTS No1.8
2022-06-14South Korea vs EgyptU 2.5 Goals1.73
2022-06-13Finland U18 vs Latvia U18BTTS No2.75
2022-06-13Lithuania U19 vs Estonia U19BTTS No2.88
2022-06-13Lithuania U19 vs Estonia U19Home1.58
2022-06-13Albania vs EstoniaAway6.25
2022-06-12Brazil U20 vs Uruguay U20BTTS No2.1
2022-06-12Brazil U20 vs Uruguay U20U 2.5 Goals2.33
2022-06-11Uruguay vs PanamaBTTS Yes3.64
2022-06-11Uruguay vs PanamaDraw23.0
2022-06-11Uruguay vs PanamaU 3.5 Goals2.3
2022-06-10Brazil U20 vs Ecuador U20U 1.5 Goals4.8
2022-06-10South Korea vs ParaguayBTTS No1.83
2022-06-09San Marino vs IcelandDraw13.0
2022-06-06Algeria vs NigerU 2.5 Goals2.7
2022-06-06Japan vs BrazilHome9.5
2022-06-06Japan vs BrazilU 1.5 Goals4.6
2022-06-06South Korea vs ChileHome2.5
2022-06-06South Korea vs ChileU 1.5 Goals3.2
2022-06-05Saudi Arabia vs ColombiaHome7.0
2022-06-05Saudi Arabia vs ColombiaU 1.5 Goals3.1
2022-06-05Argentina vs EstoniaDraw18.5
2022-06-05Argentina vs EstoniaU 2.5 Goals4.75
2022-06-05USA vs UruguayBTTS No1.95
2022-06-03Mexico vs UruguayBTTS No1.93
2022-06-02South Korea vs BrazilHome8.75
2022-06-02South Korea vs BrazilU 1.5 Goals4.0
2022-06-02Japan vs ParaguayBTTS No1.87
2022-06-02Cambodia vs East TimorAway4.75
2022-06-02Cambodia vs East TimorBTTS No3.0
2022-06-01Malta vs VenezuelaHome6.5
2022-06-01USA vs MoroccoDraw3.4
2022-05-31Thailand vs BahrainBTTS No2.0
2022-05-28India vs JordanHome7.0
2022-05-27Malaysia vs BruneiAway63.0
2022-05-27Malaysia vs BruneiBTTS Yes3.5
2022-05-27Bahrain vs MyanmarU 1.5 Goals5.9
2022-05-24Iraq U23 vs Iran U23Draw3.2
2022-04-28Mexico vs GuatemalaAway12.0
2022-03-29France vs South AfricaBTTS Yes3.0
2022-03-29Spain vs IcelandHome1.27
2022-03-29Bosnia & Herzegovina vs LuxembourgBTTS Yes2.65
2022-03-29England vs Ivory CoastDraw4.8
2022-03-29England vs Ivory CoastU 1.5 Goals3.65
2022-03-29Ireland vs LithuaniaHome1.37
2022-03-29Mauritania vs LibyaU 1.5 Goals2.55
2022-03-29Azerbaijan vs LatviaDraw3.35
2022-03-29Croatia vs BulgariaBTTS Yes2.6
2022-03-29Croatia vs BulgariaHome1.45
2022-03-29Israel vs RomaniaO 3.5 Goals5.1
2022-03-29Trinidad & Tobago vs GuyanaBTTS Yes3.1
2022-03-29Uzbekistan vs UgandaU 1.5 Goals3.7
2022-03-29Netherlands vs GermanyBTTS No2.21
2022-03-29Belgium vs Burkina FasoAway30.0
2022-03-29Belgium vs Burkina FasoBTTS Yes3.75
2022-03-29Denmark vs SerbiaDraw3.5
2022-03-28Cape Verde vs San MarinoAway26.0
2022-03-28Cape Verde vs San MarinoBTTS No1.45
2022-03-28Cape Verde vs San MarinoU 1.5 Goals6.6
2022-03-28Czech Republic U20 vs Poland U20BTTS No2.45
2022-03-28Andorra vs GrenadaO 3.5 Goals6.6
2022-03-27Laos vs BruneiAway5.3
2022-03-27Laos vs BruneiO 3.5 Goals4.1
2022-03-27Guatemala vs HaitiO 3.5 Goals4.8
2022-03-26Ireland vs BelgiumHome7.5
2022-03-26Germany vs IsraelBTTS Yes2.85
2022-03-26Iraq U23 vs Saudi Arabia U23BTTS No2.3
2022-03-26Spain vs AlbaniaU 1.5 Goals5.0
2022-03-26Belarus vs IndiaAway5.0
2022-03-26Qatar vs BulgariaO 3.5 Goals5.0
2022-03-26Gibraltar vs Faroe IslandsO 2.5 Goals2.33
2022-03-26Libya vs NigerBTTS Yes2.4
2022-03-26Mauritania vs MozambiqueBTTS No1.77
2022-03-26Mauritania vs MozambiqueDraw3.1
2022-03-26Croatia vs SloveniaHome1.56
2022-03-25San Marino vs LithuaniaBTTS No1.46
2022-03-25San Marino vs LithuaniaDraw7.75
2022-03-25France vs Ivory CoastDraw5.19
2022-03-25France vs Ivory CoastU 1.5 Goals3.85
2022-03-25Malta vs AzerbaijanO 3.5 Goals6.1
2022-03-25Liechtenstein vs Cape VerdeBTTS Yes4.5
2022-03-24Liberia vs BeninU 1.5 Goals2.85
2022-03-24Thailand vs NepalBTTS No1.55
2022-03-24Hungary vs SerbiaDraw3.3
2022-03-23India vs BahrainHome9.0
2022-03-23Laos vs MongoliaAway3.4
2022-03-23Laos vs MongoliaO 3.5 Goals3.3
2022-03-23Gibraltar vs GrenadaBTTS No2.2
2022-03-23Guadeloupe vs Cape VerdeHome8.25
2022-03-23Philippines vs MalaysiaBTTS No2.43
2022-02-02Belize vs NicaraguaBTTS Yes3.0
2022-02-01DR Congo vs BahrainBTTS No1.91
2022-01-30Nicaragua vs BelizeAway17.54
2022-01-30Nicaragua vs BelizeBTTS Yes2.8
2022-01-21Moldova vs South KoreaAway1.27
2022-01-18Moldova vs UgandaAway1.93
2022-01-18Moldova vs UgandaBTTS No1.8
2022-01-18Moldova vs UgandaU 1.5 Goals3.0
2022-01-16Peru vs PanamaAway7.5
2022-01-12Uganda vs IcelandHome5.0
2022-01-05Algeria vs GhanaDraw3.2
2021-12-16North Macedonia U21 vs Kosovo U21Away4.4
2021-12-16North Macedonia U21 vs Kosovo U21BTTS No2.5
2021-12-12El Salvador vs ChileHome5.68
2021-12-10Colombia U20 vs Uruguay U20U 1.5 Goals3.2
2021-12-09Tanzania vs UgandaU 1.5 Goals2.88
2021-12-08Colombia U20 vs Paraguay U20BTTS No2.1
2021-12-05El Salvador vs EcuadorBTTS No2.05
2021-11-25Indonesia vs MyanmarBTTS No2.25
2021-11-25Indonesia vs MyanmarO 3.5 Goals2.74
2021-11-17Brazil U20 vs Colombia U20BTTS No1.95
2021-11-17Brazil U20 vs Colombia U20U 1.5 Goals3.2
2021-11-16New Zealand vs GambiaU 1.5 Goals2.65
2021-11-16Kazakhstan vs TajikistanAway5.0
2021-11-15Czech Republic U20 vs Norway U20BTTS No2.24
2021-11-14Nicaragua vs CubaBTTS No2.3
2021-11-13Colombia U20 vs USA U20BTTS No1.93
2021-11-11Hungary U19 vs Italy U19Home6.38
2021-11-11Serbia vs QatarO 3.5 Goals3.7
2021-11-11Mexico U20 vs Colombia U20BTTS No1.94
2021-11-11Portugal U19 vs Georgia U19U 1.5 Goals5.1
2021-11-10Kosovo vs JordanAway4.2
2021-11-06El Salvador vs BoliviaBTTS No1.98
2021-10-28Mexico vs EcuadorBTTS No2.1
2021-10-28Mexico vs EcuadorU 1.5 Goals3.8
2021-10-26Spain U19 vs Israel U19U 2.5 Goals3.1
2021-10-12Ireland vs QatarAway5.25
2021-10-12Ireland vs QatarU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-10-11Norway U20 vs Poland U20BTTS No2.38
2021-10-11France U19 vs Mexico U20BTTS No2.15
2021-10-11France U19 vs Mexico U20U 2.5 Goals2.95
2021-10-11North Macedonia U19 vs Turkey U19BTTS No2.88
2021-10-10Romania U19 vs Cyprus U19BTTS No1.96
2021-10-09Uzbekistan vs MalaysiaU 1.5 Goals4.8
2021-10-09Curacao vs New ZealandBTTS No2.1
2021-10-09France U19 vs Belgium U19BTTS No2.6
2021-10-06Jordan vs MalaysiaU 1.5 Goals3.7
2021-10-06Slovakia U19 vs Germany U19Home5.0
2021-10-06Bahrain vs CuracaoBTTS No2.2
2021-10-06Bahrain vs CuracaoU 1.5 Goals4.3
2021-09-30Egypt vs LiberiaHome1.33
2021-09-30Egypt vs LiberiaU 2.5 Goals1.95
2021-09-26Nepal vs OmanHome22.0
2021-09-07Slovenia U19 vs France U19BTTS No2.04
2021-09-07Estonia U19 vs Georgia U19BTTS No2.07
2021-09-07Portugal U19 vs Czech Republic U19BTTS No2.11
2021-09-07Russia U19 vs Saudi Arabia U19U 1.5 Goals4.5
2021-09-06Netherlands U19 vs Italy U19BTTS No2.03
2021-09-05Estonia U19 vs Georgia U19BTTS No2.04
2021-09-05Palestine vs BangladeshHome1.55
2021-09-05Sweden vs UzbekistanAway10.0
2021-09-04Haiti vs JordanHome6.1
2021-09-04Qatar vs PortugalHome8.0
2021-09-04Qatar vs PortugalU 1.5 Goals6.1
2021-09-03Portugal U19 vs Belgium U19BTTS No2.11
2021-09-03Germany U19 vs Switzerland U19Away5.61
2021-09-02Saudi Arabia U19 vs Slovakia U19BTTS No2.6
2021-09-01Qatar vs SerbiaDraw3.5
2021-09-01Bahrain vs HaitiO 3.5 Goals4.75
2021-09-01Northern Ireland U19 vs Faroe Islands U19BTTS No1.87
2021-07-12Australia U23 vs New Zealand U23BTTS No2.11
2021-07-04El Salvador vs QatarBTTS No1.75
2021-07-04Nigeria vs MexicoHome7.0
2021-07-03Egypt U20 vs Saudi Arabia U20U 1.5 Goals4.04
2021-07-02Istra 1961 vs El SalvadorBTTS No2.17
2021-07-02Istra 1961 vs El SalvadorU 1.5 Goals4.21
2021-07-01Mexico vs PanamaAway8.5
2021-06-15Tunisia vs MaliDraw3.3
2021-06-13Tanzania vs MalawiU 1.5 Goals2.42
2021-06-12Australia U23 vs Mexico U23BTTS No2.15
2021-06-12Morocco vs Burkina FasoBTTS No1.6
2021-06-12Morocco vs Burkina FasoU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-06-11Mauritania vs LiberiaBTTS No1.87
2021-06-11Mauritania vs LiberiaU 1.5 Goals2.88
2021-06-11Saudi Arabia U23 vs Argentina U23U 1.5 Goals4.33
2021-06-11Japan vs SerbiaO 3.5 Goals3.8
2021-06-10South Africa vs UgandaDraw3.13
2021-06-09Portugal vs IsraelBTTS Yes2.55
2021-06-08Benin vs ZambiaU 1.5 Goals2.52
2021-06-08Spain vs LithuaniaAway67.0
2021-06-08Spain vs LithuaniaBTTS Yes3.8
2021-06-08Poland vs IcelandHome1.56
2021-06-08Morocco vs GhanaDraw3.6
2021-06-07Andorra vs GibraltarBTTS No1.61
2021-06-07Andorra vs GibraltarO 3.5 Goals5.5
2021-06-07Estonia U19 vs Lithuania U19BTTS No1.92
2021-06-07Estonia U19 vs Lithuania U19Home2.95
2021-06-07Germany vs LatviaBTTS Yes3.7
2021-06-07Germany vs LatviaDraw26.0
2021-06-07Germany vs LatviaU 3.5 Goals3.1
2021-06-06England vs RomaniaHome1.3
2021-06-06Denmark vs Bosnia & HerzegovinaBTTS Yes3.4
2021-06-06Denmark vs Bosnia & HerzegovinaO 3.5 Goals5.25
2021-06-06Netherlands vs GeorgiaBTTS Yes2.52
2021-06-06Netherlands vs GeorgiaU 2.5 Goals2.55
2021-06-06Moldova vs AzerbaijanBTTS No1.95
2021-06-06Moldova vs AzerbaijanDraw3.2
2021-06-06Moldova vs AzerbaijanU 1.5 Goals3.0
2021-06-05Wales vs AlbaniaU 1.5 Goals3.12
2021-06-05Estonia U19 vs Lithuania U19BTTS No1.94
2021-06-05Denmark U21 vs Ireland U21BTTS No2.18
2021-06-05Ivory Coast vs Burkina FasoU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-06-05Sweden vs ArmeniaAway14.47
2021-06-04Spain vs PortugalHome2.35
2021-06-04Faroe Islands vs IcelandHome6.0
2021-06-04Hungary vs CyprusU 1.5 Goals3.75
2021-06-04Slovenia vs GibraltarBTTS No1.48
2021-06-04Slovenia vs GibraltarU 2.5 Goals6.0
2021-06-03Ukraine vs Northern IrelandBTTS Yes2.85
2021-06-03Ukraine vs Northern IrelandO 2.5 Goals3.08
2021-06-03Switzerland vs LiechtensteinU 3.5 Goals2.7
2021-06-03Turkey vs MoldovaU 1.5 Goals6.0
2021-06-03Andorra vs IrelandBTTS No1.65
2021-06-03Andorra vs IrelandHome19.81
2021-06-03Andorra vs IrelandU 2.5 Goals2.96
2021-06-03Belgium vs GreeceU 2.5 Goals2.45
2021-06-02Bosnia & Herzegovina vs MontenegroAway4.8
2021-06-02Bosnia & Herzegovina vs MontenegroO 3.5 Goals4.75
2021-06-02Belarus vs AzerbaijanBTTS Yes2.45
2021-06-02Belarus vs AzerbaijanO 3.5 Goals5.75
2021-06-02Germany vs DenmarkBTTS No2.25
2021-06-02Norway vs LuxembourgAway7.5
2021-06-02Norway vs LuxembourgO 3.5 Goals2.55
2021-06-02Netherlands vs ScotlandBTTS Yes2.02
2021-06-01Croatia vs ArmeniaAway15.0
2021-06-01Croatia vs ArmeniaBTTS Yes2.3
2021-06-01Croatia vs ArmeniaO 3.5 Goals2.55
2021-06-01North Macedonia vs SloveniaO 3.5 Goals4.33
2021-06-01Slovakia vs BulgariaBTTS Yes2.13
2021-06-01Slovakia vs BulgariaO 3.5 Goals4.2
2021-06-01Poland vs RussiaO 3.5 Goals3.8
2021-06-01Kosovo vs San MarinoBTTS Yes3.1
2021-06-01Kosovo vs San MarinoDraw16.0
2021-06-01Kosovo vs San MarinoU 2.5 Goals3.8
2021-05-31Jordan vs VietnamO 3.5 Goals5.5
2021-05-31Turkey vs GuineaO 3.5 Goals3.7
2021-05-28Italy vs San MarinoBTTS Yes7.5
2021-05-28Italy vs San MarinoDraw51.0
2021-05-28Italy vs San MarinoU 3.5 Goals9.0
2021-05-25Indonesia vs AfghanistanBTTS No2.45
2021-03-30Qatar vs IrelandBTTS No1.96
2021-03-30Qatar vs IrelandU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-03-29Kuwait vs LebanonBTTS Yes2.75
2021-03-29Kuwait vs LebanonO 2.5 Goals3.3
2021-03-29India vs United Arab EmiratesHome8.0
2021-03-29North Macedonia U21 vs Bulgaria U21U 1.5 Goals4.18
2021-03-27Nepal vs BangladeshO 2.5 Goals3.31
2021-03-27Wales vs MexicoU 1.5 Goals3.25
2021-03-27Chile vs BoliviaBTTS Yes2.6
2021-03-26Japan U23 vs Argentina U23BTTS No2.3
2021-03-25India vs OmanHome7.9
2021-02-24Guatemala vs NicaraguaO 3.5 Goals4.22
2021-02-12Zenit vs UzbekistanBTTS No2.36
2021-02-12Zenit vs UzbekistanU 1.5 Goals4.8
2021-02-09Jordan vs ZenitBTTS No2.13

what do the frog stars mean?

The frog stars denote the amount of confidence the frog the gambler model has in each of the selections. The four star gold bets are the most confident selections and the one star bets are the least confident.

The confidence level in each of the selections is based around the expected profit given by the model. Every prediction is given a frog rating from 1 to 4 stars, with the four star bets being designated as "gold bets".

Future performance cannot be guaranteed based on results recorded to date. The star ratings could be used as an additional tool to help guide gamblers as to where the value might lie.

what are frog stakes?

Instead of using flat stakes staking exactly the same amount on an odds on team as a 100/1 outsider frog stakes were designed to allow for different amounts to be staked depending on the betting odds available. This method helps smooth out profits and losses over time.

If a selection is above even money (2.0) frog stakes an amount calculated to win 1 unit. If the selection is on or below even money frog stakes 1 unit.

For example:

  • If Liverpool are 1.7 to beat West Ham frog stakes would be 1 unit (because Liverpool are on or below 2.0)
  • If West Ham are 5.0 to beat Liverpool frog stakes would be 0.25 units (if West Ham win return would be (0.25 units * 5.0)-1 unit = 1 unit)

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